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4 Tips that will help you win Star Wars Battle Front game

This is a video game that involves the first and the third person shooter. These games are inspired by the Star War films and here the players take the role of the soldiers who can be a part of either of the two opposing armies.
If you are a true gamer you will definitely like to win games. In this article, we will discuss the tips or the tricks that will help you win this popular Xbox game. We will let you know in details about the vehicle use, the weapon strategies that you should use and the mode tactics of this game.

Tips or tricks that will help you win the Star Wars game

In order to win this game the first and the most important thing that you have to do is to target the weak spot of the opposition. If you are playing as a Rebel it is essential for you to wait until the time the Y-Wings bomb out their shields completely.
4 Tips that will help you win Star Wars Battle Front game
You have to go beneath their beasts and got to blast the undercarriages as they are most vulnerable at that point of time. The best tactic that you can adopt is to either get a windshield or ensure that Princess Leia is present. This will enable you to hide safely till the time the star cards power up. If you want you can also make use of other explosives like the Impact Grenades which can also cause a considerable damage.
Another important step that will help you win this game is using proper protection. If you play in the objective modes like supremacy or droid runs the best strategy is to equip yourself with a personal shield when you are moving in with a great speed to get hold of the objective. This shield will give you enough time to stride in and then capture the animation. Now your buddies will have to back you. But the objectives are important fire points and once the enemy starts occupying it, stopping them becomes almost impossible.
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When you are playing any particular game it is very important for you to know the hero. This is because a hero or a villain can actually turn the face of the game altogether. Leia, Han and Boba Fett prosper in those areas that are open because they have their blasters in these open areas which provide them with the necessary firepower that they need to deal with their enemies.
The best strategy that you need to adopt here is to take them to the areas that are tight where neither the lightsaber nor the grenades can easily be darted. The enclosed spaces are the best for Vader, Luke, and the emperor. If you are playing in the objective mode it is necessary for the hero characters to be present because they help in both claiming and also holding on to their positions.
Another important thing that is important for you to know at this stage is the best way to kill the heroes. If you want you can make use of homing shots because they help you to maintain a safe distance. These shots also cannot be deflected by the lightsabers.
Both The thermal detonators as well as the grenades work very well and the exploder power-ups that are present also cause a lot of damage. Using ion torpedos here is not possible and killing the heroes by making use of the vehicles is also very difficult. The automated turrets can often be regarded as your friend and the sneaker players are able to lure the bold heroes using the proximity explosives.
Video games have become extremely popular these days and there are a number of youngsters who spend hours playing these video games. So in order to make these games interesting, it is important that you win them. Following the tips mentioned above will surely help you win this game.
Hope my article “4 Tips that will help you win Star Wars Battle Front game” helps you to win Star Wars Battle Front game. if you have any query, feel free to comment.


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