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Recommended Widgets To Customize Your Home screen


Recommended Widgets To Customize Your Home screen

Widgets are the simplest and great ways for Android to display its flexibility in customization while allowing your home screen to be fully functional to suit the user’s needs. However, there are so many widgets for android free in that, finding the best ones could be a challenging task. Given that most are free, there is no harm in giving it a try since not utilizing them is like having a precious gem and not knowing how much it is worth. Those widgets can be an amazing addition to your home screen appears. Fortunately, widgets come in all forms of different subjects, whether the latest or the oldest. Even though, some widgets take a lot your space in RAM so it is wise to settle for the clean and speedy ones.

List of the preferred widget apps

6. Zooper widget

This widget app can be used for unlimited measure or amount of personalization and is designed to save your battery life and phone memory. Its features include the battery information, traffic data, world clock, weather, date, and time.

  1. Calendar widget

Recommended Widgets To Customize Your Home screen

Using this app, you can easily choose from the open selection of stylish calendar widgets for android free. It has a UI based on material design and over eighty-handcrafted theme making it easy to access important information on the calendar. It can also be synced with Google calendar and widely supports lunar calendar.

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  1. Dash clock widget

Recommended Widgets To Customize Your Home screen

As simple as it may appear, it is the most powerful widget so far. Users of this app can decide on choosing to get only necessary data on the home screen. For those who dislike an occupied screen with several widgets for android free, this may be the best solution since it is all in one.

  1. Go battery saver

This widget helps in improving phone’s battery life as it keeps alerting to allow you have enough battery power left.

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2.  weather widget 

the weather widget is not just an application especially if you are looking for more data in details or simply looking for clear information. It is the perfect solution when settling for best weather widgets for android free. Unfortunately, the maps on this app do not work accurately. weather displays its features in style and in a simple format. All those features appear on your screen and on top of it, the app offers handy graphs to determine how temperature is going to develop. The unique ability of 1 weather is how you can add up to twelve locations in order to view their temperatures on your screen.

  1. HD widgets

These widgets have utilities and personalized features that require a lot of permissions. They also remember your settings so that when making a new widget, it is already skinned.

Advantages of using widgets:-

  1. Accessible mail accounts

Use of widgets allows users to access their mail accounts in order to get either important or non-important mail anytime and anywhere around the world.

  1. Interaction purposes

Allows users to upload photos or view those of others on the network profile. It can also create room for interaction online with friends and community.

  1. Giving information

Widgets like the weather give information about the weather making it useful in everyday life of individuals across the continents.

  1. Satisfaction

It can help meet the needs of a person such as providing a reminder about meeting attendance, medicine taking, and perhaps dental checkups.

  1. Solution

If an app fails to work properly, it will be easier to figure out the problem since it will be understood that it is not the widget causing that.

Disadvantages of using widgets:-

  • Use of widgets for android free can pose a threat to a person’s security since some of them can be hacked and end up leaking personal information to the hacker causing serious damage to the user. This is riskier especially if the information leaked is highly confidential.
  • A bug or virus can cause a threat of destroying your information since many widgets do not have security protection to kill the virus.
  • Language can be a major factor due to the language conflict of the browser with a widget. It can also be affected by a cheap type of data used by the manufacturer of the widget. When this causes a glitch, wrong information can be easily sent to the web. Therefore, it is wise to ensure getting o the good quality widget when deciding to get one.


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