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21 Of The Best Writing Apps For Chromebook

Chromebooks are known for their faster working methods and in-built Google systems but to make them more majestic for students we have comprised this list with some of the best writing apps for Chromebook. 

The desktop is a versatile platform that can become greater with note-taking and writing apps. The in-built google system allows access to zillions of free apps from the play store.

The best thing is that, not only apps but you can also find chrome extensions and online services that let you have pro writing experiences. 

If you are worried about distracting parts and notification of such writing apps then do not worry as we have tried to collect some non-disturbing writing apps for Chromebooks. 

Best Writing Apps For Chromebook: Our Pick 👌

Let’s start with our first Writing app without any further ado.

1. Google Docs

The first on the list of writing apps for Chromebook is Google Docs (Download Here). It is most probable that you may have already heard and used Google Docs.

You may not have to waste your time installing Google Docs can be a time-saving writing app as users do not have to frequently save the typing data due to it being automatically saved the moment you are on your next word. The app has some pretty awesome updating and formatting tools.

Best Writing Apps For Chromebook

Finding errors and spellings mistakes are quite easy with the tools to present in the menu There are some unwanted features and some wanted feature not available in the app but there are some means can be taken to make it perfect writing apps for Chromebooks. 

Distraction-Free Mode is one of the google extensions that can be used for Google Docs. The main function of this extension is hiding the buttons and controls that may hinder your focus on the work. No money is needed to integrate Distraction Free Mode with Google Docs.

The updated version of Google Docs has opened the door to offline mode so that you can continue writing even when you are not connected to the internet. Google Docs is undoubtedly one of the hard contenders among writing apps for Chromebook. 

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2. Calmly Writer

Next on the list is Calmly Writer (Download Here), it is again one of the instances where the app is focusing on providing an app with a less distracting user interface. This writing app for Chromebook is in the market as a web-based platform as well as an extension app. 

Best Writing Apps For Chromebook 1

The most loved feature of this app other than that is its focus mode. The moment you start typing, all the buttons and settings will vanish from your screen like boom, it will like it was never even there, just kidding. 

But yeah one question may arise in your head, how can I add headers, word counts, bullets, hyperlinking, and many more then do not fret as markdown formatting will still be accessible on your screen.

And if you are again fretting about this then no worries as they had made this app with the intention of making it as distraction less as it can get.

Backing up is as smooth as melted chocolate because you can use top-notch cloud storage services including Google Drive along with the option to download the file in the format you want to. 

In general terms, it thrives to make a platform that will declutter non-prioritizing things and offers you distraction-free writing apps, and can be classified easily as one of the best writing apps for Chromebook.

3. Writer Plus (Write On the Go)

Moving on, third on the list is Writer (Download Here), the app made its way to the list with its free-of-cost services and simple user interface app for a simple task, writing.

The app is somewhat identical to Calmly Writer so you can rest assured that you are getting a destruction-less note-taking and writing app. The app is made with a focus on writing rather than editing. 

Best Writing Apps For Chromebook 2

Okay do not take me wrong, there are some special formatting features as well that will be a great helping hand in your writing processes.

The stand-out part of this writing app is that you can make your notes and write-ups creative by adding images. Not many apps provide this feature, even Calmly Writer does not have the option to add images. 

If you are concerned with offline editing, then to ease your concern, yes, they have an offline mode and working well on that. Well, they also have a chrome extension.

When summing up, Writer is one of the best writing apps from Chromebook that you can use to make taking notes easier.                   

Losing out this app that offers a long list of features without asking you for a single penny will be a great loss.

4. Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word (Download Here) is in the industry for a great period of time so I’m more than sure that you may java heard of this writing app.

And if you were a Windows user before shifting to Chromebook, then you already know the features. And you will get the same features that you were using on your Windows PC.

Microsoft is projecting its services for all as their Office 365 is now available on the play store so if android apps are accessible on your Chromebook, then installing word will cause you none to zero problems at all. 

21 Of The Best Writing Apps For Chromebook

Before going for Microsoft as the perfect fit for writing apps for Chromebook, if you are looking for an economical app then Word can be a costly app as it emphasizes purchasing Office 365 as a stand-alone work suite and opt for their subscription to unveil its features Thus adding more money to access a simple writing app. 

To save you from spending extra cash, there is a way out as you can also go for the web version of Word. The alternate is exactly like Google Docs, except offline mode.

If not having an offline mode does not bother you, then give the web version of Microsoft Word a try. And if you are compatible with it then pay up for the premium version and use the android app on your Chromebook.

If you are a Linux expert and have the setup file of Microsoft Office 2007 then downloading Word on your PC through Wine, a compatibility layer, that allows running Windows app on your Chromebook, is pretty easy.

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5. iA Writer

Our next pick, iA Writer has secured its place in the list of the most sought-after writing apples that can be accessed on both the operating systems: macOS as well as Windows 10.

And now also open to being used on Chrome OS. if there is android accessibility on your Chromebook then you can easily download iA Writer and then you are loaded with this app’s feature and all set to start your writing saga. 

iA Writer is following the path of Calmly Writer as they offer a distraction-free platform with an array of markdown formatting. This app can be a good match for writers who are regularly on their Chromebook typing day and night. 

Best Writing Apps For Chromebook 4

It provides you imaginative writing environment without any disturbance and a set of needed tools. Black screams royalty and it saves you from working your eyes to being obliged with some defects so iA writer saved your eyes by offering you dark mode.

Apart from that, iA Writer has many exclusive features as well as such as built-in dictation, focus mode, word count support, and many more.

6. FocusWriter

FocusWriter (Download Here) as the name itself gives out its information, is one of the simplest and minimalist writing apps that you can use on your Chromebook. It is a Linux app that focuses on offline work.

It comes with a full-screen interface along with a hide-away UI. You can make FocusWriter your own place for creativity and make it match your own aura with customizable features.

Background images, colors, fonts, themes, and many more can be updated up to your taste and personality. It is similar to Google Docs as it allows you to type the perfect English structure with spell checking. 

Not only this, you will get a dark mode as well as daily goals, and the list is too long to define here. The only hindrance you will face in the app is its installation process. To Install the app you first have to set Flatpak on your device. 

After setting up, you have to install FocusWriter from the FlatHub. 

7. Jotter Pad

After the harder approach to get FocusWriter, we are presenting you with Jotter Pad (Download Here), easy to access and install directly from the Play Store. If you are the one who is constantly hitting the keys then Jotter Pad is the must to have for your Chromebook.

Novelists, writers, and anyone who works on a longer composition can take great advantage of Jotter Pad. It supports nodes and sections which is quite a helpful hand in creating longer compositions.

21 Of The Best Writing Apps For Chromebook

Aside from that, you are also getting other creative tools such as built-in phrase search, markdown formatting, word count, etc. Well, you will get more including extended keyboard, word counts, typewriter scrolling, and many more.

It seems the feature list is never-ending, as you can also access customizable typefaces that you can use for transforming the app according to your ambiance. Without a doubt, Jotter Pod can compete with the best Writing apps for Chromebooks.

It can be a stand-alone writing app that offers a long list of features, a distraction-free writing environment, and a great platform to venture into the long compositions. 

8. Writer Plus

If minimal is what you are looking for in writing apps for Chromebook then Writer Plus (Download Here) is the way to go. It does not give you hard time installing as you can directly install the app from the Play Store.

You won’t be distracted from penning down your thoughts in the app as it put spotlights on the writing department more than the designing parts. The app is the right fit for poets, lyricists, and daily writing elements such as drafts, and notes.

You are also getting the new trendsetter, dark mode, and a branch node that will help you to write long comprehensions. But the most talked-about part of Writer Plus is its markdown formatting features. 

It makes content creating more personal by providing a bunch of features such as keyboard shortcuts. The app does not come with integrated cloud storage services and is 100% local.

So if offline working is calling you more than online Writing then Writer plus is the ideal deal for someone who is looking for offline writing apps for Chromebooks.

9. Simplenote

Simplenote (Download Here) is different from other writing apps as you can guess from the name, it is an app basically for making notes. But do not contemn the app as its free-form writing feature lets you try your chance in writing.

It has an intuitive UI with minimum litter. You can easily install the app from the Play Store without any hindrance. The interface is a carbon copy of Google Docs as your docs are saved regularly at the time interval. 

Best Writing Apps For Chromebook 6

It makes data accessibility better than many other writing apps. After that said, you can also maintain your focus on writing with the focus mode that makes the app less distracting and not to forget, it also supports dark mode.

But do not forget that the sole focus of this app is note-taking and not writing in general so you won’t get formatting features. So to say in general words, the app is your listening buddy who will listen to your clutter of ideas by you penning it down. 

The app works both ways, as a platform for writing down poems, lyrics, notes, and to put up to-do lists and can also be a platform for writing long comprehensions.

10. Scrittor

Another Play Store downloadable app is Scritor (Download Here) which can be used on the Chromebook by installing it from the Play Store. you won’t face a single obstacle in writing and it has some similar features like Simplenote.

21 Of The Best Writing Apps For Chromebook

There are many departments and sections under which you can write and can also add plenty of labels to it. Scrittor is another note-taking so you can also set reminders and go through checklists. 

The app has both dark and light modes so according to your setup, you can switch between both modes. The app is said to be one of the well-associating android apps with ChromeOS UI and its working department is one of the top-notch features that work fluently.

It is a large, platform clean writing slates, and many more. Scrittor is for those who love multi-tasking writing apps that can write notes, poems, as well as set reminders and offers checklists.

11. Evernote

Evernote (Download Here) is in the market for quite a time now. The app has all three versions, web, app, and web version. So you can use it as whatever you are more comfortable with. The note-taking app is one of the polished apps.

Best Writing Apps For Chromebook 8

It works fine on your Chromebooks and is accessible on almost every operating system such as Windows, Android, ChromeOS, and many more. It makes write-ups accessible between different devices.

But keep in mind that you have to pay up some cash as the number of devices you can sync the write-ups is limited in the free tier. The premium tier is starting at $7.99 dollars so you can go for the premium if you want to access the data on more devices.

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12. Wavemaker

Wavemaker (Download Here) is one of the pre-installed apps that comes if you purchase the Chromebook. Its support for Google Drive is the reason behind it. The app offers a long list of editing features along with writing features.

Alternatively, using the Snowflake method, you can plan your novel in an efficient manner. You can add mind maps, alter timelines, and suchlike things. To make it a feature-rich app, it has keys to use features from Word, RTF, markup, as well as Ebooks.

It has some solid plans at no cost at all so going for Wavemaker is a good choice.

13. True Novelist

If you are familiar with Scrivener, then True Novelist (Download Here) will make you remember it again with similar features, but in a minimalist style.

Your writeups are saved in the app as it let you organized your write-ups pile in different folders according to chapters, character information, and research.

True Novelist is a clean slate for writing who offers you writing goals checklist so that you can keep an eye over your daily writings. The only downside that is seen in the app is that it only allows users to export the files in the form of HTML.

14. Novlr

Another on the list is Novlr (Download Here). A feature-packed app that is a good choice for those who not only want to edit and organized the write-ups. 

The app has a special power that allows you to divide your stories into chapters as well as in dedicated notes. You can also use texts from other services such as Ebooks, plain text, open documents. The app is integrated with cloud-based storage services.

Storing the writeups with Novlr is an easy task as you can synch your stories, notes, writings with Google Drive and Dropbox. It is similar to Google Docs as you can also get suggestions on grammar, spelling checks, and writing structure with the help of grammar enhancement built-in.

The app can be your full-time guide as they have built-in courses that provide lessons on how to make your writing more advanced.

15. Writing Analytics

Writing Analytics (Download Here)  is another best writing apps for Chromebook that you can use for multi-purposes such as distraction-free writing and learning how to make your writing comprehension better and its build-up more intense.

Best Writing Apps For Chromebook 9

The app names have analytics in them so how can they not give you a full-fledged analytics platform that will keep your writing inline and under surveillance. From that being said, you will also get scheduling tools so that you can continue being on the path and it has reminders features as well so that you can set a timer.

All in all, Writing Analytics is one of the refined polished slated for writing.

16. Squibler

One of the feature-rich apps, Squibler (Download Here) is a great choice that has solid plans. The writing options are too many to select from like you can write under your stories as the standard chapters as well as sub-chapters. 

21 Of The Best Writing Apps For Chromebook

More than 30 outlines are at your service that can be one of the greatest assets for your writing projects. Squibler is a carbon copy of Scrivener in the way it has drag and drops story elements. Add grammar checker and easy syncing quality to its armory of tools.

Squibler comes with some hidden talents as it allows collaborative writing that can be synced with Google Drive, Dropbox, and the Desktop app. 

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17. Novelize

This web-based writing app, Novelize (Download Here) is a top-notch writing app cum editor that allows you to keep a tab on the important notes from the novels. It encourages its users to venture more into their writing skills. 

The best part of this feature that caught my eyes is that it let you share your notebooks with other users who are penning down long compositions like yourself. It supports both the light and dark themes so users can select the mode according to their mood.

They allow grammar checker plug-ins such as Grammarly, ProwritingAid, and many more. It also lets you add exporting features such as word formatting along with permitting its users to download outlines and notes.

18. Ginko

Ginko (Download Here) wanted to give something to its users so instead of what everyone is offering, it allows you to write by adding cards.

In the app, what users do is that they take the chapters and scenes and drop them to the cards. Which contains columns on the left side.

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19. Calmly Writer

Sometimes simple is the best and more makes everything complicated, therefore, Calmly Writer (Download Here)  is one such simple app that provides an ambiance that allows you a slate for writing that has no distractions. 

Well, it is following in the path of Simplenote and Evernote, as it allows you to shift between light and dark mode according to the time of the day. It has pictures integration features that makes writing more interesting. 

Clammy Writer is considered among minimalist writing apps for Chromebooks that provide undivided attention to writing.

20. Dabble

Dabble (Download Here) claims to be Scrivener that lacks learning features. The app is full of chapters, screen structure,s and columns where you can write down notes. It let you go down the lane of intense plots of the stories with its plotting tool. 

Dabble, where authors go to write

The app is accessible anywhere at any time as you can use its, web version as well as desktop, and mobile app versions. Like True Novelist, Dabble also offers writing goals features so that you can keep a tab on your writing progression.

21. The Quill

Last but not least on our list, we are finishing the list with another web-based writing app, The Quill (Download here). The app was made by keeping novelists in mind. So to speak in general, writers who love writing love form will love this app.

It has writing skill enhancement tools such as a spell checker, and dictionary feature. There is a long list of tools that you can have as yours. The features are drag and drop character capability, to-do lists, and so on.

It also lets you try your hands on creating characters profiles and comparing chapters to each other. The built-in writing stats allow you to see your progress every week.