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What Skill Sets Do Good Python Developers Have?

Python is known to be a widely used and and one of the pured programming languages out there. It is an interpreted, object-oriented, and high-level programming language with dynamic semantics. It can be used for the development of all types of software development. It is so, since Python is a general-purpose coding language.

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It is not a new language, and during the last decade it was used in machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science, web development, and even for games creation. And if you would like to get your project developed in Python, it’s a good idea to contact and  hire python development company that has vast experience in this technology. 

What is Python used for?

Python is used as the programming language for desktop and web applications. Some of the uses of Python are:

  • General web development
  • Scientific computing and data science
  • Machine Learning
  • Startups
  • Fintech and Financial Industry

Who is a Python developer?

The primary role of Python development in a project is writing a server side application logic. In other words, this programmer is responsible for back end, connection with web-services and front end developers support to connect their work with the python application. Of course, to develop applications you cannot rely on solo-player, so it is worth hiring a python development company.

Skill sets required

There are many skills a person has to acquire to become a good Python Developer. The two types of skills are Hard skills and Soft skills.

Python Dev’s Hard Skills 

Hard skills are devoted to expertise in technology and related fields. These skills are needed for coding and not for networking or communication. 

  • Core Python Expertise 

Here are the primary aspects of core python the developer should be aware of:

  1. Data Structures
  2. Object Oriented programming concepts 
  3. Data types
  4. Variables 
  5. File handling 
  6. Handling of Exceptions
  7. Generators and iterators
  • Web Frameworks Understanding and Usage 

To know Python frameworks doesn’t mean that a python developer has to know all the frameworks. The most popular frameworks are Django and Flask. Django is used to develop secure, maintainable and clean websites. Flask’s primary goal is building lightweight Python powered websites. 

  • ORM

Object Relational Mappers is a technique used that is used by programmers in computer science. It is used for data conversion between two programming languages that are incompatible. ORM creates an accessible from any programming language object database.

  • Road to Data Science

A Python developer can reach high in the area of Data Science by having good knowledge of it.

Some of the popular aspects of Data Science are:

  1. Knowledge and deep understanding of SQL
  2. Python packages like Scikit learn, NumPy knowledge
  3. Skills to clean app data 
  4. Data wrangling skills 
  5. Data analysis 
  6. Skills to visualize data 
  7. Math knowledge 
  8. Statistics and Probability knowledge and experience 
  • Version Control

Keeping track of all the changes made in a later source file is a must-know for any developer.

  • Multi-Process Architecture

If you want to become a good Python Developer, you should learn about Model View Template and Model View Controller. Multi-Process architecture allows your app to run different jobs simultaneously. 

  • Analytical skills

Excellent Python developers have good analytical skills. The understanding of algorithms, optimized algorithms writing, datasets visualization, and of course building useful sites and platforms.  

  • Design Skills

Designing scalable products based on business requirements and setting up web services for them in a right direction. 

  • ML and AI skills 

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are more connected with Python development than you think. Data Science is also a part of this technology ecosystem. And a good Python programmer should know at least a little about Data Science. Also, Machine Learning algorithms knowledge is essential since without it you are not a real programmer. 

Soft Skills

The soft skills are personality characteristics like:

  • Leadership: It is essential to have leadership skills since it helps grow professionally and become a team leader or even a PM in the future.
  • Understanding: There should be harmony between the teammates and the clients and providers.
  • Communication: It is essential, with no doubt. Good communication leads to success in the organization.
  • Time management: The person should always be punctual and manage the time properly.
  • Adaptability: The developer should be able to adapt to different situations at work. It is an essential trait in a developer’s career.
  • Open to feedback: The developer should listen to the client’s feedback without dismissing it.
  • Work ethics: Work ethic is essential in having a successful career. It will impress employers.

My final words 

Hard and soft skills are necessary for any position. Of course, each discipline has its own requirements. And you don’t need to be a leader, if you are not planning to become a CTO. Above we discussed the skills any Python developer must have. And we hope you’ll find a fantastic talent for your company.