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Why Your Company Website Needs an SSL Certificate?


Customers’ trust is of paramount importance if you wish to run a successful business. If you are not able to gain your customers’ trust, you would neither be able to acquire new customers nor retain them, then get trusted SSL certificate for your company website, which enables green padlock icon, HTTPS in web address bar in the browser. So, website visitor inculcates a sense of trust with the company website.

Though SSL Certificate is one of the most talked about things in the digital sphere nowadays, there are many website owners who are still unaware of its significance. In this post, we will understand the significance of SSL certificate. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It lays the foundation of Internet security and enables the encryption of the information transferred between the server and the browser.

Website visitors can easily figure out whether your website is secure or not by looking at green padlock next to the website address accompanied with “secure” label. Websites without an SSL/HTTPS certificate put the users’ information at risk. As a result, SSL Certificate is a must for every online business site whether it is small or large. SSL Certificate used to provide encrypted protection to secure every bit of sensitive information during online transfer.

Installing an SSL Certificate on your website made easy in the present times. As Internet has evolved, it has advanced by leaps and bounds, cyber-criminals have got smarter and learned more foolproof methods of perpetrating cyber-crimes. To stay ahead of the competition and get over the evil practices of hackers, the best way is to have an SSL Certificate.

Let’s discuss in detail the reasons why your company website needs an SSL Certificate.

1.Prevention of Data Theft

Site visitor enters data on a website through a web browser. Now, data gets encrypted using public key embedded in the SSL certificate and information transmitted to the web server. The private key stored on the server and it is used to decrypt the transmitted information. It is quite likely that the data gets intercepted during the transmission in case SSL is not installed on the website.

SSL certificate used to establish a 256-bit encrypted connection with secure identification of a web server. SSL works by spreading erratic characters into the data, that cannot be accessed without an encryption key.

As a result, the information proves to be of no value if the individual does not have the private key. HTTPS security prevents the theft of private information of the users by unauthorized sources. By installing Extended Validation SSL certificate on a website, you can protect users against phishing attempts too. All your mobile and cloud apps can be secured through encryption of information.

  1. Secure Online Payments

SSL Certificates can help you secure the online payments and assure the customers of safe online transactions. If your business accepts credit/debit card payments online, then get Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate to ensure customer by providing safe & secure online payment processing experience. Extended validation SSL certificate involves strict vetting process to validate and verify legitimate business. If you are looking for cheap EV SSL certificate, then visit here: https://www.cheapsslshop.com/ev-ssl-certificates

  1. SSL affect Search Engine Rankings

SSL Certificates have become mandatory if you want your website to rank higher in Google search engine. Google officially acknowledged HTTPS as ranking signal in 2014, and it means Google gives a ranking boost to HTTPS/SSL secured sites. You will get SEO advantage to websites that are equipped with SSL/TLS Certificate.

HTTPS enabled website may not give you an overnight boost in the search engine ranking, but it surely keeps you ahead of your competitors who have still not got their website SSL certified.

  1. Build trustworthiness with Customers

SSL Certificates will help you garner the trust of your customers by securing the connection and creating the impression that you give top priority to the customer’s privacy. Recently, Chrome browser 68 version will show “Not Secure” warning in the address bar for the websites that do not have SSL certificate from July 2018. So, customers will obviously not trust the website after considering a warning, as shown in the screenshot below:

How to Get SSL Certificate?

Does your present website hosting provider offer free SSL Certificates? If yes, you can get SSL Certificate from them. But, its validity will be shorter (up to 90 days) compared to paid SSL certificate validity. However, it is recommended that get paid SSL certificate issued & signed by world’s most trusted Certificate Authority (CAs) like Comodo, RapidSSL, Symantec, Geotrust etc.

You can purchase SSL certificate from an authorized reseller of CAs such as www.cheapsslshop.com, where you can find a wide variety of SSL certificates at a discount price to suit your need. Next step is, Generate Certificate Signing Request (CSR) file in your server or using free tool available and send it to CA for issuance of the certificate. CA will send you a certificate file via email upon validating request and control of domain successfully, which you can download and configure on your server to enable HTTPS connection.

For enterprise level website owners, it is compulsory to have either Extended Validation or Organization Validation SSL Certificate, because such kind of certificates are issued only after strict full business authentication process followed by CA within 7 working days, in which CA prove domain control and legal existence of organization by validating documents. EV SSL activates trust signs in browser address bar like https:// added in site URL, green secure padlock symbol and company name in green text with the abbreviation of the country, and dynamic secure site seal.

If you have a main site and its multiple sub-domains, then you can secure them with a Wildcard SSL Certificate. The main advantage of wildcard certificate is that it hardly takes minutes to issue using automated domain validation method. Whereas, You can secure multiple domain names using a Multi Domain (SAN/UCC) SSL certificate. SSL certificate recognized by most of the web browsers, even you will get 30 days money back guarantee support along with renewal and multi-year discounts from particularly authorized reseller. This makes it a cost-effective SSL solution.

Certificate Authority sends an email to the administrator indexed with the domain registrar to verify the domain control ownership. Moreover, as soon as you submit the enrollment for the certificate, you have to share your contact details that would let the certificate issuer reach you immediately. You will get the SSL Certificate is everything falls in place.

Wrapping Up

If you want to prevent your company website from man-in-the-middle attack (MITM) or any other vulnerability, then you should definitely install an SSL security certificates on your website. That’s the key to building a good business reputation and enhancing the footing of your business in relation to your competitors.



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