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Why Do People Neglect Data Backup? Top 8 Justifications for Costly Mistakes

A vast number of articles and materials have been written about the importance of the backup copying, so it would seem that everyone understands its significance. Some people back up their computer system and data stored daily, while others opt for weekly or monthly backups. However, the prevailing majority of users don’t think about backing up their system and files until they encounter problems with a hard drive failure.

Why Do People Neglect Data Backup? Top 8 Justifications for Costly Mistakes

In addition to saving the data of ordinary users, backup is crucial for any company. Nevertheless, until relatively recently, it was not considered an essential component in the IT management. Nowadays, enterprises plan to spend at least 10% of their budgets on data backup.

The market for specialized software for cloud reserve copying has reached the $10-billion mark, increasing by one and a half times in the wake of global digitalization. Backups are vital, and the cost of creating them is much less than the losses that a company can incur in the event of an emergency. Therefore, it is better to resort to backup solutions for Microsoft 365 than to expose your business to the risk of bankruptcy.

What Do People Use Their Devices for?

To get an idea of what data users store on their devices, one should understand how they use their laptops and mobile gadgets. And if the enterprises tend to use computer equipment for creating documents and store transaction details and client database, then average users of computers and smartphones use their devices to:

  • communicate using calls and messengers;
  • create visual material (photos, graphics);
  • visit various online services (from social networks to entertainment portals).

However, what happens if your laptop or mobile phone shuts down or gets lost? Naturally, if you haven’t made backups in advance, all photos, contacts, and other data will be permanently lost. Despite such an obvious threat, few users actually perform reserve copying.

Why? Let’s look at the most common justifications for not creating backup copies of important data.

Top 8 Excuses for Not Making Backups

Despite the broad coverage of the data backup topic, in practice, people face losses of essential information, working time, and money every day. This happens because of the neglect of data backup, which they explain with the following excuses:

  1. “I don’t have any valuable data. Everything I have saved on my computer is just a bunch of useless files!”
  2. “I always have another computer/laptop/tablet at hand. So, if something happens to the first one, I just keep working on the second one. Do not ask me what I will do if both of them become disabled. I don’t want to think about it.”
  3. “It is not difficult for me to reinstall the system and all programs every time my computer crashes.”
  4. “As for business information security, I prefer to pay people to copy all crucial data manually. After all, people are more reliable, and a program can have glitches and bugs.”
  5. “I’m too busy to copy all my data myself. But I also don’t trust any program that will do the reserve copying automatically, on a schedule. Plus, I don’t want to do the double-check of the results of backup copying; it’s too time-consuming.”
  6. “Sometimes I make a promise to myself that I will make data backups tomorrow, but then I don’t make them. I always put off things I don’t want to do.”
  7. “Data backup? It is something complicated, isn’t it? I don’t think I can handle it. I don’t know how to back up my data and files, and I’m not sure I can learn how to do it.”
  8. “I don’t believe I can lose all my data. This has never happened to me before.”

It is up to you to decide if any of the justifications listed above are worthy of losing something important to you or your business. If you understand the relevance of backup copying, and you need help with your data backups, hurry up to find specialists and receive competent guidance.