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Why Bitcoins are much better than a traditional paper currency?

Technology is the latest talk of the town. Everything related to technology is oh-so-cool and so is cryptocurrency or what you call digital currency.

Paper currency is outdated now. Now, what people use and interest is in digital currency. 


Because, it is so much in demand. Its value keeps increasing and it can make you so rich.

So, what exactly is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is what exactly I told above, it is a digital currency that you cannot touch, yes but you can see it on your computer and Smartphone screens. Many people who would be reading this article must be thinking that what makes it so much better than the traditional paper currency.

Why Bitcoins are much better than a traditional paper currency?

But, before you get there it is very important to understand how the Bitcoin works?

The Bitcoin works on the technology of Blockchain and algorithms which is very important to understand if you want to correctly forecast regarding the value of Bitcoin and earn a huge amount of profit through it.

The best part is that the ownership of the Bitcoin is not government-backed and is complete with its user. The advantage of Bitcoin is that it can curb the chances of fraud and identity thefts, and hence is considered a safe mode of holding money. Bitcoins allows the buying of goods and services online, as well as transferring money. 

Below are a few benefits of using bitcoins which make it better than traditional currency:

Bitcoin is the best and one of the most preferred methods for online shopping. It’s like an e-wallet that can be created blockchain technology to store, track and spend digital money. It is the best option available for paying for services online.

Bitcoin is very famous in all over the business market and has no problem being accepted anywhere. Even the largest computer company Microsoft accepts Bitcoin in place of money. So, you know what I want to say!

With Bitcoin people get the liberty to exchange value without any third party which translates to greater control of funds and lower fees. The biggest difference is that the cash is controlled by the government whereas Bitcoin has its users. 

Bitcoin is considered at par with Gold and combines the most effective of money and gold whereas providing an open market and no restrictions obligatory by banks or governments. No possible way of keeping a track of traditional currency. 

The technology behind Bitcoin, which is, blockchain is what makes or breaks it. Thousands of computers during a distributed network use cryptological techniques to form a permanent, public record of every Bitcoin transaction that has ever occurred. 

This record is going to be very valuable for numerous things besides following the payment. Though Bitcoin is connected with online trading, still it is very secure to use. 

So, the best part about using Bitcoin is that it is secure, open for all yet private at the same time. So, there is no chance of any fraudulent activities. 

Each Bitcoin has a different code and the blockchain technology keeps a record of every transaction that ever took place, so there is no chance of any fraud activities here.

It is indeed a great way of maintaining records for tax purposes. This means that two people cannot be transacted on the same value and this will help keep records healthy and simpler, especially for tax purposes. Bitcoin allows smooth and easy transactions across nations with a ledger getting maintained at the backend.

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