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Why are android versions name after desserts?


With over 2 billion users, Android is the persistent ruler of the smartphone world. While beating every other mobile operating system in the market, Android was also pocket-friendly. With the brand name of Google, it came into existence in 2007. Everyone from a simple peddler to a corporate tycoon uses android. Amazing, right!. Its versatility, ease of use, freedom, customization friendliness while being cheap at the same time, makes it invincible.

It has an open source license and its open source nature ticks many developers and enthusiasts. While Android seems to have everything, it also has some drawbacks like relatively less secure, easily exploitable, etc. One thing that has been always a mystery to is “Why are android versions name after desserts” with a secret sequence you never noticed told at the end of the article. Let’s discuss that with briefing you about the versions and timeline of Android.


It all started with the release of Cupcake, version 1.5, Linux kernel version 2.6.27. April of 2009 brought a revolution in the smartphone industry. Furthermore, with a catchy name, it created an inevitable place in the market. Finally, there was something that can give so much at such a less price. Let’s get to know every version from the start.

1. CUPCAKE ( 1.5 ) + DONUT ( 1.6 )

With the famous dessert name “Cupcake” was launched the revolutionary Android Operating System on 27th April, 2007. It was the first step to create a world where mobile phones could turn into a work station and no more laptop to carry everywhere. As a result, now you could upload YouTube videos, Picasa photos with mobile. Copy and paste feature in the Browser. Auto-rotation option. User pictures displayed in on the contact. Above all it had access to third party app and new user interface that appealed to everyone.

why are android versions name after desserts“Donut” was launched just 5 months after the Cupcake, on 15th of September. Two major upgrade were addition of Voice search and also integrated camera module with gallery and video recording. Even more, new gestures were included with gesture builder tool.

What’s new in Android Oreo?

2. ECLAIR(2.0-2.1) + FROYO(2.2-2.2.3) + GINGERBREAD(2.3-2.3.7)

Just a month later “Eclair” came into picture. With updates like Bluetooth 2.1, expanded account sync, enhanced contact dealing, manual camera setting, refreshed UI with thumbnails, improved google map, track multi touch events, optimized hardware speed, supports more screen resolution and additional live wallpapers.

“Froyo” came in with a boom. Seven months later, seems like the wait was worth it. Most noteworthy, updates like USB tethering and WiFi hotspot functionality, Adobe flash support, animated GIF support on browser, Updated Market application with batch and automatic update features, Support for high-PPI displays (up to 320 ppi), integration of Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine into the Browser application and above all Speed, memory, and performance optimisations.

why are android versions name after dessertsArrival of the king that paved the road for upcoming generating and most successful OS of it time, “Gingerbread”. It came with updated user interface design with increased simplicity and speed, native support for SIP VoIP internet telephony, enhanced copy/paste functionality, support to front facing camera, improved power management with better app managing interface, support for Near Field Communication (NFC), allowing the user to read an NFC tag embedded in a poster, sticker, audio + graphical and input enhancements for game developers and much more.

And this is how the beginning time line of Android proceeded. Later on many other versions like


Officially there’s no reason why they name the android versions after desserts. People claim – As these devices make our lives sweet, thus each Android version is named after a sweet. Google actually has built statues of these various Android desserts. They sit on the lawn at the company’s headquarters in Mountain View, California. In contrast, something you should know about the trend among the names is that, from the version Cupcake, consequently, alphabetical order follows among the newer versions, while making the latest one start with “P”.

Android Oreo arrives with new features


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