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Reasons why you should have dedicated servers in India


If you own a business, then you might be aware of the importance of having a website for your business as it serves as an identity of your business in the online world. There are several things involved in creating a website and making it live to your visitors. Hosting a website is one among those important things that play a critical role in the functionality of your website. So you need to choose the correct hosting server for your website in order to ensure optimal performance for your website.

Here you have two options for hosting either a shared server or a dedicated server. While you can go for shared hosting at the beginning, you need to consider upgrading to a dedicated server as the business grows and the traffic to your website keeps increasing. Before seeing the reasons why you should have a dedicated server for your business in India, let me tell you the difference between a shared or cloud server and a dedicated server.

In a cloud server, you will be allocated a fixed space where you can place your website and its data, and you will be sharing the server with multiple websites on a sharing basis. Whereas, a dedicated server is a physical server that is fully dedicated to your website and you will be completely using all of its resources.

Now let’s see some of the main reasons why you should have a dedicated server in India for your business.

Fast load time:

One of the primary reason for having a dedicated server is the faster load time of your website. Normally people who click on a website tend to wait for 2 to 3 seconds for the website to load and move on to other sites if the page does not load within that time period. This creates a negative impact on your website, and it also affects your page SEO as Google uses the load time of a website to determine your position in the SERP.

So unlike a shared server, a dedicated server will be making use of all its resources for completely serving your website requests alone. This ensures in loading your web pages faster than it might load on a shared server. If you want to test whether a particular dedicated server provider is good enough to handle your business or not, you can opt for a free dedicated server hosting trial and decide for yourself whether the service is suitable to your website or not.

Also, please remember if your business is in India and you have your website hosted on a cloud server that is located in some far away country, then it might adversely affect the functioning and the performance of your website. So it is highly recommended to have your dedicated server located in the same country where your business runs.


Dedicated servers are most cost-efficient when compared to cloud servers if you are running a large organization. Though the cost of a dedicated server seems to be high at first sight, you can feel the value for money once you come to know how to make the best use of it. From a dedicated server, you can make use of multiple resources for your website that makes the cost of a dedicated server more reasonable.


Dedicated servers are more reliable than shared servers as all the resources provided by the server are completely used for processing your website requests alone. So this ensures in keeping your website up and running for 99% of the time irrespective of the traffic that you get to your website.

If your website traffic is very high, then a shared server might not serve all your requests at an optimal speed as the resources available are equally shared among multiple sites that are hosted on the server, and therefore your website might go down on a frequent basis. Whereas, a dedicated server completely makes use of all its resources exclusively for processing your request alone and hence you might not experience any downtime on your website.


Dedicated servers offer the flexibility of customizing your server as per your business needs. Unlike shared servers, you can install or uninstall any software that you want and configure hardware to meet your requirements in a dedicated server. With dedicated servers, you can easily customize the server settings on your own to optimize the performance of your website.


If your business operates on a large amount of sensitive and confidential data, then it is very much important to focus on the security of your website. A dedicated server will be an ideal solution for this as it is more secure than a cloud server. The data present in a cloud server is more vulnerable for exploitation by virus, malware and any external threats as the server are shared by multiple clients. Whereas, in a dedicated server, only you have complete access to all the data that resides on it which you can protect by using a good antivirus and firewall settings.


Dedicated servers are an ideal solution for large businesses and organizations in India as they are more reliable and can handle any amount of data without compromising on the performance and security of your website.



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