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Why Proxy Server Is Important for Your Security

Day after day, we hear stories about hackers who received the personal data of hundreds and thousands of users. It looks like even the most popular portals can’t stand these attacks. Moreover, websites are trying to track your activity as well, just to send you lots of spam you don’t need. So, how can you survive in the digital world without risking your security? The answer to it is webproxy. This is another modern achievement created to hide your identity and location, increasing the level of personal security.


What Is Proxy?

A proxy server is a link between a user and the Internet. This server separates the direct user’s address from the website that was entered. In this way, from the user to the website, the proxy changes the IP address and hides any digital traces of the person. Depending on the needs, a proxy server can offer a high level of security, functionality, privacy, and even faster Internet connection.

While you are using a proxy, the signal is flowing through this server and gets to the address you need. Once it reaches the goal, it comes back through the proxy to you as well. You stay anonymous, being able to reach websites restricted by location.

Categories of proxy servers:

  • Open. This proxy is also known as a public one. It can be entered by anyone online. Usually they are offered for completely free for public use;
  • Reverse. These servers connect a small group of servers and the web together. Such a service can be used for the LAN network at your work;
  • Forward. This is the most popular option. Forward proxies connect a wide network and your computer.

Importance of Proxy

Now let’s check out the features that every proxy server offers to its users to make a final decision. Meanwhile, I strongly recommend you to be careful online, not share your personal data, and not to trust suspicious users no matter whether you use proxy or not.

Hide your personal information

There are billions of hacking attacks that happen every day around the world. Hackers are aiming for big goals like data centers of social networks. They want to get your personal information, including email addresses, passwords, locations, preferences, just to sell it on the dark web. If you run a business online, they can steal your money and pick your clients as targets. No matter how great a website’s security, it is always a possibility to find a data breach.

This is why staying unnoticed by hackers is your best option. Proxy servers help you to keep your privacy and protect your business. Hide your identity with the help of a proxy server.

Track the Internet usage

You can take the usage of the Internet under your personal control, no matter whether it is at home or at work. If your employees are wasting time on suspicious websites or kids at home can be in danger from surfing around the net, you can stop it. Limit access to potentially dangerous information with proxy. Apart from that, you can monitor any movements on the Internet from your IP addresses. Parents can easily limit the time their kids spend online and protect them from unwanted data.

Keep your anonymity to perform secret tasks

If you are doing sensitive work online and don’t want anyone to spy on you, proxy is your choice. Many businesses and security companies that want to prevent corporate espionage have proxy servers installed on each office computer. They have to secure the papers they exchange with others. These documents can be tracked by competitors, so you need to protect your business. Proxy servers hide you and everything you do on the Internet.

Higher speed

Many users believe that using a proxy will just slow them down. It is not true. On the contrary, the proxy server does not gather the ads on the pages you open, does not leave cache, and works significantly faster. It improves the performance of the network in general. For your business or work, it may be crucial. The loading speed is significantly higher and you can quickly access the page you need. Apart from that, the server saves the copy of your website and allows users to see the already downloaded page. In the busiest hours, it can be helpful.

Access to all websites

In modern times, information is more valuable than any gold, especially when it is connected with your business. Unfortunately, some websites’ owners make restrictions for users. You spend time finding the website just to read that you’re blocked. A proxy server helps to fix this injustice. No matter whether your particular IP address was banned or it is some kind of local restriction, you can enter any portal by using a proxy server. Many companies are trying to find and ban proxies, yet, they are not quick or smart enough to cut access to all the used addresses. You can view your favorite websites, enter your favorite libraries or watch movies from any place in the world.

Stops website crashes

If you suffer website crashes due to the lack of traffic control, you may use proxy as a remedy. It will help to balance the traffic, so you don’t get complaints from angry customers after the operation. While data from your website is usually distributed via numerous servers around the world, traffic may be simply overwhelmed. Proxy narrows down the places your traffic travels, allowing users on your website to receive quick responses and download pages easily.

Significance of Proxy

It is hard to overestimate the importance of staying secure online. If you want to feel safe while using the Internet, you have to make sure you don’t leave digital traces. Proxy is one of the most helpful tools when it comes to security and access to the information you need.

If you have something to add, you can do it in the comments below. Do you use a proxy for your work or home?