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How to use your Windows 10 timeline on your Browser


Working on a computer is an indispensable activity in this technological age. In fact, it starts to feel like there is no task not requiring some computer time.

From complex programming to basic budgeting, there is always a role for the computer to play. Unfortunately, it is very possible to lose track of how much has been done on your computer even in a time frame as short as two days.

Thanks to the unique Timeline feature included in Windows 10 since April 2018, it is now to keep track of your activity log on your computer.

With Microsoft Edge being the only supported browser, I will walk you through the process of including this feature on both Google Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Somehow this feature does not come pre-activated on your machine, this means before activating on your browser, you need it activated on your machine.

Activating Timeline on Your Windows 10

1. Navigate to StartSettings > Privacy on your Device.

2. In the new options displayed, select “Activity history”.

3. Clicking Activity history reveals new options. Here switch on the toggle switch or checkbox (Depends on what updates you have) “Let Windows collect my activity from this device”. Once this is done the computer starts to keep a log of your activities as long as you have a Microsoft account for the device.

Activating Windows 10 timeline in Firefox and Chrome browsers

To enable Windows 10 timeline feature to log your browser activities, you must install a 3rd party software because Windows 10 doesn’t include any native support. The steps are as follows:

1. Download the Windows 10 Timeline Support extension. You could download this for Firefox ( Download here) or Chrome ( Download Here ) as it is supported in both browsers. Install it and activate it just like you will do for any other extension. How to use your Windows 10 timeline on your Browser
Note:- This extension is still in the beta stage, but will work perfectly for this function.

2. Because this is the first time of using this extension, it will require you to sign in your Microsoft credentials. You must sign in the account you use on your PC if not this will not work.
3. In the new tab that appears you will be required to give the extension permission. Click yes to give permission and close.
4. Return to the plugin on your browser taskbar. Now the plugin should show a couple of new options to help you control your Chrome Timeline feature. It also gives the option to log out of your Microsoft account.

Once these steps are completed that is all you need to do. You can now access your timeline on your browser.

Final Verdict

Windows 10 timeline feature is a very powerful productivity feature that helps you integrate and personalize your PC experience across all your devices.

These same processes are pretty much the same for activating the timeline feature in both Firefox and Chrome browsers.