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Why Can’t I Connect To Minecraft Servers

Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world. People who want to play Minecraft as a multiplayer game have to connect to a server, or create a server of their own. Occasionally, there are problems connecting with the server. This article is for anyone asking: “why can’t I connect with Minecraft servers”. 

The many possible reasons why you cannot connect to Minecraft servers will be mentioned. Furthermore, tips on how to troubleshoot the issues will be given. For all those asking: “why can’t I connect to Minecraft servers”, the question will be answered.

Minecraft Server Connection Problems: Possible Reasons

You or someone you know may have seen the error message ” can’t connect to server” or “cannot reach server” while trying to connect to a Minecraft server. Below are some possible reasons for these error messages.

Internet connection issues:

Connecting with servers requires an internet connection. Your inability to connect with a server may simply be due to poor internet, or other internet connection issues.

Software issues:

Simple issues like bad cache files may make it difficult or impossible to connect with a server. If the Minecraft software is out of date, that may also be a problem.

The server is offline:

Your inability to connect with the server may be simply because the server is offline. The serve may be offline because it is undergoing maintenance. Furthermore, the server may be temporarily overloaded, making it impossible for you to connect.

Out of date server:

A permanently offline server cannot be connected to.

Hardware issues:

If you’re having hardware issues with your router for instance, you may be unable to connect to Minecraft servers.

Firewall Issues:

The computer’s firewall may be blocking the particular server from connecting. We know firewalls are there to protect your computer, but occasionally, the specific firewall setting also blocks something you need. Your router’s firewall may also be preventing your connection with the Minecraft server.

Third-party software:

This includes third party antivirus that acts in a similar way to the firewall. Some other software prevents Minecraft from functioning properly. Leaving them enabled will prevent you from connecting with servers.

Third-Party Mods:

Third-party mods downloaded to improve your gameplay on Minecraft can interfere with your connection with some Minecraft servers.

Troubleshooting Minecraft Server Connection Problems

Now that your question: “why can’t I connect to Minecraft servers” has been answered, we can now tell you how to fix the problem. Just ensure you have the right server address and it’s very likely one of the tips given below will be effective for you.

1. Check Internet Connection

This is one possible reason you’re unable to connect to the server. If you’re using WiFi, check if it is enabled. If it is already enabled, toggle it off and on again. The bottom line is, check for an internet connection.

A quick way to do this is to check if other sites are able to open on your browser.

2. Check For Source of Error

You may not easily be able to tell if the source of the connection problem is from your device, or an external source even if you’ve confirmed that your internet connection is stable. What you should do is check if the connection problem is limited to just one server or all servers.

If the problem is limited to one server, there is a possibility the problem is from the server and not from you. If you’re unable to access all servers, it’s likely the problem is from your device.

3. Refresh Server List

Refreshing the server list works in a similar way refreshing pages on your browser works. It fixes minor connection problems on Minecraft. To refresh, go to the bottom of the list of servers and click refresh. This method works for users of the Java edition of Minecraft.

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4. Log Out Then Log In

Simply logging out of your Minecraft account and logging back in may be the solution to server issues. Logging out allows the Minecraft software a quick restart, thereby resolving minor problems that may have prevented the connection with servers.

5. Connect Again Later

Why Can't I Connect To Minecraft Servers

If you have failed after several attempts to connect to a specific server, it’s likely the server is temporarily down. If that is the case, all you can do is wait.

There are a good number of online tools you can use to check if the server you’re trying to access is down. This is particularly true for the more popular servers.

6. Check Game Console Network

If you’re playing Minecraft on a game console, check if the network is down. There are online tools for checking the network for PlayStation Network, Nintendo Online and Xbox Live.

7. Check Firewall

The computer’s firewall protects it from harmful software, and websites. Sometimes, due to the firewall settings, games and other useful sites are also blocked.

Check the firewall’s inbound and outbound rules to see if Minecraft is allowed. You may also consider temporarily disabling the firewall.

If you have a third-party antivirus, it can also be the cause of the problem. First, scan your device for viruses. If there is no virus, temporarily disable the antivirus because it may be the software preventing you from connecting to Minecraft servers.

8. Disable Router Firewall

The router may have its own firewall which is preventing Minecraft servers from connecting. Login to the web interface on your router and check the firewall settings to see if it is blocking Minecraft. You can either allow the connection or temporarily disable the firewall.

9. Restart Your Router

To restart your router, simply unplug it for about thirty seconds, plug it back, and wait for about a minute to allow it to boot.

10. Install Latest Version of Server

Check if there are any updates for the problematic server. If there is, download and install the updates, then restart your computer. Updating the Minecraft app is also a good idea.

11. Uninstall Mods

Though mods can come in handy, having third party mods can interfere with the game. Uninstalling mods is one of the possible solutions to problems connecting to Minecraft servers.


If you are wondering why you or your friend cannot connect to Minecraft servers, this article tells you all you have to do. Following this guide makes it extremely unlikely that you’ll be wondering “why can’t I connect to Minecraft servers” any time soon.