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How To Work With The Right Video Production Company In Your Area?

Before working with a video production company for your project, you need to find the right one first. This article will tell you how to find one and get yourself to work with them.

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Conceptualize and plan your project

While it’s convenient for you to let a video production company like Zipinmedia do all the work, you may have a hard time finding and working with the right one if you don’t have a plan and budget for your project. Before you look for a video production company, set those two aspects straight first.

How To Work With The Right Video Production Company In Your Area?

Remember that there are different types of video production companies. Some specialize in educational and informational videos, while some may specialize in promotional and entertainment videos. While some market themselves as a jack of all trades, looking for specialists is always a great idea. So, even before looking for a company, iron out the kinks and plan out what kind of video you want to be done.

Once you establish your video plan, it’s time to go over the budget. Note that this can be the most challenging part of the process. Depending on why you need a video taken, the price of the service you’ll receive will vary. 

For example, a wedding video may cost more than a birthday video—even if the number of staff, equipment, and work hours allocated to the project are the same. Also, corporate and promotional videos for your business may cost more than informational ones from non-profits, even if the setup is, again, the same.

Typically, when you hire a video production company, you’ll pay for all the staff that’ll work on your project. Each staff involved are usually paid per day, and some of the usual ones that’ll be on set with you are the following:

  • Directors (e.g., film, photography, sound, etc.)
  • Videographers, drone operators, gaffers, and grips
  • Production assistant, sound technician, and lighting specialists
  • Video editors and animators 

Aside from the staff, you may also need to consider the costs of equipment rental, actors, and miscellaneous expenses (e.g., location rental, catering, insurance, transport, etc.). In addition to the days spent filming, you may pay additional fees for staff who needs to work during pre-production planning, casting, postproduction, and cleanup.

On the other hand, you should also look into taxable expenses that’ll be involved in your project. Also, find government programs that can help you alleviate the overall costs, like the new tax code 168(k)

Now that you have an idea of the list of expenses for your project, it’s time for you to research how much each item and staff will cost you per day. Then, estimate how many days they’ll need to film. Once you obtain those pieces of information, you can have a good grasp of the budget you can allot for your project.

Make a list of candidates

With a plan and budget on hand, you’re now ready to check the market. Thankfully, it’s easy to find your candidates as there are many places you can check. You may find the right video production company in your area through search engines and social media.

A simple search using the keywords, ‘video production companies near me’ can let you easily have a complete list of your candidates in a search engine. It’s a quick way to find all the information you need as search engines will give your candidates’ website, physical address, and contact information.

On the other hand, there are multiple ways you can find companies on social media. You can try to contact your friends for recommendations. You can even take advantage of the social media platform’s search function to look for the companies that advertise there. An alternative and indirect way are to join video production-related groups and pages. By doing so, you may find a video production that suits your needs.

Filter your list

At this point, you already have a list of video production companies in your area. Now, it’s time for you to scrutinize them and see if one of them is right for your project.

Before you even make contact, check their website and portfolio first. Check the past videos they made and see if they can provide you with the quality your budget demands. Aside from quality, you should also check if their filming style matches your vision. Of course, be sure to check everyone’s first. Don’t impulsively decide just because you found a good one to watch.

After doing that, the number of production companies on your list should have already dwindled. The next step is to do some background research. You can try to search the internet for positive reviews and negative feedback about them. 

Then, be sure to take some time to contact some of their previous clients. Don’t hesitate to do this, as producing a film is a costly endeavor. You wouldn’t want to waste any of your hard-earned money because you thought talking to past clients wasn’t worth your time.

You may have already filtered out your list at this stage, and two or three companies remain. 

Final check

It’s time to make some calls to get to know the ones on your shortlist. While you’ve seen their prices and packages on their website, you should get an estimate and quote directly. When you find one that may meet your demand and budget, the next move is to meet them.

Treat the meeting with a video production company’s representative as a pre-production meeting. Be sure to bring all the documents you’ll need to discuss your project, like the following:

  • Shooting script
  • Budget proposal
  • Storyboards and shot lists
  • Images of scouted locations
  • Casting suggestions
  • Schedule and production timeline 

Of course, you may not have all those things. Not to mention that the company you’re going to talk to may prefer letting their people get those things done. Also, they’re not required, but they’ll make the conversation smoother and quicker.


Once you’re done talking to the companies on your shortlist, deciding which one you’ll hire will be entirely up to you. Some experts say that you can rely on your gut feeling at this point. Remember that you’re not just hiring a company; you’re starting a partnership. And this partnership with the right video company may make or break your project.