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9 Best WTFast Alternatives To Get Rid of Pesky Lag

If you want a seamless gaming experience and enjoy every minute, you will need software like WTFast to assist you. It has all the essential tools and features to maximize gaming enjoyment and performance.

WTFast is also known as the Gamers’ Private Network (GPN), which is tailored to all your MMO games. You will need a WTfast replacement for various systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux, so your laptop can run a smooth gaming performance without any interruptions.

As a result, we have compiled a list of the best WTFast alternatives that will allow you to play your favorite game with improved performance and functionality. 

Best WTFast Alternatives – Our Top Pick👌👌

1. Kill Ping – Wtfast alternatives for professional gamers

Kill Ping ranks first on our list of top WTFast alternatives because it is one of the greatest options for professional gamers who want to improve their gaming performance and have a great time playing their favorite game. 

This application allows gamers to play in whatever area they like freely. It has several benefits that propel it to the top of our list, one of which is that it effectively decreases ping time by up to 60%.

Best WTFast Alternatives
Guaranteed Ping Reduction

This is significant for all of the world’s finest video games, such as WOW lag, DOTA 2 lag, and others, allowing you to have the best experience playing the games you enjoy.

What could be better than an all-in-one program that functions as the finest gaming solution, allowing you to have the most fun when gaming while also significantly improving your performance?🧐

Isn’t it excellent for you and your confidence that you have a better chance of winning as your gaming performance improves? You might wonder how this will help you win the game.

This is possible because this software eliminates delays and latency, improving precision in your competitive games. As a result, your gaming record will be much enhanced, and you can play better.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have software that allowed you to connect with everyone, anywhere? Another advantage of this program is that it allows you to connect to any server on the planet with only a single click.

When you are looking for a good server to connect to, it can provide you with recommendations of the best servers around the world, as well as quickly identify your network condition and location, and then provide you with a list of the best servers in your area, which is a huge benefit because you won’t have to waste time figuring out all of this.

It’s simple to use and may provide infinite server access, giving you many advantages.

2. ExitLag – Wtfast Alternatives To Get rid of lag

If you want to connect quickly to a stable server that will boost your performance and provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime gaming experience, ExitLag is the application for you.

It will allow you to optimize your gaming console and serve as a freemium solution for all your gaming needs.

ExitLag is one of the best WTFast Alternatives for reducing lag while also improving your network connection by connecting you to the best server available.

This software supports over 130 games, allowing you to play various games with just one software and making your gaming experience worthwhile. ExitLag is a world that does not have lags, freezes, or interruptions, and it is one that we suggest. 

If you want to use this program, you must install it on your computer, and you are ready to go with all of its capabilities. It contains many features that will automatically improve your performance and experience while also improving your FPS performance while playing.

ExitLag has practically every major video game available, including DOTA 2, FIFA, and Fortnite.

It allows you to improve your performance while playing these popular video games by detecting a powerful server and ensuring you do not experience poor network quality while playing your favorite game. 

ExitLag - How it works

It contains a real-time optimization system that will guide you to the most efficient path to get the most out of your playing time. 

This program is for you if you wish to lower your in-game ping by at least 60%. Reduce your in-game ping by 60%, and you’ll be able to give a better gaming performance and experience. 

You may connect with gamers worldwide and become a part of the gaming community while playing video games. It offers a three-day free trial, after which you must purchase a plan to take advantage of the software’s features.

3. BattlePing

Do you want to ensure a fast connection and reduce your in-game time? Battleping comes to your aid! 

Battleping is another piece of software that may assist you in establishing a quick game connection so that you don’t have to play a game with poor connections and disrupt the process.


It may also help you minimize ping while improving your game performance to the point where your gaming experience is always worth remembering.

It supports over 60+ of the most popular video games, like AION, League of Legends, and others, and drives players insane. With this very lightweight program for your system, you can play these famous games easily.

Millions of players from around the globe use Battleping because it allows people to start with a very basic level of understanding and is extremely simple. You can also use it to optimize your game as much as you like for a smooth performance.

With the aid of this program, gamers may overcome their connectivity troubles by connecting to the finest servers from among the many that are accessible and selecting the one that is most ideal for you, depending on your internet speed and the area from which you are playing video games. 

Battleping comprises some of the top gamers who use the program to connect with other gamers worldwide and share the best gaming tips and techniques with them.

So, if you want to engage in conversations while learning and gaining information, this program is for you. Battleping’s pricing plan comes in three distinct price tiers, each with its unique feature.

4. Mudfis

Which gamer wouldn’t want to improve their connectivity using various WAN optimization strategies that would provide a more stable and pleasant experience while providing a quicker connection? 

Mudfish is just another one of the best WTFast Alternatives that will make all of this happen, and you will be experiencing the finest gaming experience of your life in a matter of seconds.

It essentially enhances your connectivity so that your favorite game doesn’t have a lot of freezes while you play it.

It supports around 1000 websites with diverse applications and games that are popular among gamers and played worldwide. 

Best WTFast Alternatives 1

Mudfish allows you to connect to whatever server you choose from anywhere globally, ensuring you get the greatest experience possible throughout every gaming session.

You might wonder what it is about this program that makes it so special. On the other hand, Mudfish has all the critical elements you’ll need to improve your network experience. 

It guarantees you connections like UDP and TCP, which are fundamentally quicker than ever. It substantially increases your performance with just a click because it has various WAN optimization strategies and features.

This software has more capabilities than WTFast and other apps that provide gaming solutions. It can handle practically all browsers, which is a huge deal for gamers when selecting the software for their gaming needs. 

This makes Mudfish one of the most popular applications since it not only assists all gamers in lowering their game ping response by up to 60% while also raising latency, allowing them to give an unquestionably comprehensive gaming experience, but it also does it automatically.

This program allows you to connect to servers worldwide and supports over twelve languages, making it easier for players to comprehend and converse with one another.

This software features English, Spanish, German, and other languages. Mudfish offers capabilities like these, yet its design and operation are still quite user-friendly. 

It is available to everyone for free, ensuring that all gamers have the opportunity to improve their skills and enjoy an unforgettable game.

5. PingEnhancer – Wtfast Alternatives To Reduce Latency

This tool (Download Here) is perfect for players with Windows on their laptops since it is a Windows-based program that helps you reduce latency or delays by increasing the frequency of the TCP bundle credit transmitted to the game server. 

The program is lightning quick, boosting your performance and allowing you to have the pleasure of your life playing your favorite games.

It’s small and light so that it won’t take up much room on your PC and will provide you with various functions that will cover all your gaming needs.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have software like PingEnhancer that gives you the finest server connectivity when gaming? 

It features a simple interface that allows you to use the program more freely because everything is simple to comprehend and not overly complicated. This program has several characteristics that may persuade you to use it. 

One of the perks is that you can quickly lower ping response with this program’s aid, which will indirectly increase your game performance.

Another benefit is that it automatically determines the best services based on your internet connection and where you reside. You don’t have to waste time attempting to repair the problem and ruin the game. 

It allows you to expand your network and perform better, making it superior to others. Some of the functions are available for free, while others require payment. This program is simple to install.

You may like to read our guide on How To Reduce Ping For Online Gaming.

6. Leatrix Latency Fix

Another WTFast option is Leatrix Latency Fix (Download Here), which allows you to lower your delay response or latency as well as finish any gaming duties you have by boosting the TCP frequency, allowing you to have a nice time gaming and enjoy every minute of it.

Anything in your gaming session that necessitates a fast internet connection, this program ensures that your server is linked to the finest possible connections, ensuring a pleasant gaming experience.

It includes several comprehensive features and tools to ensure that you have everything linked to your games and gaming in one package that is only a click away from solving all your gaming problems and providing you with various answers.

When it comes to the software installation procedure, you may relax and install it because it is quite straightforward.

All you have to do is execute the file and reboot your computer after the installation is complete, or you may activate your card once to have the change take effect.

You may use all of the software’s tools and functions when it has been properly started, and you can enjoy playing your favorite video games without any connectivity issues. You also have unrestricted access to all of the features and tools.

One of the characteristics of this program is that if your latency in online games is too high and you need to correct it, you may use the automatic fix option to have your latency instantly fixed in the online game you’re playing.

Another feature of this application is that if you have any connectivity issues, such as being unable to find a server near your location, which is preventing you from having a good gaming experience, you can easily connect with one of the best servers near you based on your location and internet speed using this software. 

So, if your internet speed is sluggish, it will choose the server accordingly, and if your internet speed is good, you will automatically have a fantastic gaming experience.

Leatrix Latency Fix supports a broad range of video games, mostly those that are well-known among other players throughout the world. Thus you can access all of them from any corner of the world!

7. Razer Cortex – Wtfast alternatives with complimentary extras

Razer Cortex is an all-in-one WTFast Alternatives that will provide you with a worthwhile gaming experience and various complimentary extras! You may consider it a one-stop shop for all your gaming needs.

It optimizes your gaming experience by boosting your system’s performance and is small enough not to take up much space on your system. 

This software is designed for gamers who want to be able to manage all of their gaming activities from a single location. 

9 Best WTFast Alternatives To Get Rid of Pesky Lag

As a result of having control over your gaming activities, you can unlock your system’s potential using several performance increases and optimization tools to achieve a higher FPS. 

It allows you to optimize and improve your game performance while connecting to the finest available network.

One advantage distinguishing it from other software is that it can effectively clear all undesirable junk files on your hard drive, allowing you to give the best possible performance by improving your connectivity and speed. 

As a result, you won’t have to waste time deciding which files to delete to free up space on your computer; this software will handle it all for you in a matter of seconds. It also can minimize in-game ping response with only a single click.

It also has a mobile app that allows you to explore new and popular mobile games and maximize your gaming experience.

It’s an all-in-one bundle for gamers who want to improve their gaming talents since this software includes game-boosting tools, PC optimization, and great gaming offers, among other things.

8. Smoothping

This program is a commercial gaming solution for all your gaming requirements and wishes, and it will assist you in lowering your in-game ping response and latency.

Smoothping program aims at gamers who want to play games at high speed and with a high level of connection, resulting in a clear gaming experience. 

Smoothping supports games like Fortnite, LOL, and DOTA 2 and has practically thousands of gamers that use Smoothping for all of their gaming. This enhances their confidence and general performance when they play video games that are popular and widely enjoyed by all gamers worldwide.

Smoothping is straightforward to set up if you want to use it. You need to execute the file after it has been installed, and you will be able to use all of the tools and features after executing the file and finishing the installation. 

It also has an automated optimization engine that optimizes your online games and provides optimum performance. You may also use this program to connect to a better server to improve your gaming experience without wasting valuable time. 

It allows you to connect to the optimal server based on location and internet speed, instantly boosting your gameplay speed! Smoothping is a fantastic tool with several features that may help you relax and enjoy your game. 

Such characteristics include a simple and easy-to-use interface, various game recommendations based on the games you play, compatibility with a wide range of significant and popular games, and, most importantly, it is completely free to use!

9. Haste

If you want to regain your connection, Haste is your greatest option since it offers an all-in-one solution to the gaming and connectivity problems gamers experience.

You may have a lot of features on your plate with the assistance of haste, which will help you improve your game experience. 

One of the perks is that you may lower your in-game ping response and repair lag using it in a matter of seconds. Additionally, you can improve your packet loss and jitter.

This program satisfies all of your demands and provides all the services you require to improve your gaming experience and is thus referred to as a next-generation internet optimization solution for all gamers. 

To get this software, all you have to do is join up, download it, and you’re good to go with all your games. This option will improve your connection while also automatically stabilizing all traffic. 

It also contains a game recap system that allows you to assess the connection you were playing with and assists you in improving your connection. Another benefit is evaluating your connection speed before starting the game. 

This allows you to have a better experience than others. It offers an intuitive and appealing design that supports a wide selection of popular video games and gives you game suggestions based on your preferences.


Is WTFast still free? 

WTFast Offers a free trial for 14 days and allows you to test it out with a wide range of games to check whether it can improve your connection instability and ping.

After the trial period, you must pay $9.99 monthly, $28.47 quarterly, $53.95 every six months, or $99.90 annually.  

Does WTFast make a difference? 

Yes, WTFast makes a lot of difference and improves ping, and the connection is speed to a decent extent. However, it doesn’t necessarily work with all modern games.

Several variables, like the game being played, the user’s internet connection and computer hardware, and the location of the game servers, might affect how successful a gaming VPN is.

With a gaming VPN, some users might see a noticeable improvement in gaming performance, while others might notice only minor changes.

Generally speaking, a gaming VPN may increase gaming performance by streamlining the connection between the user’s computer and the game servers. This reduces lag and ping.

If you are a seasoned gamer and want to connect to different international gaming servers, it might be a good idea to give WTFast I’ll try. 

How much does WTFast reduce ping?

How much WTFast or any other gaming VPN service will lower ping for a specific user is difficult to predict.

Several variables, like the game being played, the user’s internet connection and computer hardware, and the location of the game servers, might affect how successful a gaming VPN is.

The connection between the user’s computer and the game servers can be improved with a gaming VPN, which generally helps lower ping.

This can be done by routing the connection through a special network of gaming-optimized servers, which may shorten the user’s distance and the number of hops between them and the game servers.

However, it’s vital to remember that depending on the user, a gaming VPN’s effect on ping might vary greatly.

With a gaming VPN, some users can witness noticeable ping drops, while others might see minor or no changes.

Using a gaming VPN may not always be required or advantageous, and other elements can affect ping, such as internet speeds and hardware.

Does WTFast reduce lag? 

Usually, when you are involved in online gaming, you are connected to only one ISP. However, WTFast takes server routes through multiple available ISPs and significantly reduces pings and lags during online gaming sessions.  

Does WTFast cost money? 

Yes, after a 14-day trial, you must select from multiple plans to use the services of WTFast continuously.

The monthly plan is available at $9.99, the quarterly plan at $28.47, six months plan at $53.95, and an annual plan at $99.90.

Does WTFast work for LOL? 

Yes, WTFast doesn’t only work for League of Legends games but surprisingly optimizes the overall connection by reducing the number of hops between the game server and you.

This substantially reduces unnecessary lags in online gaming and can give you a completely different gaming experience even when you are playing high-end games like League of Legends. 

Does WTFast change your IP? 

No, there isn’t any instance of WTFast changing or hiding the original IP. This is a design for most game servers to know who you are. 

What is MSI WTFast? 

WTFast is one of the most popular and secure gamers’ private networks and is designed to optimize your overall give experience by improving game connection from end to end.

MSI WTFast collects and reports rich connection stats from your online gaming, so you can easily check out everything happening with your gaming connection without much problem. 

Does WTFast work for Valorant? 

As WTFast is packed with a unique feature known as a ping enhancer and works to improve the overall ping even when you play high-end online video games like Varolany.

It reduces ping by significantly reducing the overall traveling time between the game servers and your connection. 

Does WTFast work for CSGO? 

Yes, WTFast Perfectly works with more than 1000 high-end online games, including CSGO.  

Is WTFast safe to use? 

If you are searching for basic features of a VPN like security, encryption, privacy, and anonymization, you should not think about using WTFast. This is designed solely for gamers.

And if you want to only optimize your connection data for lower latency and faster speeds, you can think about using WTFast. Otherwise, some better GPNs available at better pricing—for example, Kill Ping, ExitLag, BattlePing, Mufdis, PingEnhancer, etc.  

Does WTFast work for warzone? 

Yes, WTFast works with many high-end online games, including Warzone, and only after a few moments of playing the game with it will you feel that it makes a lot of difference. 

Is there something better than ExitLag?

There are many alternative tools to ExitLag that you can use to reduce ping and improve connection stability when playing online games. Some popular options include:

WTFast: A specialized gaming VPN that optimizes the route between your computer and the game server to reduce ping and improve connection stability.

Kill Ping: A gaming VPN that uses multiple global servers to reduce ping and improve connection performance for online games.

Haste: A gaming accelerator that uses intelligent routing and optimization to reduce ping and improve connection stability for online games.

Outfox: A gaming VPN that uses smart routing and traffic shaping to reduce ping and improve connection performance for online games.

Ultimately, the best alternative to ExitLag for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. It may be helpful to try out a few different options and see which one works best for you.


We understand that, as a gamer, you want a connection that makes your gaming experience meaningful while also connecting you with people all over the world. This can be accomplished with software like WTFast and similar options.

If you want a gaming solution for all your gaming demands, you will need to safeguard your system with software that will save up space while boosting your gaming performance with just one click.

Choosing wtfast alternatives and similar software that fits your requirements is difficult and may be daunting.

To make things easier for you, we have put together a list of the top WTFast alternatives that will assist you in selecting the best selection for improving your gaming experience with the best server and lower in-game latency.