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Top 5 Strengths that make WinX MediaTrans the NO.1 iTunes Replacement for Windows 10



iTunes is one of the biggest media players, and also a very big media library and an online broadcaster. It is a mobile application which manages your device. However, it is not so perfect and has so many drawbacks as well. The very first thing is that it is not so straightforward if we talk about managing the media. And keeping that aside, its user interface is also a lacking one, especially for handling the music, photos, and videos more efficiently.

And this is the reason that the days when iTunes used to lead the market are gone. And nowadays the market leader in terms of the media player is the WinX MediaTrans. It is the best iTunes alternative and not only the alternative but it is even better than it. It could be your iPhone manager and can work very amazingly. It is the most competent iPhone photo/video to PC transfer application. It is very amazing and with the highly intuitive user interface, WinX MediaTrans is termed as the most amazing iTunes alternative for Windows 10.

So, what makes WinX MediaTrans stand out and being the best among all? Well, that’s what we are here to answer. So, let’s take a look at Top 5 Strengths that makes WinX MediaTrans the NO.1 iTunes Replacement for Windows 10. And you can also check how to use WinX MediaTrans.

Top 5 Strengths that make WinX MediaTrans the NO.1 iTunes Replacement for Windows 10:-

Manage your media files without any interruptions

As soon as you start using the MediaTrans, you are surely going to notice the easy to use the functions of this app. It helps you keep the thing simple, and allows you to carry out your task with great ease. With the WinX MediaTrans, you can also make free ringtone for your iPhone no matter whether it is the iPhone X/8/7 it provides you with ringtones from Songs without iTunes. And also you can manage the media files more amazingly and comfortably. It allows you to transfer, organize and edit files with great ease.

Super fast speed to transfer media

You can transfer your photos through it with a superfast speed. Well, the WinX MediaTrans is never going to stick between moving or transferring files. Well, it is being claimed that it transfers 100 4K photos within 8 seconds. And let me tell you that, I have even used other iTunes alternatives and I am telling you after my personal experience that no other application provides this much amazing speed to transfer pics for sure.

Get customize music liberary according to your preference

With the WinX MediaTrans, your music liberary could be customized in the way you love it. It lets you import as well as export any song you want to between your PC and iDevice. You can create your playlist according to your preference and ringtones too. And you can also edit the artist of the song or even any other info of your album. And not only that, but it also enables you to convert music into the MP3 or AAC and that too automatically.

Automatically converts and rotates videos for smooth playback

This app helps you convert and rotates videos so that, you could get smooth playback. So, you are surely going to enjoy the Media like the songs and the videos etc at the top of the quality for sure. And for those, who love to watch fun-loving videos, then you are surely going to love this feature a lot. It provides you total ease so that you can watch the most of the high-resolution clips without any interruption at all.

Reduce the size of the videos without any loss of the quality

Another and the very amazing feature of this application is that it helps you to reduce the size of the videos by up to 50%. And you don’t have to worry because it is never going to have any effect on the quality for sure. And this ability of this app makes it stand out and be the best as compared to any other application as well.

No doubt, this is the most amazing app to be used.

And you can download it from- https://www.winxdvd.com/mediatrans

And it is advised to use the license text- 3IRGI-NNFRQ-G44PH

As it will help you to avail the free subscription. And also the Giveaway.


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