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Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook: Which is the best video game streaming platform in 2021?

So, you finally got your setup: your new personally built PC, high-quality webcam, Blue Yeti broadcasting mic, headset, green screen; the whole 9 yards.

Now it’s time to decide which lucky streaming service is going to be graced by your presence. However, you aren’t entirely sure which one provides the most considerable advantage for people looking to stream video games.

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Well, you’re in luck because we are going to briefly note some pros and cons for each of the big video game streaming platforms, and we will share a few options you have for broadcasting your gaming experiences to the world, too.

The numbers: Twitch vs YouTube vs Facebook Gaming viewership

Before deciding where you will be focusing your gaming hours, you need to know recent years’ streaming trends.

Luckily, such figures have been gathered by Stream Hatchet. Here is a screenshot straight from their Q1 2021 report on the big three video game streaming services:

How does this information help us?

Well, common sense tells us to jump on the platform with the most viewers. However, it might not be that simple. You need to consider a few things:

  1. How much has the platform grown compared to the others?
  2. Do more viewers equal more exposure for new streamers?
  3. How many of the views are spread out between streamers?

That last one has you explicitly thinking about big names like Ninja and Dr. Disrespect, who see hundreds and thousands of daily viewers each time they stream.

Sure, Twitch has more viewers, but Twitch also has more streamers. That means there are money and exposure to be had, but finding your sound amidst all the noise might not be as simple.

Pros and Cons of streaming on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Gaming

Now that you understand what your next bout of research will entail, we can discuss blessings and curses specific to Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Gaming as streaming services.



  • First of its kind; most recognized platform for live streaming. Over a million viewers at any given time
  • Seamless money making through the platform; Twitch is integrating new ways to make money
  • Subscription model is simple and effective for long-term earnings for streamers and creators


  • Been around longer, so there are over 3.5 million streamers competing for the same viewers (save the different niches of course) meaning it’s harder to get noticed, or paid for that matter
  • Platform moderation is a growing issue with Twitch. Viewers and streamers alike constantly put Twitch in tough spots with decisions regarding violations and consequences
  • Easy to get trolled and problematic to get rid of them



  • It’s the obvious choice for people who already have an audience on YouTube
  • YouTube live can expand beyond gaming. Even if you’re a gaming channel, you can branch out really easily since YouTube in general is a wide variety of content
  • Super easy to setup
  • Monetization options with donations and Super Chat
  • Fully integrated into YouTube, which is integrated into Google, which means accessibility is on ten since no one on the planet doesn’t have the YouTube app downloaded


  • YouTube is still blocked by browsers all over the world. And don’t think about watching it at work or school. Some countries can’t even open the site at all
  • Viewers haven’t grasped the concept of donating like they do on Twitch
  • YouTube is constantly making changes that make it harder for new creators to maintain a space on the platform. Genuinely good content was enough to grow. Now, there are so many hidden rules and affects with the algorithm that you’ll have a struggle to creating around all that

Facebook Gaming


  • Your friends are here already, so you are guaranteed viewership since they know and trust you. Plus, they will receive notifications through their Facebook app of your streams
  • Super easy to set up in 3 steps, and it can stream both from mobile and from a broadcasting application like OBS
  • It’s available to anyone who has a Fan Page, so accessibility is great


  • It is strictly gaming. That’s fine if gaming is what you’re interested in, but keep in mind that other platforms allow their creators to “Just Chat” with their fans. If you aren’t gaming, you aren’t streaming.
  • There aren’t any third-party integrations so your quality of life as a streamer – and for viewers – is dependent on what Facebook provides
  • You have to be wary of your family and friends when steaming edgy content

Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook Gaming: Which is the best?

Recently, Dr. Disrespect, a former Twitch streamer, has had unfortunate dealings with the platform. He was one of the biggest streamers on the platform, and he probably brought in millions of dollars. However, he seems to be bouncing back on other platforms and striving greater than ever.

If you are considering starting a stream on one of the platforms listed above, you should ask yourself a few questions before committing to one of them.

Do you want to stream oversaturated games like Fortnite and Call of Duty? Facebook gaming might be the answer for you since the viewership is significantly lower than other platforms.

Do you already have a large audience on your social media and YouTube? Send your followers to your new YouTube live streams rather than starting from scratch.

Are you concerned with the end game of making as much money as possible, no matter how long it takes and how much work you’ll have to do with marketing, branding, and creativity? Twitch is the way to go because there is limitless potential with the amount of viewership, and you can find a space – or create some – with virtually any niche.

Are you a streamer? Which is your video game streaming service?

If you are a streamer, tell us in the comments if you use Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook Gaming to stream your content? Also, tell us why to help readers decide on which service they will stream their video games.

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