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Why do you need a VPN to watch UFC on FireStick?


It’s the 21st century, the era of technological developments and free will, empowered customer choices. People today want to view their choicest media content as they wish. It is where options like Amazon FireStick comes to use and is also one of the most preferred choices. When you use the best guidelines on the appropriate VPN for FireStick, there’s going to be a choice for you to get your first and second-generation FireStick equipment instantly.

Understanding Amazon FireStick

Simply put, the Amazon FireStick is an advanced and new age USB-patterned cost-efficient equipment. It provides you with access to watch multiple TV shows, movies and various other media content of your choice.

If you are aiming at secure and fast streaming, it is essential to have a VPN app for this device. For doing that you can also read and learn more about the best free VPN for Routers as well. However, to stream free video content on your Amazon FireStick device, you can also install Kodi.

A quick guide to stream UFC on Amazon FireStick

The UFC is a PPV (Pay-Per-View) event which you have the option to access in various ways. If you want to stream Lewis and Cormier directly in the website the process would include the following steps:

  • First you will have to register for a VPN that will unblock the UFC stream. There will be several low-quality and free VPN’s that will not cater to the purpose. It’s always better to select a high-end VPN that is suited for the task at hand.
  • Then you need to download and install the VPN application.
  • After that, you can select a server located in the U.S
  • Browse and log in to the UFC TV website and use your PayPal account to pay for the match
  • Make sure that you are tuned in at 7 pm sharp, on November 3rd, 2018, as per the US Pacific Daylight Time to watch the UFC 230 in high-definition video quality

Why do you require a VPN for watching the UFC match?

Most people don’t know why a VPN is essential for watching the UFC on Amazon Firestick. Simply put, a VPN helps to copy your IP address the moment you get linked to a different server location.

Your brand-new IP will enable you to unblock the online services and websites. It will seem that you are in a country where the UFC broadcast is available.

It is precisely how a high-end VPN can benefit you. There’s more on the list. For instance, it can also encrypt every data that gets sent from and to your device. It ensures that your ISP, web spies and even the hackers are not able to have access to your data.

However, this process might slow the connection, but that doesn’t lead to any significant hassle. High-quality VPN’s can guarantee super-fast networks. Hence, all you need to do is search for a VPN in a US server which has high-speed for excellent outcomes as you stream the UFC fight on November 3rd, 2018. This way you can peacefully watch the UFC on your FireStick without any ado.


  1. “I recently switched from WiTopia to Torguard, since WiTopia’s speed seemed to have dropped off significantly recently. Plus, Torguard is cheaper and allows me 5 vs 2 simultaneous connections.

    I’ve also heard a lot of good things about PIA, and since I only have a 3-month plan with Torguard, I’ll give them a try in a couple of months.”

  2. ExpressVPN has a text based client that works quite well. I was pleasantly surprised to discover they can punch through consistently. I was curious if you tried it. As a Linux user a text based client shouldn’t bother you at all.
    AirVPN has a full GUI with their Linux client that gives you a wide range of choices as far as protocol. I’ve had moderate success with them, but I suspect their methods are being detected (OpenVPN over SSH or SSL).
    I haven’t tried Witopia in several years. If you gave them a shot in the last couple of years I’d be interested to know what you think of their Linux setup.

  3. Outstanding review and spot on with the things I have found after using CyberGhost these past few weeks. Decided to download the “free” version to try prior to a purchase. Free version I believe supply’s a good enough evaluation of about what you can expect following a purchase to the upgrade.Good to see the review also stated with the “paid” version you can also expect slower connect speeds, as you certainly notice that in the free version. The supplier indicates the free version has a reduced speed, but an on screen graphic indicates you will increase speed about 70% with the paid version. I doubt that would be the case. Not discussed in this evaluation was the annual cost of CyberGhost vs cost of an established VPN. I was hoping some comparison would be made. But still, an outstanding review and thanks.

  4. I have used BlackVPN for a couple of years now and I find it great – servers in US, UK, Netherland and a host of eastern european countries (even one in singapore). No speed issues (have a slowish broadband connection anyway – 2Mb) and cheap (€5 per month for one server up to €9.50 per month for access to all of them. Gets my vote anyway.


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