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What new features are now available in ispmanager

Ispmanager is a popular web-based control panel with flexible features for Linux servers used by server employee, worker etc. to administer various aspects of their server through an easy-to-use graphical user interface. Further, the ispmanager control panel is actively maintained.

<strong>What new features are now available in ispmanager</strong>

Typically, ispmanager updates include new features, bug fixes, and security patches. The new features that have been included in updates to ispmanager 6 are discussed below.

New features of ispmanager 6

Dark theme

Almost every phone and software has a dark theme feature today. Likewise, the latest version of ispmanager has the dark theme feature, as many users now prefer to work with the ispmanager control panel in dim light. You may ask why this feature is important and added to the control panel. It is to avoid hurting your eyes. You can easily turn it on or off in the top right corner. You can also change themes automatically when Ispmanager’s design changes along with your operating system settings. 

Telegram notifications

One of the flexible features of ispmanager 6 is the telegram notification feature. Now, you can dream of receiving notifications on a separate platform from your email and have it come true. With this feature, you can receive ispmanager notifications via your email and Telegram account. So how do you do it? Create a bot on Telegram and register a token in the control panel settings. Afterward, you will get notifications on events happening in your control panel in your personal chat or community. Despite the fact that only panel admin can connect bot after connection, every user in the panel can get notifications if they wish to.

Ubuntu 22.04 support

The most popular Ubuntu versions are 18.04, and 20.04. Currently, the most recent version is 22.04. The good news? Ispmanager 6 Linux-based control panel has unparalleled compatibility with Ubuntu 22.04 version. Moreover, the ispmanager vendor can be trusted for continuously integrating support for the latest OS versions, and you have no problem following Ubuntu and other Linux distributions updates. 


Why is Node.js essential? It is crucial because it provides a run-time environment with everything required to execute a program written in JavaScript. With the integration of this feature in the ispmanager control panel, you can build fast and scalable server-side and networking applications. 

The Node.js feature in ispmanager is quite straightforward, as the panel installs your preferred version of Node.js on your server. Afterward, you upload your projects, and Node.js executes the JavaScript on the server side without affecting other operations. Thus, significantly increasing the speed of your server. 

Backup revision and update

One of the new flexible features of ispmanager 6 is the speed of backup revision and updates. Indeed, it hasn’t been this fast. With this feature, you can make backups at a quadrupled rate compared with the speed you are used to on the previous versions of the ispmanager Linux control panel. Further, you can better bid farewell to losing your setups to cyber attacks and data corruption and having to worry about the challenges associated with backup management.

Dr.Web antivirus module

The importance of antivirus cannot be overemphasized, especially for preventing the virus that you know of and don’t know. Now, there is an added antivirus feature in the ispmanager Linux-based control panel called the Dr.Web antivirus module. This antivirus provides additional protection against known and newly identified cyber threats. Ispmanager allows you to run the scan manually or automatically as scheduled tasks, and the control panel reports on scanned results.

Changing PHP settings for each website

When you install the ispmanager control panel, the installation process automatically installs PHP with some common PHP options and thus, enabling changing PHP settings for each website in the control panel. Changing PHP settings for each of your websites was possible only for the ispmanager lite, host, and pro versions. However, you can now specify PHP versions and modes separately for each of your websites in the business version of the control panel.  

PHP composer module

In addition to changing PHP settings for each website, you can now use a composer to install and update PHP packages. This feature is particularly great for you if you are a developer, as it allows you to install a set of dependencies for a project concurrently.

Perhaps you ask how to get to the PHP composer module. Go to “Main menu” and choose “Sites.” Then, select the necessary site and click on the “PHP” button. Lastly, click on the “PHP Composer” button in the “Advanced PHP Settings” form that opens. 

PageSpeed ​​for Apache and NginX

The PageSpeed feature has a lot to offer you. For instance, the tool can increase server throughput capability, compress images, and optimize JS, HTML, and CSS. If you are also interested in enhancing your page experience ranking score in Google and boosting your websites in search engines, the PageSpeed tool is the perfect fit. And the good news? ispmanager 6 now has the PageSpeed tool for Apache and Nginx web servers.

Percona Server for MySQL

Percona Server is a speedy SQL-based DBMS. It provides superior performance, scalability, and instrumentation and is perfect for handling extensive databases. If you currently use MySQL, a Percona Server also adds enhanced backups and visibility. The tools are so flexible that you can use Percona Server for one project and mySQL for another in ispmanager without interfering with each other. Even If you run more than one CMS with its DBMS requirements, it is very convenient on ispmanager. 


Docker technology allows you to create, deploy, and run applications in containers. Ispmanager host and pro versions now support Docker integration, allowing you to manage Docker containers and images through the control panel. With the Docker feature, you can create, start, stop, and delete Docker containers, manage images, and configure various Docker settings directly from the control panel without using command-line tools or third-party software. It also provides an additional layer of security by allowing you to run applications in isolated environments, reducing the risk of conflicts or security breaches.

Final Words

The specific features available in the ispmanager Linux-based control panels will depend on the version and any additional add-ons or plugins you have installed. The ispmanager is currently available in the sixth version, and meets expectations in terms of new features compared to previous ispmanager control panel versions. Suppose you want to know more about the specific features available in the latest version of ispmanager. You can check the official documentation or contact the vendor for more information.