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Why Use A White Label CrowdFunding Software


Crowdfunding as a trend is more powerful than ever. Find out how your project or cause can utilize white-label crowdfunding software to maximize your funding opportunities.

Things are changing. No longer do family, friends, and banks have an iron grip on the capability of both for-profit and nonprofit organizations to find financial capital.  The choice is now on the user to find their cause of choice and contribute. This means both for-profit and for non-profit organizations.

Crowdfunding has built out products that were little more than a prototype and an idea, effectively removing the initial stage of requiring an angel investor. The first step for many has been to craft a branding package that tells their story and allows them to share what the point of their project is.  

Beyond that, using a white label crowdfunding solution can do much more for mitigating costs for any further projects that arise as a result.  

White Label Crowdfunding Software is for more than just major corporations and non-profits trying their hands at being a platform for causes and for idealistic products that are in the pipeline by smaller business owners and developers.

There is an abundance of opportunities to be had by using crowdfunding as a way to raise funds for a number of causes/problems that can be impactful in a range of communities.  Films and games have been created by crowdfunding campaigns alone. While money is in creating a market and by fulfilling a wish in a market, in 2018, it’s enough to just have an idea.

Why Use A White Label CrowdFunding Software

The biggest reason for using a white label crowdfunding software is the freedom that offers. The complete control over all donation based projects allows for vetting which causes warrant funds and which aren’t in total support.

This allows brands to pool support from their support base without inviting negative opportunity by accidentally sharing a spotlight with a cause that doesn’t fit their narrative.  

It’s a problem that is pervasive for a number of brands. Even looking beyond the scope of donation-based platforms such as Wefunder, sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Amazon have come under fire for sharing and abetting platforms for hate speech and far-right movements that have proven problematic for many of the user bases.  

The control that a white label crowdfunding software offers is beyond that which can be had on a normal service that is run by another company.  You get all of the benefits without dealing with the negative drawbacks. While this can separate from the natural wondering eyes of other platforms, there are ways around this. Such as by finding like brands and working together on an agreement to cross-promote your interests.

Total crowdfunding volume by billions is up to over $16 billion. Any company or organization not looking to find their part of that market is missing out on a serious opportunity to mobilize and make an impact on social problems affecting their support base.

Looking at what impact fringe causes can have is essential to the development of any brand.  How you use the essential social currency that keeps brands relevant in 2018 is dependent on your team.  


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