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Why should Manjaro Linux be your first Linux Distribution


If you want to use Linux, you have a 1000 of choices(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Linux_distributions). Only a few are recommended by everyone everywhere you look. We’ll only talk about flagship desktop environment of the distros; the desktop environment shouldn’t be a problem with any Linux distro. If you don’t like the default, get another.
Let’s look at them and reasons they’re recommended:

1. Ubuntu

One of the first distro as Linux for general users. Easy to install. A lot of support on the web. Breaks the notion of Command Line hassle. Quite easy user interface. They’re switching to Gnome, but 16.04.3 LTS still runs Unity. They’re both easy. I prefer Unity but preference is personal.

2. Linux Mint Cinnamon

It is based on Ubuntu, offers a great stability. It’s on number ONE on DistroWatch (https://distrowatch.com/dwres.php?resource=popularity) for so long now. You’ll feel like still on Windows, and runs mp3s out of the box unlike Ubuntu. Like Ubuntu, runs great on older hardware.

3. Zorin OS

Also based on Ubuntu. Offers same stability and comes with Wine and Play on Linux out of the box so you can start running some Windows software. It comes with theme engine called “Zorin look changer” which can make it look like Windows 7, XP or Mac. You can use

What is the problem with these recommendations?

The common problem with these is command-line aka terminal. Most users are afraid of the terminal for no reason, that’s amazing, isn’t it?
Personally, I’ve used Ubuntu and Mint for very long. Repeatedly I mess up something and they cannot be fixed without Terminal.
The point of Linux for beginners should mean almost zero terminal uses, after all, there are not many reasons to use terminal on Windows/Mac.For months, I’ve been using Manjaro Linux (Xfce). I recommend as a distro for Linux beginners.

Why should Manjaro Linux be your first Linux Distribution
Here are my opinions Why should Manjaro Linux be your first Linux Distribution:-

1. Almost zero terminal usage:-

The only time I had to use was some package required ncurses5-compat-libs and its PGP signatures couldn’t be verified. It is error from whoever packed it, and not Arch Repo. Updating software, distribution, even Kernel can be done via GUI.

2. Graphics Drivers

Getting NVIDIA closed source drivers to work on Ubuntu is one of the first hurdle in your Linux journey. The installer comes with a GUI-like menu but ends in error usually. No such issues with Manjaro. Select you want non-free drivers during boot before installation if you need closed drivers and you’re done. Want to switch later after installing? GUI’s got you.

3. Software Why should Manjaro Linux be your first Linux Distribution
Just to install Google Chrome on Ubuntu, you’ll need to add PPA using the terminal. Chrome installer does this by itself, but that’s another thing. Even if you use a terminal to add PPAs, many softwares are still not directly available for Ubuntu. You’ll have to compile them yourself and deal with updates all by yourself. Not with Manjaro. You’ve Manjaro’s store and then you can enable AUR (Arch User Repository). You can get everything you’re searching for, at a single search. It’ll even handle the updates for you.

4. Power and Ease at once

More things via GUI does not necessarily mean you lose the control. You have the control over every single component and yet easily configurable and usable by default. It is powerful yet simple to use at the same time. Comes with the power of arch Linux while being as easy to install as Ubuntu.

5. Manjaro is Beautiful

Why Manjaro Linux be your first linux distribution
I can’t say enough about this. Use it yourself to know the beauty.
Download (recommended DE: XFCE): https://manjaro.org/

Hope you liked my article “Why should Manjaro Linux be your first Linux Distribution“. If you have any query, feel free to comment.

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