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Who Needs Native Android App Development Services?

Developing a mobile app has become an excellent tool for most companies who want to enter the booming mobile world and get a stable income. This is because mobile apps are convenient, and over 80% of people prefer them over websites. In addition, apps can provide a business with many benefits, including keeping customers engaged, boosting users’ loyalty, opening up new business channels, and improving brand visibility.

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However, there are also several ways companies can develop an app. When creating an idea and visualizing a concept, you must choose what tech stack you will use and for what platform you develop an app. Even though iOS may seem more common, the Android platform has grown in popularity during the last few years. According to the latest research, the Android market was valued at $47.9 billion in 2021.  
When building an app without a trusted development partner, it is often a tricky task to choose a development approach. Here we are going to break down key factors of developing native Android apps and explain who needs them. 
Native mobile app development basically means the development of an app for one of the available platforms only. Therefore, the app will be launched only in a native marketplace. For iOS, it is Apple Store, while Android apps are available in the Google store. When you want to use native ios development services, your engineers will code using Objective-C or Swift languages. Comparatively, developing native Android mobile apps will require programming languages Java or Kotlin. 
The good news is that both Apple and Google allow app developers to find a wide range of development tools, libraries, wireframes, interface elements, and SDK. Statistics show that giant companies and market leaders invest in native app development, as they bring the myriad of benefits offered compared to other types of apps such as Hybrid or Web. Since mobile solutions are increasingly a necessity for companies, it’s critical for brands to be well-informed about the benefits of choosing an app development approach. Here are the key benefits of choosing native Android mobile app development:

High Target Audience:-

While the iOS platform has been a leader for many years, today, Android takes first place in the mobile domain. In 2021, the digital content platform Google Play gained revenue of approximately 48 billion U.S. dollars via mobile apps. This is a global consumer spending increase of about 23 percent in comparison to the previous year. 

Better Performance:-

When developing a native app, the product will be designed and optimized for a specific platform. Therefore, the application will show an extremely high level of performance and efficiency. Native apps have been shown to be faster, safer, and more stable since they are built for that specific platform and are compiled through the platform’s core programming language as well as APIs. 

More Interactive And Intuitive:-

In contrast to hybrid or web applications, native mobile apps are considered to be smoother regarding user input and output. This is because native software inherits their devices’ OS interfaces, which makes them look and work like an integrated part of the device. The biggest advantage of native mobile apps is the superior user experience. Following specific guidelines provided by marketplaces eliminates the learning curve and helps customers to interact with applications using actions and gestures they’re familiar with already. 

Access The Full Feature Set Of Devices:-

Since native apps are created especially for their platform, developers can easily take full advantage of the software and the operating systems’ features. For example, such products can directly access the hardware of the device, including the GPS, camera, microphone, and more. This makes the development process easier and faster in execution, thereby providing a better user experience. What is more, push notifications are another great benefit to choosing native app development. 

Tends To Have Fewer Bugs During Development:-

It’s much more challenging for a business to maintain two different apps in one codebase compared to maintaining two applications in two codebases. When talking about native app development, developers have fewer dependencies for bugs to appear as they are not relying on a cross-platform tool like Xamarin or Cordova. Since hybrid applications access hardware via a bridge, it usually slows the time needed for the development and can lead to a poor user experience.
This issue also appears with the release of new versions of Android apps. Android native engineers have access to the latest software development kits (SDK) to create stable, efficient, and engaging applications packed with the most recent features. Due to this implementation, native app users get access to the newest platform features when they update the operating system (OS). 

Who Needs Native Android App Development Services?

Whether you run a business and want to enter the mobile world or just come up with a concept, you will need a trusted team that can help you achieve success. Since the Android market is growing every day and reaching new heights overcoming iOS, you should consider the Android platform for your future app. If you are still not sure about choosing the team, explore our native android app development service

Final Thoughts

Android mobile apps are highly popular and show no signs of slowing down. They represent a whole new area, as most iOS applications are losing their popularity due to restrictions and lack of resources. This is why most businesses now consider developing a native Android app that will help them to gain customer loyalty, get stable revenue and open up new marketing channels.
However, you will need to find a renowned mobile app development partner who can take responsibility for crafting a product for you and help you stand out from the competitors. Ask your team about minor details, choose the tech stack, create an engaging design and test your app before launch. And if you need a team that you can trust your ideas, the Interexy app development company is always here for any questions you have.