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13 Best Wolfram Alpha Alternatives To Solve Math Problems

Are you a vivid thinker who often imagines concepts that are somewhat beyond the human ability to think and calculate over long hours or are obviously bound by time to perform a certain task? If so, then some apps might be able to find a solution for you.

There is a wide range of apps that could serve you the same purpose just with a few added advantages or disadvantages in comparison with the other. One such app that would make our work much more time-effective and easily accessible is Wolfram Alpha. 

To introduce Wolfram Alpha crisply, it would be wise to say that it is a computer-based knowledge engine and an answer engine that presents answers to its users from external sources, in general.

Here, you could get your queries resolved on several topics such as Software Development, Education, Enterprise, and many more. You could even acquire vast knowledge on topics related to Mathematics, Science and Technology, Society and Culture, and many more.

 Despite its vast popularity, one common problem that is seen to arise is that of a little too steep premium cost for subscription, which makes users search for alternatives to it.

Well, if you are looking for Wolfram Alpha alternatives that could help you out daily, you shouldn’t miss out on checking out our few hand-picked choices of ours for you.

Best Wolfram Alpha Alternatives – Our Pick 👌


If you are a school or a college student, you should definitely give Symbolab Math Solver a try. It is an Israel-based company, developed by EqsQuest Ltd., that aids you with step-by-step solutions to various mathematical problems for a wide range of topics and subjects.

Best Wolfram Alpha Alternatives

It covers a lot of topics such as Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, Calculus and Pre-Calculus, Statistics, etc. Besides the above-mentioned topics, you could also get your solutions right in your hand for subjects like Chemistry, Physics, and Finance as well. 

This app is a splendid Wolfram Alpha alternatives that could be used on both Android and iOS devices. You can get the paid version for a wider range of features.

Learning without testing your progress remains incomplete and hence, Symbolab Maths Solver lets you have an access to some practice questions and also lets you prepare a test by yourself.

The only thing you need to do is select the correct category of question you are looking for and choose the appropriate formulae—and you are going to get your problem solved in a few seconds at once!

2. fxSolver

The major advantage that you are going to have in choosing fxSolver as an alternative to Wolfram Alpha is the fact that it is an absolutely free platform.

Here, you could get started with various categories such as Aerospace Engineering, Economics and Finance, Medical, Geoscience, Biology, and a lot other more. It also has a category that provides you with a few standard formulae to make you ready for your examinations.

If at all, you fail to find the formula you have been looking for, you could even create your own one!

Best Wolfram Alpha Alternatives 1

fxSolver is an excellent platform where you could make graphs and for your clarification, the website even provides you with steps on how to get started if you are a newbie here and gives you access to a promo video too.

An amazing unique feature is their option to share the results with your friends or acquaintances.

On the extreme left portion of their website, you could look up the recent formulae you have used and viewed as well as the top formulae that get searched by all the users worldwide.

They have a formula library as well, where you can get in touch with formulae for about all educational degrees or qualifications.


If you are a high school or a college student, Mathway shall guide you through all your math problems, especially Algebra. It is an extremely handy platform where you get stepwise solutions to your problems.

Sadly enough, the latter-mentioned feature is only available to paid users, but it is definitely cost-effective when compared to Wolfram Alpha.

The application provides you with a calculator where you get to type your problem with the help of symbols for fractions, logarithmic equations, integration, etc.

13 Best Wolfram Alpha Alternatives To Solve Math Problems

Even though non-math users might not find this platform useful to a great extent, you could still get a few chemistry-related numerical solved and your graphs plotted.

Besides Algebra, you could even get solved questions related to Trigonometry, Calculus, Finite Math, and many more.

One of the very useful features of this application Is the access to upload a picture of your problem and get it solved right away. You could even type out words which in turn gets incorporated as a problem by the app itself. This makes the app very much user-friendly. 

4. eMathHelp

When learning and having fun go hand in hand, the experience is one of a kind. eMathHelp makes learning easier for topics such as Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, Linear Algebra, Linear Programming, Discrete Mathematics, and Probability/ Statistics. 

eMathHelp has over 2000 notes with explanations on the different topics provided and comes with several types of calculators such as online graphing calculators, derivative calculators, integral calculators, and a lot more.

13 Best Wolfram Alpha Alternatives To Solve Math Problems

In case you are unable to find the calculator that you have been looking for, you could request your desired calculator by clicking on the ‘Request it’ button on the website. Through their website, you also get access to a unit converter which makes your tasks simpler undoubtedly.

You can also get stepwise solutions for your queries and even check the accuracy of the same. One of the most interesting parts of this website is the ‘Games’ where you could solve logic puzzles such as RGBW, ProductSum, and KnightScore.

You can find the instructions to be followed for the game right there, which helps you in learning the game faster.

These games work on your logical thinking capacity and make the mind more open to new ideas and analytical thinking.


Cymath is an excellent choice for the audience who have high computational knowledge and idea about concepts regarding Artificial Intelligence, knowledgebase, computational intelligence, and many more such related terms.

To start with using this platform, you get access to a search bar that helps you to look up your query or even lets you choose by clicking on the ‘Choose Topic’ button from a list of maths topics provided.

13 Best Wolfram Alpha Alternatives To Solve Math Problems

Users can also get to make their own formulae by clicking on the keyboard sign just below the search bar. You could even use your equations and examples for practice.

You even get a stepwise analysis for every problem that you are solving and also a few reference materials for better understanding and another few examples for you to explore.

Cymath lets you have an access to their mobile applications as well, on both iOS and Android devices; however, the website is always open for use to everyone.

Well, Cymath lets you explore the website in a few other languages other than English, as well— viz. Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese. You could also get a Premium package whenever you feel like it.

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Insect, created by a German software engineer, David Peter, is an amazingly useful alternative to Wolfram Alpha.

In this platform, if you are good at programming, you are going to have an upper hand for sure; but in case you do not, Insect won’t disappoint you much and shall surely aid you in solving your math problems. 

Insect is an open-source highly specific calculator which is equipped with full support for physical units. It comes with features inclusive of exponential notations, multiple functions, and operators that will help you in solving your mathematical expressions.

Best Wolfram Alpha Alternatives 5

Even though Insect does not provide its users with a step-by-step explanation of the enquired sum, one could still get their high school level or college level math problems solved with an assured level of accuracy

Through the readline-based interface available in both command-line and web versions, one could get in touch with operations such as unit conversions, functions with multiple arguments, Unicode support, and variable assignments with constants that are predefined.  

If you are a potent programmer, you could even take the source code and modify it according to your needs. 


Maple, a mathematics-based software developed by the Canadian software company, Maplesoft, around the year 1982 can serve as an advanced alternative to Wolfram Alpha because of its specialized services for the fields of education, engineering, and research.

Through the calculator, you could get the solutions of high-level mathematics ranging from fields like differential equations, calculus, algebra, group theory, and many more to count. You could even get your personal customizable 2D and 3D plot animations through Maple’s graphing feature.

On visiting their website, you get a few options such as Products, and Solutions right at the tip of your fingers which helps you to get a simplified approach to the website.

You can get in touch with a lot of helpful options starting from Maple Calculator to e-books and much more.

13 Best Wolfram Alpha Alternatives To Solve Math Problems

Maple’s software comes with an added advantage over Wolfram Alpha where it is capable to make the platform extensively user-friendly by letting its users create or make their own answers and solutions to complicated problems. 

As a result of this feature, the users get exposed only to the answer from the software’s immense knowledge platform. 

One of the most intriguing facts lies in Maple’s ability to be available on all three major operating systems. You can even use it as a mobile calculator for solving your math doubts at once.

The platform lets you enter your problems through text or even an image format of your problem will do through your device, be it iOS or an Android. 

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Soulver is an impressive alternative to Wolfram Alpha, basically because of its simple approach and language used by the software.

Even though the usability of the application is limited to Mac users only, it can be a jackpot for you to experiment with numbers and get a taste of several situations and happenings. 

One of the major plus points that this app comes with is that the system accepts words and numbers side-by-side while entering the data, and the app shall be able to comprehend the same.

You do not need to worry if you’ve forgotten to save your last input as the app already saves that for you, by default. You could come back anytime and make any changes that you feel like making in your calculations.

This app makes unit conversions really simple for various ranges of metric units, cryptocurrencies, fiat, etc.

Your note for the calculations can be made way more appealing and noticeable by the use of headings, labels, syntax coloring, comments, and automatic formatting features. It uses simple natural languages which makes it easier to work on common operations.

A really added advantage of Soulver over Wolfram Alpha is the feature where you could add a reference to previous lines in your calculations, just like how you would do in the case of a spreadsheet. 

Another fun aspect of using this platform is about the names that you give to the numbers and utilizing them as variables while your calculating processes.

SOulver shall act as a great choice for solving such problems and is already trusted by tens of thousands of users every day, some of them have been using it for over 10 years. So, you could definitely try out its 30-day free trial for once and then experience a useful journey throughout.


If you’re someone who is in search of a website or an application that could provide you with solutions to some professional or standard-level problems or queries, Maxima might help you in ending your search for the same.

Added to that, if you have your hands strong in programming, you wouldn’t like to miss out on trying this out once

Developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) back in the 80s, Maxima is a product of Macsyma ( a computer-based algebra system ) which had made its place as a US government project. 

This platform is open to everyone for use, sharing, and even modification. Maxima, just like other algebra-performing computer systems, too, provides you with the facility to solve complex algebraic expressions and problems.

Functions such as the conversion of trigonometric expressions and sum to their exponential forms, derivation of closed-form series explanation, and symbolic anti-derivatives can easily be performed through this platform. 

You can get your queries clarified within almost no time by an active user community that takes care of the maintenance of the software and keeps the program up-to-date. So, on asking a question, a quick response can often be expected.

Maxima is accessible on a lot of platforms, some of which are Windows, Mac, Linux, and iOS. Added to that, it is also functional on Debian-based systems. 

By visiting their website, you can gain additional knowledge regarding more of the software’s history and even get a list of the recent releases that have been made. Apart from these features, they also produce a multi-lingual approach through their website.


SpeedCrunch is considered one of the most powerful ones on the list of calculators. It comes with over 80 built-in mathematical functions and an on-screen keyboard which makes it extremely handy for some users.

It emphasizes quite a lot on precision and accuracy and hence produces results of the same kind. You can perform calculations limited to 50 digits of precision with the help of complex numbers, unit conversions, numeral bases, and a lot more.

SpeedCrunch gives equal priority to every little or big input that has been made in order to enhance the user experience.

13 Best Wolfram Alpha Alternatives To Solve Math Problems

You can easily keep a track of your previous inputs and outputs and re-visit them anytime you feel necessary through the scrollable history that is available. Pointing out the mistakes has now become even simpler through syntax highlighting which you could change as per your choice, ie. customizable.

An amazing feature of SpeedCrunch is its built-in library of formulae! It is a location where you could take a glance or even insert formulae as per your need from the list of commonly-used formulae or even put in one out of the 150 specific constants that are given here.

You could get your hands on this software through the respective Stores of Windows, macOS, Linux, and many more. Similarly, like Maxima, you could explore SpeedCrunch’s software or website in some other languages other than English as well!

This open-source program has a GPL License which indicates the fact that you have an access to the source code and if you have valuable programming skills will definitely act as a cherry on the top.


Microsoft has come up with this amazing technology that high school, as well as college students, could easily use for getting their queries or doubts solved.

You could search or type down questions from a bunch of categories consisting of Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Trigonometry, and Calculus. Under these categories, you are going to find a lot of topics concerned as well.

If you are a newbie to this website, you could easily go through several videos consisting of Key Features, Checking Answers for math worksheets, Algebra Calculator, Graphing Calculator, and many more. 

13 Best Wolfram Alpha Alternatives To Solve Math Problems

On an additional note, you can get a step-wise explanation and analysis of your problems for FREE, unlike Wolfram Alpha where you had to pay a premium subscription fee for the same purpose. Getting definitions of the various mathematical concepts is a major learning hack that you could unlock right here.

For getting your desired solutions, you could type out the problem manually or you can even scan the problem in the app version of Microsoft App Solver.

Tutorials and worksheets and a lot of practice sheets are an added advantage. Plotting graphs for various questions has now become easy because of platforms like this.

Multi-language accessibility is endured as well for a large number of the languages for a better understanding of the audience. Besides being available on your mobile phones and some other devices, you could find this software in Microsoft Edge as well.

Best Free App to Solve Math Problems - Microsoft Math Solver

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12. Photomath

Your hunt for an answer engine is probable to come to an end when you get to know about one of the leading brands in the educational technology world, named Photomath. 

Photomath is an extremely useful platform for high school students for solving math questions and problems. You could search for math topics related to geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry, Statistics, and some more as well. 

Unlike Wolfram Alpha whose scanning of questions is a paid feature, Photomath lets you scan the questions without any premium or paid subscription. Thus, you might have guessed the significance of the name by now!

However, not all features provided are meant to be free of cost though; some features of Photomath can be used only after you have paid the minimum cost required for availing that particular feature.

On capturing your answer, the application shows the answer and also the stepwise detailed analysis of the same. Other than students, this platform can also be used by teachers and parents for helping their little ones out in their studies and this is aided by the app through their 24/7 availability for help.

The app version is available on both iOS and Android devices and has had over 300M downloads to date with a rating of 4.7 from the Store!

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To pen down as final thoughts, Wolfram Alpha is definitely a splendid and classic choice in the list of answer engines. You could always get solutions easily and can try them out anytime you want.

Well, as far as Wolfram Alpha alternatives to the same are concerned, the few ones listed above could really be a boon in making your studies much less complex and stress-free. You can choose the one that suits your subjects or topics better and get an enriched experience through these platforms. 

Happy Learning!