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What to Ask a Web Design Agency Before Working With Them


The web design agency you choose to work with is not only responsible for the look and performance of your website, but also the first impression potential customers will have about your business. Being in the industry, web design agencies know how to market themselves. This makes it important to be able to tell who is truly worth your money.

Without this knowledge, you risk paying for a website that is poorly designed, resulting in unhappy customers and lost sales. So, how do you tell the pros from the posers? In this post, we’ll take a look at the most important questions to ask a web design agency to ensure that you get the most value for your money.

Before Getting Started

After putting together a shortlist of prospective agencies, consider the following factors before going any further:

Their own Website: The website an agency designs for its own business serves as a clear indication of their style, capabilities, and expertise. Would you be happy with a website of their caliber? Does it perform according to your standards? Be sure to take a look at their blog posts if you also plan on paying for content.

Portfolio: A good web design company will offer a portfolio showcasing work they’ve done for other customers. Consider how similar the websites are in terms of scope and whether they’re professional and easy to use.

Response: After taking these factors into consideration, it’s time to make a call. Pay attention to how they handle your requests. Do they immediately push a hard sell or do they take the time to ask questions about your company and expectations?

A good relationship with clear communication is important when you’re working with someone for weeks or even months. Now that you’ve narrowed down your options to your favorite agencies, here are the questions you should ask.

What CMS do You Use?

The CMS (content management platform) an agency uses will determine a great deal about the design and performance of your website. Ideally, you’ll want to work with one that uses a popular and reliable platform, such as WordPress.

This WordPress Minneapolis agency uses the CMS for their own site. You’ll notice that it’s fast, responsive, and easy to use. Not only because the agency knows how to design a website, but also because they’re using the right CMS.

Have You Worked With Companies in My Industry?

If they have, they’ve already learned from the mistakes they’ve made when starting fresh in a certain industry.

Will You Provide Support Once the Project is Complete?

Components such as forms, events pages, and content need to be updated frequently. A good agency will be able to provide continued support after the project is complete.

What Steps are Involved in the Project?

A good agency will be able to promptly provide a comprehensive overview of what each step of the design process entails. If they can’t, chances are they’re improvising.


Look out for an agency that offers transparency and maintains a professional tone throughout your communication with them. As you’ll quickly notice, communication is an extremely important factor when working with a web design agency.


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