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WhatsApp Pros And Cons: The Definitive Guide


WhatsApp has become one of the most popular messaging mobile applications in over 80 countries, having 1.5 billion users. Well, all the online platforms, including social media, have changed the way of business and marketing.

Brands have changed their strategies of marketing according to the change in the buyer’s journey. According to statistics sources, we can conclude that the marketing of any brand or product should be robust and quick.

WhatsApp is the best messaging platform where you can interact with your customers, and it is very effective also. But as a user, you should know the WhatsApp pros and cons and how to get benefits from the platform.

Well, Instagram is also one kind of marketing and social media app where people used to post pictures of their work relatively. Most of the social media platforms offer features of the business page where you can spread the positivity and good vibes of your product or brand.

Let us discuss everything about the WhatsApp pros and cons and also know about implementing the proper WhatsApp marketing strategy.

What is WhatsApp Marketing: WhatsApp Pros And Cons?

Before getting into the cons, let’s know whats is WhatsApp marketing. Businesses have changed their way of marketing based on the buyer’s way of consuming information.

WhatsApp is also a good platform to reach your potential customers. WhatsApp marketing is the best free marketing method that works effectively for small and local businesses.

You can use WhatsApp Business App to get the additional features for Businesses like Business profile setup and customer categories.

WhatsApp Pros And Cons: The Definitive Guide 👌


1. No extra messaging cost

WhatsApp Pros And Cons

WhatsApp is a simple mobile messaging application, and it will cost you zero if you have an active internet connection on your mobile. Well, nowadays all the calling service providers offer good quality services to their customers like free massages.

But SMS free service is limited for certain numbers of text messages. WhatsApp offers unlimited messaging as it uses your mobile data to send or receive messages.

2. Group Chatting

The group is a wonderful feature of WhatsApp. Mobile messages allow only one to one communication, and you have to send the same message if you want to share anything with friends or family members.

WhatsApp Pros And Cons

For example, if you want to share old school pictures with friends, you have to send them individually, and it may ruin your happiness of sharing. WhatsApp group feature allows users to make groups, and you can add or remove members according to your wish.

Like for family, you can make the family group and add all your family members to it. People are used to such groups of friends and colleagues where they can share graceful movement with others in the form of image, text, or any file.

In addition, you can customize each group according to their specifications. Users can change the picture and description of groups. You can also give admin rights to the members added in the group to manage your WhatsApp group properly.

You can add a maximum of 256 members in each group. WhatsApp has fun features also like for groups you can give different names, and you can use different notifications for each group. Users mostly customize the notifications of important groups to get the specific message notification of such groups.

3. Mobile And Desktop: Keep Your Conversation Going On

Messaging synchronization allows users to switch on devices like mobile and desktop. Users who work on laptops or desktop can access all the chats on their screen through the WhatsApp Web feature.

WhatsApp Pros And Cons: The Definitive Guide

You must need to know that it is an advantage, but somewhat you need to logout from the device timely for safety measures. So, read all the WhatsApp pros and cons here in this article.

In addition, WhatsApp Desktop Software is also available to access your chats on the laptop. You have to download the Desktop App of WhatsApp and check the connectivity of the internet on mobile and laptop/desktop to the timely synchronization of messages.

4. Quick Voice And Video Calling

 Voice and video calls are absolutely free. Now, you can talk or see your loved one, friends, or family anytime, even if they are staying abroad.

Sometimes, people have to stay away from family and friends to earn bread and butter, and they are most likely to miss their family on holidays and festivals. On some occasions, only text and images sharing are not enough, and video calling will give you the feel of a real meeting.

How to video call on WhatsApp

A face-to-face conversation is only possible when you have proper internet connectivity on your device. WhatsApp voice and video calling is a less expensive option than mobile calling charges, especially abroad calling.

5. End-to-end Encryption: Default Security

WhatsApp ensures security with end-to-end encryption technology, and even WhatsApp can not listen to your voice messages or read the text messages. As the distance between families increases, they used to share special moments on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp end-to-end encryption

Hence security is the biggest concern whenever you concern the WhatsApp pros and cons. End-to-end encryption allows the only receiver to access the messages. Only you and the receiver have your conservation details, and no one else can access the conversation.

6. Broadcast Messages

If you don’t like group chatting, you can make different broadcast lists, and you can send messages to multiple receivers at a time.

Most users use broadcast messages to announce something, festivals greetings, or invitations. Broadcast lists help you categories the recipients.

Read more in detail How to use broadcast lists

7. Live location Sharing

Inform your desired contacts where you are, and you can share location on WhatsApp chat. Besides, if you are traveling or in some strange places, you can share your live location for safety—no limitation of time of live location sharing.

How to Share Live Location on WhatsApp

8. Audio Messages: Listen Secretly

WhatsApp Pros And Cons: The Definitive Guide

WhatsApp audio messages are of good quality, and you can listen to audio at a very low volume of your device, even in a public place.

Most people are used to carrying headphones or Bluetooth headset with them, but if you forget to take it with you, you need not worry about the WhatsApp voice messages.

9. Easy Message Integration in Emails

It is easy to copy the text from WhatsApp chats, and you can simply integrate all the details of the conversation on your mail by just pasting the WhatsApp chats. Details like time, date, and sender will be included in the posted information.

10. Contacts Synchronization

WhatsApp Pros And Cons: The Definitive Guide

Users can save contacts directly to their phones easily by saving the contact details of numbers and names.

Users can easily get all the information on their existing contact details of the device on WhatsApp. In addition, you need not save all the numbers separately for WhatsApp.

11. No Advertisement Though It Is Free

Users can download this app from the play store or app store free. Mostly free mobile apps disturb users with advertisements, but WhatsApp is not like that.

Users are not disturbed by advertisements. Also, no subscription charge or yearly charge is taken from the users.

12. Availability On All Platforms

Generally, consumers have no idea which applications will be supported on their device. Sometimes, they can not access their desired application because of the app’s unavailability on their device.

WhatsApp is accessible from almost every platform, including Android, iOS, and even Windows operating systems. WhatsApp Web and desktop applications allow users to receive or send files and messages on a laptop or desktop. So, users can work even if their device is occupied with their children or any other work.

13. Starred Messages

When you have this much user-friendly platform for messaging, you probably receive hundreds of messages per day, but all the messages are unimportant.

You can mark “Stare” messages to quickly find important messages among hundreds of unimportant messages. Never forget to stare at the important messages; otherwise, finding them will be the time killing process.

Once you starred the message, it will appear in a special section, and you can find it is easily discoverable.

14. WhatsApp Stories: Message That Will Appear 24 Hours

Broadcast messages are not ideal each time. Users should not broadcast the messages of celebrations, parties, or any image messages every day or receivers get frustrated.

WhatsApp Pros And Cons

Instagram and Facebook have a story sharing option where users can share their moments for 24 hours, and others can check it within 24 hours, WhatsApp also has a story option where you can add text, images or videos to be shared with your contacts. Also, you can customize the viewer’s list who can check your stories.

15. Siri Support

Siri support is available for iOS users, and they can read and send messages and also support voice calling through WhatsApp. Hands-free is needed so that Siri can read, send or receive voice messages.

16. Delivery Status

Once you send the messages to your contacts, you need to make sure the receiver has read the messages. If the receiver’s device does not have internet connectivity, It will show only a single tick.

If the receiver has received the message, it will show double ticks, and if he/she has read the message, it will show a blue tick. So, the conversation becomes smooth because you can check the status of messages at any time.

17. Easy Deletion Options

When you send messages from mobile, you can not delete them from the receiver’s end. WhatsApp has multiple options for deleting the messages like delete for me only, delete for both and delete media from the device.

Delete media will delete the images and videos from the device, and you can access them. So, delete it wisely. Don’t delete anything in a hurry because you can find them in your device once the messages or files are deleted.

18. Support Different File Formats

WhatsApp is not limited to images, texts, or videos; users can share files in different formats, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, mp3, mp4, pdf files, and many others.

WhatsApp allows you to share multiple files at a time, and this is the reason it facilitates users for their work and business.

19. Emojis And GIFs

Users can not express everything through text, and emojis and GIFs are the best formats to show your expressions and feelings like happiness, sadness, anger, and many more. It is fun to send emojis and GIFs in reply to anyone’s message.

20. Easy Interface And Fast

WhatsApp is a very simple mobile application with wonderful features with a simple interface. Users can find options very easily even if they are using this app for the very first time. Nowadays, even children are used to communicating over chats and video calling.

21. Backup And Restore Your Conversations

WhatsApp allows professionals and even individuals to back up their old conversations, including text, videos and voice messages, and other media. You can restore the backups if you lost the device or in case you change your device.

A person who usually changes smartphones should have the backup of WhatsApp chats so that he/she can access all the old chats on the new smartphone. Android devices take the backup on Google Drive, and iOS devices store the backup on iCloud.

You can backup your chats from settings, and also, the automatic backup option is available to backup WhatsApp regularly chats without fail.

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15 Secret WhatsApp Tricks You Should Try

WhatsApp has several advantages, but nothing can be perfect. It is very robust, and hence it is still popular, especially for business. You should consider all the WhatsApp pros and cons to grab all the advantages and proper use of this app with safety.

We have discussed the pros of WhatsApp, and let’s discuss the cons of this app. You can not stay away from this app, once you have started using it. Read the cons carefully, and you will get the answers to all queries regarding WhatsApp.


1. Internet Connectivity

WhatsApp only works when your device is available with an active internet connection. WhatsApp voice and video calling need a high-speed internet connection, and low-speed internet interrupts the video and voice calling. So, make sure to set your phone with adequate internet connectivity to use WhatsApp all the time.

2. Receiver Must-Have Smartphone

Well, all your contacts may not have smartphones or WhatsApp installed in their device. Users can send and receive messages with the contacts who have smartphones, and WhatsApp installed in it.

Some users have different numbers for calling and WhatsApp, so you need to maintain all the numbers of your contact list. WhatsApp addicted people must know such WhatsApp pros and cons before changing smartphones frequently.

3. Misuse Of Data

Your profile picture and status images can be stored, and they may be misused. You should filter the safety options like who can see your profile picture and WhatsApp stories or status.

4. Save Contacts

Users must have the details of recipients in their contact list to send messages, and hence you can not share messages to the unknown. It would be difficult for uses to save all the numbers and then send the data.

5. Don’t Give Mobile To An Unknown Person

Anyone you have your device can check your messages if you have not set the application password. Well, there are some applications available to set the password for security, but you need to install and configure them. So, it is better not to give your mobile to an unknown person.

6. WhatsApp Is Addictive

WhatsApp Pros And Cons: The Definitive Guide

People who use WhatsApp for a long time and who have the habit of sharing everything with their contacts get habituated to WhatsApp, and they feel anxiety if they are unable to check WhatsApp.

Some people even wait for their data recharge activation time to get the internet data to check WhatsApp, and some people especially waste their money on mobile data for WhatsApp.

7. Choose Your WhatsApp Groups Wisely

WhatsApp groups are used for business also, and hence unknown people can join the group through the group joining invitation link.

All the group members can check the group’s information like the profile picture, description of the group, and contact numbers added in the WhatsApp group.

Though it is very helpful, it should be concerned when you want to know all WhatsApp pros and cons. Besides, anyone from the group can send the message to you on a personal window.

8. Over Use is Annoying

Suppose you receive thousands of messages per day, it is a tiring task to delete all the unwanted messages and maintain your device. In addition, filtering wanted, unwanted messages kill your productive time. So, it is better to connect with only known and special people on WhatsApp to avoid this annoying situation.

9. It May Occupies Your Device Data Space

WhatsApp is fun when you know every safety feature and set them properly on your device. For example, you are in a group of product businesses, and the admin is sharing many images of products every day.

In this condition, your device may be full of unwanted images. It is boring work to delete them from the gallery because they will all be downloaded to your device gallery directly. So, set the feature no to download all images without your concern.

10. No Face Filters

WhatsApp has a camera feature built-in, but it is not fun because of no filters like Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook. WhatsApp doesn’t have any features to decorate your selfies and stories.

11. No Virtual Assistant

Some mobile applications are available with a virtual assistant and will help you to guide and understand the features of applications like Google. But here you will not get any virtual assistant on WhatsApp.

12. Manually Deletion Of Messages

You need to clear the older chats and downloads if they are no longer required. WhatsApp does not delete the messages by itself without instructions, and hence self-deletion messages will not be available.

WhatsApp is a light application, but it may consume mobile space with text messages, voice messages, videos, and images.

13. File Size Limitation

Users can send any number of files in any format, but the file size is limited to 16MB for videos and 100 MB for other documents. So, you have to share large files or videos over the mail.

16. No Animated Stickers

WhatsApp has emojis and GIFs, but it does not support animated stickers. People love to share animated stickers, especially on festivals and birthdays, but on WhatsApp, it is not possible.

17. Can’t Find Anyone By His/Her Name Only

Most of the social media platforms allow consumers to find anyone with their name and other details, but WhatsApp works only with contact details and WhatsApp numbers.

We know that it is not a social media, but it is a messaging app, and maybe for security and safety purposes, WhatsApp has this limitation.

18. Unsend Messages

Users send messages successfully with the single tick mark or double tick mark, but there is no any way to unsend the sent messages. You have to delete the messages if you have sent any wrong message.

So, the recipients would get to know that you have deleted something, and it may confuse the individuals. On Instagram, you can get unsent messages.

19. Update The Application

WhatsApp is growing fast, and hence new features are introduced periodically with updates. So, users should update the application periodically, but it will consume your mobile data. WhatsApp has an automatic backup feature that will store all your conversations, and it is also done with your mobile data.

20. Changing Smartphones Is Not A Good Habit

Users who use Android phones can not restore their chat backups on iPhones because both use a different source to backup and restore the WhatsApp chats. So, it is better to know all this before changing your smartphone.

Android users should prefer an Android device to restore their WhatsApp chats easily, or your chats will be lost. You can Google Drive in iOS devices, but it will not allow you to get the WhatsApp chats restored from Google Drive.

WhatsApp on iOS smart mobiles will back up and restore only through iCloud, and there are no ways to restore chats from Google Drive on iOS devices.

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Keep in mind that WhatsApp is a messaging app, and you can not use this as social media. All the WhatsApp pros and cons are given here to help you use it properly personally and professionally.

We have covered all the aspects, and if anything is left, please share your views with us. Share this article with one who is new to WhatsApp or who needs to know all this for safety.