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WordPress SEO tips for Beginners


You know as much as I do that WordPress, the best CMS, is widely used by millions of people around the world, not because it has a cool name but because of the flexibility it offers in website development. Take this seriously, if your prospective customers search for your products on Google, Bing, and Yahoo, then you have a great need for a WordPress SEO strategy. Most websites are successful today for two reasons; Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing strategy. Well, if you have followed this article up to this point, then you are in need of an SEO strategy.

SEO doesn’t just help you get the traffic, it helps you with targeted and relevant traffic. Give me your hand and I will lead you through the process of optimizing your WordPress SEO.

Check your Site’s Visibility Settings

Wordpress SEO tips for Beginners

There is a good reason WordPress comes with a default option to hide your website from search engines. Nobody enjoys putting out a half-baked product on the market and for this reason, WordPress hides your website from the public until you are ready to go public. Some novice WordPress users have fallen victim of checking this option while setting up their website. You may need to confirm and uncheck this option if your website is not appearing in search results.

Use SEO SEO Friendly URL Structure (Permalink)

Permalinks are basically defined as the URL of your posts. By default, the URL structure of posts appears in a not so cool format like:


Isn’t that a little confusing? Unlike the roundly accepted structure:


Wordpress SEO tips for Beginners

Now you can see the difference. The SEO friendly URL structure serves as a peephole into your posts. It gives your visitor the advantage of a hint into what the content is about.

Use the best SEO Plugins

Wordpress SEO tips for Beginners

Another very good reason I love WordPress, there is available plugins for almost everything, even SEO. Life is good. There are limitless options to choose from and so choosing the best WordPress SEO plugin can be quite difficult for beginners. Their battle for the best WordPress SEO plugin has been tough especially between Yoast SEO and All In One SEO Pack. I will advise you go for any of them and you will never regret it.

Personally, on Technical ustad, we love to use Yoast SEO plugin.

Add Google XML Sitemaps

Wordpress SEO tips for Beginners

This would make it easier to have for search engines to index the contents of your blog. Search engines could come across your contents and have them indexed but you don’t to fold your arms and wait for those rare moments. With the sitemap, you can relax as it helps you with a=every new content that you publish.

Sitemaps are a core piece of a website and critical to search engine optimization – xml sitemaps allow search engines to easily crawl a website and index each page so that it appears in search engine results. HTML sitemaps are also important, and are more geared towards human users – they help your website visitors more easily find the content they’re looking for on your website.

According to Google, there are a few specific reasons a client would benefit from a sitemap:

  • Their website is new with very few backlinks
  • Their website is very large
  • Their website content isn’t well-linked internally, making it         difficult to navigate
  • Their website uses a lot of rich media content

Add your Site to Google Search Engine

Wordpress SEO tips for Beginners

Search engines are a reliable source of relevant traffic and so it’s very important to let them know every time your site gets updated. Google has made it a lot easier for website owners. With the Webmaster Tools, website owners like you can have access to detailed reports like how the pages of your website is displayed in search results, how often your pages are clicked and the terms people are using to get to your website. With this information, you can plan your SEO strategy accordingly.

HTTPS: just a Google ranking signal?

Wordpress SEO tips for Beginners

HTTPS was officially acknowledged as a ranking signal in 2014. Since then people have been discussing the strength of this signal and its contribution to the higher rankings. At some point, Google agreed that it has boosted rewards for secure websites.

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Hello! We are having a discussion, right? And your feedback is as important to me as what I have been saying. Kindly tell me your experience with WordPress SEO. How effectively have you been executing it on your website?


  1. I found this post really helpful because I bought my own domain name recently and hence the search for tips and tricks to get better ranking etc has started again. I agree with almost all points, except the keyword density. Thank you so much for sharing.


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