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11 Best WorkFlowy Alternatives To Organize Your Work

Are you in search of WorkFlowy Alternatives that also offer a simpler way to stay organized?🤷‍♂️ Don’t worry! We got you covered in this post.

Let’s get started.

Not everyone has a Monica Geller inside us to organize every little thing around us. However, it is not the same case when it comes to your computer.

You can always install an organizer on your computer to manage tasks for you. Having a busy schedule and a job that requires you to multitask is not an easy joke.

Sometimes, excess work at one particular time can make you lose your mind. It can also make your computer go crazy. There are chances you will forget the deadline of a task or two when you are too busy taking notes for another one.

You cannot always guarantee that the notes you take will stay safe forever. There are chances you might misplace them and could even lose them.

Times like that show us the importance of technology. You can record all you want on your smartphone now. However, organizing them is really a big deal. You cannot set alarms for every task on your mobile too. That will be so exhausting.

There are chances you might forget an important task or the deadline of a project amidst your busy schedule. At times like this, you only need a good task manager like Workflowy.

Workflowy is creating software that makes note-making, organizing, and creating lists simple. Just like everything else in the world, this software has alternatives too. The internet always provides you with a plethora of options and leaves you confused. It is why we handpicked the best software for you that you will not regret choosing. 

In this article, you can find a list of reliable software to help lessen your burden of managing multiple tasks. Let us become the Monica Geller and Amy Santiago of our lives with a small amount of help from the software listed below.

Choose among the Best WorkFlowy Alternatives listed below and get started!

Best WorkFlowy Alternatives – Our Top Pick👌👌

1. Dynalist

Organizing and notes taking might be difficult sometimes. However, they are not worth stressing out about. All you need to do is find a great companion that helps you complete the task in the simplest way possible.

Having a minimalistic approach to life takes you a long way. When you go on the minimalist path,  everything becomes simple and attainable. It is the main objective of this software.

Dynalist is minimalistic. This software has a comparatively simple user interface that makes it easy for anyone to use. It has aesthetically pleasing designs, which makes it stand out from the rest of the interfaces. The best feature about this software is that it lets you create tasks and checklists unlimitedly.

Best WorkFlowy Alternatives

 The software also offers you support regarding labels. You can use it to organize your tasks and categorize them into various sections, notes and formats.

It also has an option that allows you to highlight topics in different colors that help you differentiate between topics. It also has an option that lets you link multiple tasks.

The software integrates with Dropbox, Google backups, Google drive, Google calendar, and more. Dynalist is very compatible with the keyboards.

Therefore, you can use the keyboard and keyboard shortcuts for almost all the functions in the application. The software has three fundamental ideas namely: documents, lists, and folders.

Every folder consists of documents and every document consists of lists. You might wonder what is so new about it because that is how most note managers are.

The most exciting thing about this software is its capacity to grow. Yes, it provides you with unlimited file storage.

2. Notion: Alternatives to workflowy To build the workflow you want

Notion is one of the best options you could go for if you are looking for an application to help you organize. It is the best choice if you wish to add organizational tools and worthy collaborations.

This software has all the necessary organization tools you will ever need, including a calendar and kanban table. It is one of the most trusted software applications that help you organize your lists of files and folders. If you have a job that demands the maintenance of a database, this software can lessen your work stress.

You can use the organization tools in the software to do your work in a better and simpler way. It allows you to create documents, take notes and also categorize everything neatly in a spreadsheet. This software is everything you need if you wish to maintain a neat database. 

One of the prime features of this software is that it clears off the drawbacks of file entries and uploads that you could find on the cost-free version. The notion is a versatile application that has every tool you need for any type of workplace.

Best WorkFlowy Alternatives 1
Build the workflow you want

You can also use the software for personal needs. It can help you organize your tasks in the best way possible. It has interactive tools such as drum pads, fingerboards, and keyboards for input.

The app has a free version and a premium version. The free version lets you include unlimited members. You can add nearly a thousand entries with just a five-megabyte limit on the documents. You can find a lot of built-in templates in the application.

You can see this feature in many other applications as well. One of the special features of Notion is that it allows you to create your own templates. With Notion, you can custom-make your templates and designs. This feature makes the interaction between the user and the software simple.

My Productivity Business Workflow - Notion Setup!

3. Checkvist

Checkvist is one of the best Workflowy alternatives. It is an exceptional list maker with excellent keyboard support. There might be many applications that come in handy with keyboard-centric features. However, Checkvist stands out from all of them by being one of the few applications with a rare practical scheme.

This application has many special features which, make it one of the most preferred applications of all time. It lets you add tags and due dates to your tasks. You can add an unlimited number of tasks, lists, entries, and checklists using this application.

Best WorkFlowy Alternatives 2

It supports any number of tasks, and data without crashing. One of the most admirable features of this application is that it lets you add tasks through email.

This application also provides you with a search and filter tool that helps you sort things out easily and quickly. Checkvist has plenty of advanced developer features that include clever and complete syntax and code highlighting. 

It also comes with user interface customization that allows you to customize the software and tools according to your needs and expectations.

The software has a minimalist keyboard that is a boon for freelancers and teams. It helps you manage tasks more efficiently. The software also offers some extra features that can assist the secretary in you better.

It provides a customizable User interface (UI). The application can support up to 1 gigabyte (GB) of attachments, offering calendar app integration and more. It is an excellent application to use if you are hell-bent on being organized.

Checkvist is a cloud application with various features like an advanced keyboard interface and shortcuts, hierarchical lists, and more. It also lets you assign labels, dates, tasks, and more.

4. Todoist

Organizing and maintaining checklists and databases is not something everyone can excel at doing. However, with a small amount of help, everything is possible.

Todoist is yet another Workflowy alternatives that make everything possible for you. Do you wish to prepare a checklist? Do you want to maintain a proper database? Do you want to arrange your tasks and carry out everything organized?

Then, you are at the right place. Todoist, as the very name suggests, helps you plan your to-do list and execute the same in the most efficient way possible. It is one of the leading task managers for personal use.

Todoist celebrates 1 billion tasks

If you wish to carry out your schedule right, discipline is indispensable. This application supports you in your journey towards becoming a person of discipline. You can organize your tasks based on the type of your project.

It has a relatively simple user interface that makes it easy even for beginners to use it without any problems. You can color-code and highlight the topics and other vital points in your schedule as you wish. 

With Todoist, you can compile and categorize your tasks into projects. You can find them grouped as folders on your computer. This versatile software allows you to create tasks and sub-tasks. Todoist stands out from the other applications by its unique feature of categorizing projects on different levels of priority.

It splits up your projects and tasks into four priority levels. The software helps you manage time properly and efficiently with the help of this feature.  It also helps you label your tasks to differentiate them apart later.

One of the special features of this application is its deadline feature. You can use this application to set deadlines for your tasks even in the free version. However, to set reminders for the same you will require a premium account.

The application comes with a search engine option that helps you find your projects and tasks in no time. The software allows you to set a specific time for the list of tasks that you need to do in a day and a week. By doing so, the application helps us become more ambitious and disciplined towards our goals.

5. Remember the Milk

Remember The Milk is one of the best applications that help you organize your every day properly. Scheduling your day might look easy. However, following the schedule is not. Unless and until you have the push to keep going, you will keep getting demotivated.

That is why applications like ‘Remember the Milk’ are important. They help you perfectly plan your day and also keep reminding you to spend your time according to the schedule. Planning schedules might not be fun.

11 Best WorkFlowy Alternatives To Organize Your Work

However, it helps you evolve better as a human and also improves the quality of your work life. Using Remember the Milk you can schedule unlimited tasks and projects. You can also highlight them, prioritize them and add notes to them.

All these special features allow you to manage your time more efficiently. The primary function of this application is to create lists of tasks that you need to complete first. The application helps you organize and schedule your plans. 

However, if you wish to custom-create your own reminder and plan, you can always set your deadlines and adjust your priorities. 

The application keeps reminding you regarding the tasks pending via various modes. It comes with a built-in search engine that helps you find your undone projects and tasks quickly.

This excellent application stands out from the crowd by its feature that sends reminders through email and instant messages. The application is available for programs like Twitter, Google Calendar, Outlook, etc.

The professional edition of the application allows you to install the same account on multiple devices simultaneously. Therefore, you will keep receiving reminders on your smartphones, MacBook, and iPad as well.

6. Zim

Zim is one of the most trusted and preferred applications for organizing and scheduling. Installing Zim is like hiring your very own personal secretary.

Zim, unlike other applications, is veteran software.  It helps you create your own wiki for personal use. It does everything via a simple editor of the what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) type. It also helps you manage your tasks and schedule your projects appropriately and keeps you from whiling away time.

Best WorkFlowy Alternatives 4

One of the best features of this application is that it allows you to attach multimedia content to your task or project. Adding multimedia content, not only makes your schedule presentable but also gives clarity regarding the undone tasks.

You can also publish your content on the web and access them using a browser. This feature of the application creates a sense of security that our content I safe no matter what happens to the device. You need not rely on your devices to know your schedules and plans anymore. 

All you need to know will be readily available on the browser which you need to publish by the exportation of HTML files. The application is compatible with version control systems such as Git, mercurial, and Bazaar. It comes with a calendar widget and a daily notebook mode that helps you assign tasks and schedule them right.

You can synchronize your plans and tasks in the cloud using Dropbox, NextCloud, etc. Print mode is available on this application. This means you can print out a hard copy of your content and carry it anywhere you go.

The application consists of multiple useful tools that help you check spellings, do mathematical calculations, take notes, add labels, check word count, edit diagrams, draw graphs, and more. T helps you organize your files in the order of hierarchy and let you save those files in Wiki mark-up format.

7. Asana

Do you obsessively organize stuff around you? Are you the perfectionist that seeks perfection in everything you do? Are you that person that is hell-bent on following schedules and organizing plans?

Then, Asana is one of the best applications that could assist you. Organizing teamwork is no more a burden if you have Asana by your side.

It is one of the most efficient practical tools that help you organize both individual and team works that you could carry out both individually and on a larger group level.

It syncs all the team members in your organization perfectly, which helps in the completion of tasks, meeting deadlines, and accomplishing goals. You can create projects where all the steps to be followed and the tasks to be completed can be given in full detail.

How to Asana: Workflow management

Asana helps you create projects with perfect details and thus nobody gets any doubts regarding the projects. It helps you gather all the important tasks and dates in a place which makes it easy to supervise and check. It also has dashboards that show you the progress you or your team makes.

It motivates you to do the tasks with more diligence and determination. It has its own schedule that makes meeting deadlines a lot easier. The application also has an option that allows you to view the deadlines of other projects as well. You can arrange projects and tasks in your calendar using this option.

The application helps you integrate different kinds of information related to team tasks. It helps you save files, emails, tickets, coupons, and more. You can share the progress you make with your team and other members to see how the task is going.

Doing this gives you an insight into where you need to pay more attention and you can also get motivated to do your project more seriously when you see the progress your teammates make.

8. OneNote

OneNote is one of the most efficient tools used for organizing available in the market.  The application allows you to take notes, and gather information and also supports multi-users. The tool organizes your notes in pads and tabs.

It lets you draw diagrams, adds notes, and include multimedia content like images. Just like taking notes in your notepad, you can basically take notes in any corner of the page using this application.

OneNote is one of the most practical organization tools that allow you to scribble and insert your own drawings into the notes. It helps you understand your tasks easier by giving the choice of presentation to you. 

It helps you improvise the content in your notes and memo. OneNote provides you with unlimited pages and also allows you to insert multimedia content like images, videos, hyperlinks, audio files, lists, and more. It provides options to highlight topics, underlines headlines, and add stickers, labels, and more.

The application lets you use multiple word functions.  OneNote has a special feature that helps you find texts even in images. You can find words mentioned in a screenshot or even a handwritten note using this versatile tool.

How to Use OneNote Effectively (Stay organized with little effort!)

The best feature of this application is that it allows you to insert Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint files, word documents, and more. It allows the user to save the time they usually spend looking for files.

9. Hitask – Workflowy alternatives To make Task Management Simple

Hitask is one of the most eccentric collaborative task managing tools of superior quality. This application provides excellent data support and has a clean interface.

The clean interface allows you to handle and access the application easily. Even beginners and first-time users can learn how to handle the application in no time.

This application allows you to assign projects and tasks and also lets you track the progress of the same. You can install the application on any device you wish to use and share it with your whole team.

11 Best WorkFlowy Alternatives To Organize Your Work

Attaching files to your projects and tasks is simpler than it is in other applications. You will just have to drag and drop to attach them simply.

Apart from tracking the progress made in your tasks you can also record the amount of time it takes to complete them. The application also allows you to create a project report based on time.

You can create reports of your projects and also keep track of the group projects at the same time using this application. You can install and use it both on your iOS and Android.

You can install the application on any device using the website hitask.com. This specific task manager helps you to split tasks and helps you break down work stress. Though you can always use the application on your desktop, using the app on mobile lets you know your schedule even when you are away from home.

10. Legend (Formerly Moo.do)

Legend is one of the best workflowy alternatives. If organizing work is what keeps you going, this application is the best for you. Managing time is not easy. Not everyone can manage time properly.

However, when you have little support, you can achieve what feels unachievable. Legend gives you all the motivation you need to stick to completing your tasks in day-to-day life. This application is a one-stop place for all your needs regarding organizing.

Best WorkFlowy Alternatives 6
Powerful workflows for everyone

The application lets you organize your whole life, let alone the workplace. It helps you create project lists, checklists, to-do lists, agendas. It also helps you organize your life at a top-notch level.

It is so easy to use that even beginners can learn how to use it and handle the application effortlessly. The application is very attractive and interactive in that it makes you organize your tasks in no time. 

You can add all the details you need through text in this application. This application allows you to import information from applications such as Todoist, Wunderlist, and Trello. The application archives all the tasks as you start writing a new one.

This way, it is easy for the user to keep track of their work. The application uses a simple keyboard interface that allows you to access the application using normal keyboard shortcuts.  You can use hashtags and tag group contacts using legend.

It calculates the possible expiration periods of tasks. It also sets deadlines which gives people the motivation to complete the tasks as soon as possible. The application is available on iPhone, Android, Google Chrome, iPad, and more.

This application outstands every other organizing tool by helping you set standards for completing the task in your daily life.

11. nTask 

nTask is an incredible task management and project management tool that you can use to ensure that all of the tasks and processes related to the project development process are tracked and managed.  

The application has a lot of different features that can help you manage your projects and visualize all of the data related to your project from a different angle.  

These amazing features include Kanban boarding, Gantt charting, time tracking, meeting management, risk management, issue tracking, project management, task management, team management, resource management, and much more.   

nTask - Do It Right!

The Kanban boarding and Gantt charting features allow the users to visualize their project differently and also help them trace the dependencies that the tasks and processes have on each other.  

Another great thing about this application is that you can get a free trial to check out all of the different features and functionalities that it has to offer so that when the time comes to buy a perfect task and project management tool best suited for your needs, you can make an informed decision.  


What is similar to WorkFlowy?

Some popular alternatives for WorkFlowy include ClickUp, Apple Notes, Notions, Microsoft OneNote, Dropbox Paper, etc. Managing workflow is likely to become much easier with these alternatives.

Is Dynalist better than WorkFlowy?

WorkFlowy has a more purist approach to workflow compared to Dynalist. However, Dynalist offers a practical approach and has more additional features. Dynalist has no item limit for its users.

What is Dynalist used for?

It is an outliner app that can be kept open in a browser tab. Dynalist can be used to collect several outlines and organize them into folders. You can use the dropdown menus to place everything how you want.

Is WorkFlowy free?

WorkFlowy is free, and the setup takes only a few minutes. Once you are done with the account creation, you will get a 7-day trial of the WorkFlowy pro. The non-pro users are limited to 250 items/monthly.

Does WorkFlowy work offline?

WorkFlowy has several apps that allow working offline. However, everything gets synced once you are online. The desktop apps for windows and macOS are complete offline options.

What is the monthly bullet limit in WorkFlowy?

The free account allows users to access all WorkFlowy features. However, one gets a monthly limit of 250 bullet points using WorkFlowy.

How do you tag in Dynalist?

You can type # and then your name to tag. Click on the tag, and it will get filtered by that tag only. However, one can access the tag pane using the pro version of Dynalist.

Final Verdict

The applications listed above are a few of the best Workflowy alternatives. If you are having difficulty organizing your tasks and projects, these applications and software are the best solutions you could find on the internet. When you organize your stuff properly, you can find yourself having more time for doing a lot of other things.

There is a famous saying in English that goes, A busy man finds time for everything. You can be a busy person and still find time for everything.

All you have to do is know how to manage your time properly, and manage your tasks. The apps that we listed above can assist you through this and help you get the motivation you need to complete tasks.

Most of the time, we lack consistency and discipline when it comes to achieving a goal. We cannot blame it on ourselves as life keeps throwing lemons. However, using technological advancements properly can take you to places.

Depending upon the applications listed above to organize your everyday schedule and working towards your goal helps you big time.

Having these apps on your mobile or desktop is like having your own non-judgmental secretary that will push you towards getting the discipline and consistency you need to achieve your goals on time.

It is high time you unleash Monica Geller if you take the help of the above applications to assist you through your journey of becoming the golden girl in you. Are you still waiting? Go and install one of the applications now!