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Why the Scramble for Instagram Followers and Likes


Did you know that the number of Instagram followers matters for your business’s networking and marketing purposes? Indeed maintaining an online presence is very important for your business in order to reach millions of internet users. Social media is the largest network on which to promote your business. And due to the gradual migration from text to visuals for social media users, Instagram is your best bet to appeal to your customer base online. How does this work? Well, in order to reach a large customer base, you need to have a large Instagram follower base. This builds a strong web presence for your business and helps attract even more followers who as a result notice your brand.

This build in exposure online cannot happen without likes hence you need to engage your large base of followers online with captivating content related to your business. However, it is a daunting task building up a large follower base and likes especially for a new business. Buying real followers will help you fast track your way into building exposure for your business. The importance of these tools for social media promotion cannot be emphasized enough. This is because if a large number of interested people are talking about your product and viewing it online, then these are more likely to become your customers offline.

Importance of Instagram Followers:

Enhances Your Business’s Social Media Presence

A large follower base can indicate to customers, competitors and interested parties alike that the business, its products or services, and its marketing campaigns are more likely to be successful. Besides, if one follower likes and shares your photos and videos, they attract more interested buyers and thus, numbers beget numbers. Having a sizable number of followers to start with will therefore lead to getting even more followers brought in by interest in the kind of content you put out relating to your business’s products or services.

Enhances Online Marketing

Having a large follower base also gives you a great opportunity to advertise your products. While mainstream media is expensive, advertising on Instagram is not and with almost everyone online having jumped onto the Instagram bandwagon, it is easy to reach potential customers and engage with them online. Not to mention, it is rather easy to advertise on Instagram as all you need to do is post images of your products or services with a short description and these images garner likes and attention from among your followers. Unlike advertising in mainstream media, advertising on Instagram can help you become a global entrepreneur as these images and videos are not focused on local viewers only.

Drives Web Traffic to Your Site

Having a large follower base means you can convert a large number of them into customers. By posting engaging content to showcase your products and services you garner likes and build up a reputation of business health. This is also an avenue to get web traffic for your site. You can do this by linking your photos to your site to encourage interested followers to get in touch directly. Captions and hashtags that appeal to your followers also help in driving traffic to your business making more people aware of its products and services.

With all these accrued benefits from having a large Instagram follower base, it is no surprise that businesses panic in their bid to garner followers especially when it takes too long. However, there is a solution. Buying real Instagram followers will help you gain in both quantity and quality of followers and therefore help you fast track your business’s promotion ion Instagram.

Importance of Instagram Likes

Since all one needs to show their liking for a particular picture or video on Instagram is to just double tap, every time a number of your followers like your content, they increase your business’s social proof therefore improving its online standing and visibility. As a result of this social proof, your products or services are more likely to go viral and this gains both new and recurring customers and business. Since you can’t have likes without Instagram followers, getting a follower base is the first move to getting social proof and exposure for your business.



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