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11 Of The Best Xbox One Mystery Games You Need To Play 

If you want to know some of the best Xbox one mystery games, then you are reading the right post. The Xbox one is one of the most popular gaming consoles. Yes, the PS4 is very good, but so is the Xbox One.

The Xbox series X gaming console is due to be released in 2020, and we know it will be an exceptional product. Using the Xbox one, you can play a wide range of games that are available in the market. 

In this post, we will take a look at some of the best Xbox one mystery games. 

Best Xbox One Mystery Games: Our Top Pick 👌

1. Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments (Download Here) are first on our list of Xbox one mystery games in the market. When you search for a game that is able to tick all the boxes, then it has to be Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments.

Best Xbox One Mystery Games

That is because you cannot have a mystery game list without the man himself. Please welcome Dr. Sherlock Holmes, who has cracked hundreds of cases that seemed impossible to the ordinary mortal.

The man can see the sand on your shoes and tell you where you had been to. We will not reveal too much about this game and spoil the party for you. The plot is simple as you need to pick the clues and solve the crime scene.

It is all about putting everything together in the right spot. You cannot be expecting anything from a typical Sherlock Holmes game. If you have gone through some of the detective novels, you would know what that means.

This, by far, is one of the best games depicting our hero, Sherlock Holmes, as least for today. We were high in anticipation of Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments, and it has not only lived up but exceeded our expectations.  

Features of this game are:-

  • The game contains more than 5 cases that are excellently written and comes with exceptional opportunities for Holmes to do what he does best, solve crimes with ease. 
  • The way in which Holmes sways around the crime scene, searches for clues, picks up the smallest of them, and then solves them with simplicity is awesome
  • Though each of the cases is related to murder, they are entirely different from each other, giving you that interest. 
  • You have a death caused by ritual killings and a harpoon. The storyline thickens with each case. 
  • Like every mystery case, the individual who you least expect would have done the crime. 
  • As you play each of the cases, you feel that most of the stories are stale with hardly much use of Dr. Watson. 
  • If you are an avid Holmes fan, you do know that most of Holme’s cases would have been very bland if it weren’t for Dr. Watson. He provided much-needed arguments and suggestions. 
  • In one case, you do have Mycroft, who is Holme’s brother showing up. He is an influential British government official who can clean up things quickly. You get to control Holmes effortlessly. Most of the work is also pre-programmed. 
  • You are merely following his footsteps. The designers of the game have marked the objects clearly. You have the option of finding things yourself or taking help from the game. 
  • The graphics were awesome in this game. We were literally spellbound with the new look. The details are clear and beautiful. It is as if you are watching a real movie unfolding before you. 

So, what did we find unique in Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments? Yes, the game comes with some fantastic visuals, the cases play worthy, and the puzzles are not the same. 

They are quite intriguing. However, we did find that the game comes with some conclusions that are not practical at times. We also felt that the morality system was not actually required. 

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments, is one of the best Xbox one mystery games hands down. You do not have to be a Sherlock Holmes fan to play this game as it comes with intense visuals and plot.

You will find this game quite exciting if you have been playing on your PC or gaming console. We found the cases thoroughly pleasant and enjoyable to crack and decode.

They come in their own unique circumstantial evidence, but if you are alright with some cases not going your way, then it is fine.

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishment Review (PC)

2. L. A. Noire

L. A. Noire (Download Here) is second on the list of our Xbox one mystery games. If you ask any professional gamer about mystery games, pat comes the reply, L.A Noire. You will be amazed to know that even real-life detectives have been stunned by this performance.

Best Xbox One Mystery Games

The storyline is based in Los Angeles, the center of all attractions. We found it to be one of the best games as your minds are taken for a big ride to understand what you are up to.

At times, you are chasing the wrong people; it is so good at deceiving new gamers. We would like to mention here that this game is not the same as developed by Rockstar. They usually do not design games related to the mystery but have done them here.

Some notable features of the game are:-

  • You are not the bad guy running around breaking all rules. Here you are the one who has to uphold the law with both your hands. The city is at your mercy to restore the pathetic situation that is present during the violent 1940s. 
  • From the start itself, the game is quite slow-paced. You must learn how to understand the suspect and find out if they are lying. 
  • The earlier you are able to grasp that feature, the better for you throughout the game. 
  • The designers have made use of MotionScan. This is a new technology that can help you improve your performance. The glance that you take, the wrinkle, the grimaces of your suspects, and the hard swallow is incredible. 
  • The features offer you with an exceptional cinematic-like experience in the game. We loved the interrogation scenes which are the main highlight of the game. They are extremely captivating, and that core is very good. 
  • Once you are present in a crime scene, you need to think like a detective. As you can question the suspects and note down in your book, you need to decide for yourself whether they are telling the truth or lying. 
  • When you are able to catch them red-handed, they tell you the truth, and you have more clues. 
  • Did we find drawbacks in this Xbox one mystery game? Yes, L.A. Noire does come with its own set of flaws. The pace at which the game unfolds can be concerning. 

Though we did not feel it as a significant issue, some gamers did voice their opinions on that. But the game comes with it a very new unique appearance that makes it suitable for entertainment. 

The storyline works well; you do not have problems with chasing people, shooting, when taking cover, and so on. You also effortlessly understand how you can interrogate people. In a mystery game, these were some of the crucial elements that have to be covered. 

The designers have done a tremendous job. We found L.A. Noire is different from other mystery games, but the pace can break the deal for some gamers. You do not have to like Noir to play this game. 

The character is able to draw you in quickly, and the side friends are good enough too. 

Nobody has played like this, and hence not many complain about the sequel. We can offer our credit to the designers for coming up with a splendid game that is good in several areas.

L.A. Noire might not be the best mystery game in the market, but it has the potential to offer you intense excitement to try it out with a brilliant game narrative.

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3. The Wolf Among Us

The Wolf Among Us (Download Here) was released in 2013 and still remains hugely popular among gamers globally. The Xbox one mystery games is a Telltale game series that makes it an ideal game in this category.

11 Of The Best Xbox One Mystery Games You Need To Play 

Gamers would be delighted to know that it comes with 5 series consecutive. This mystery game comes with a crime scene of a murder. The Wolf Among Us is a game designed by Telltale Games, which has defined adventure games with excellent narration and visuals. 

Notable features of this game include:-

  • The game is an adaptation of Bill Willingham’s Fables. You are Bigby Wolf, who is the wonderful sheriff of New York City. 
  • The first episode is known as Faith. The adventure of the sheriff is funny and adventurous at the same time. There is a small dose of everything in the plot. Gamers were delighted with the first episode and all that it brought to them. 
  • The second episode was named Smoke and Mirrors, which has more than 90 minutes of scenes that bring you to the brutal side of this game series. Sadly, the story was not moved much, and gamers were equally disappointed. However, you have to make strong and bold decisions that will decide the conclusion of the game. 
  • The third episode of the game series is called A Crooked Mile. This one did not disappoint anybody and came as a brutal and emotional episode. The right side of this part is that it takes the plot forward. You feel powerful, but vulnerable against some forces of evil.
  • The fourth episode is known as In Sheep’s Clothing, where you get to see persuasive writing in the game. Similar to episode 3 in The Wolf Among Us, you have slow progress. However, the setup to the next episode is well narrated. 

The final episode or the fifth one is known as Cry Wolf. Unlike the first 2 episodes, the last one was just fantastic. At times, you have to go back and find out if you missed vital clues during the game. 

The narration and the action were excellent. Since we have a brief idea of what to expect from the 5 episodes, let us read what actually happens in the plot. It is set in Fabletown that is located in Manhattan.

Do you want to play The Wolf Among Us? Yes, you should. You do not have to be a huge fan of mystery and mystique, if we may put it that.

This is a game that puts you in a situation where trust is a huge issue. You are faced in situations that are created by your own circumstances. 

So, you cannot blame anybody, apart from yourself. Telltale’s work comes with a tight plot, vivid imagination, and excellent direction of the game. 

Unlike other games, this one does not flinch even once. You are left with a protagonist cop who does his best to maintain law and order in an impoverished environment. We are sure that you will remember that Fabletown will also have fond memories.

4. The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead (Download Here) is perhaps one of the best Xbox one mystery games. The name itself feels quite adventurous, doesn’t it? Similar to The Wolf Among Us, this game is based on the same Telltale comic books.

Xbox One Mystery Games

It comes from 5 episodes that were released in 2012. This is similar to the Zombie apocalypse. Perhaps, you would have seen some series or movies based on zombies.

They can be scary and fun at the same time. What do you do when you are surrounded by zombies all over? 

Few exciting features of the game are:-

  • We found that the visuals, characters, and plot are just superb in this game. Not to mention, this is one of those Xbox one mystery games that actually concentrates on the story. 
  • Many games usually come with the same concept of making you decide good and evil. While some of you choose to be good, some prefer the bad. However, in The Walking Dead, you do not have that choice because you are already living in an apocalyptic world.
  • Here, there is no right and wrong. You can come together to create an experience that can be pessimistic and memorable as well. 
  • It is not bad, but it is not good either. You are in the midst of the downfall of humanity. The main character is Lee Everett, who is a murderer and is getting escorted to prison. The zombie apocalypse waylays them. 
  • Clementine then accompanies him. She is a young child who is now on her own. Unlike most of the games in this Xbox one mystery games list, this one is quite different. The game is more centered around what you do. 
  • There are no tasks or crime scenes to discover and solve. You just keep moving on in the game. For example, you need to find a few batteries for yourself to use the radio. 
  • These little chores come with a useful purpose. It gives you the opportunity to explore the work and find out how things actually work there. 
  • You do not want to remove the heads of the monsters present in the game. In this game, there is minimal use of the story that may seem slightly annoying. 
  • You begin to think that you are part of this world without letting you off completely. The narration and the writing is excellent. It deserves mention here. The characters come well researched and developed. 
  • It is as if you are dealing with a real human being with real feelings and emotions. As a gamer, you would want to know that your actions come with a significant impact. Hence, you would want to think well before you actually move ahead. 

You can help some of the off-characters that you see in the game, and you never know when they might end up helping. Gamers have noticed numerous flaws like freezing of the screen once too often. It makes you annoyed with the fact that you are just in an intense action sequence. 

At times, you also find that saved files unexpectedly disappear. However, you do have some flickering issues that can be frustrating at times. 

You may find that some plots are dull and drab at times. It can provide you with a good experience that comes flawed in certain areas. This is an intimate plot that allows you to completely walk down your own horizon. 

Gamers have plenty of options and choices that they can make for themselves. With the help of these choices, you can fill out the story. It makes you bond with the character, which only a few games can actually do.

As we said, some glitches can be overcome. They remind you that this is just a game, but a story you must not miss at any cost. 

5. What remains of Edith Finch

What remains of Edith Finch (Download Here) is next on our list of the Xbox one mystery games. When you want to play a game that can change your mood and provide you with intense action, then it is this game.

11 Of The Best Xbox One Mystery Games You Need To Play 

However, you might want to be warned that this game can take you out of your emotional control at times. The storyline is about family members who are left clueless because of a relative’s death. 

Some exciting features of this game are:-

  • As you play the game, you become more attached to the fact that you had somebody close to Edith Finch. The game is on par with Gone Home and Firewatch, where you are told about an unfortunate story of somebody dying.
  • Your character explores the house. As you do so, you experience each of the family members as to what they may have been. 
  • Like this, you learn and find out how each of the family members died. The developer Giant Sparrow who had developed The Unfinished Swan has proved their mettle in this game. 
  • The game lasts for about 2 hours, and you can easily find out where things are moving in which direction. 
  • The narration of the story is done fantastically. Edith Finch narrates about each of her family members and how they disappeared. 
  • The perspective and storyline of each of the families are entirely different from each other. Listening to the end of the lives of the members is slightly frantic in a way. 

You are overwhelmed by how they embrace it and accept their fate. Gamers come to learn how they were related to each other. We were quite impressed with the visuals presented to us about the house. You actually feel that you are walking inside a real home, in your neighborhood. 

The way in which you interact with each of the items present in the house gives a lovely feel. You do not feel as if you are stuck inside a museum, where you can only observe and see things without touching them. 

Here, you can touch on the items of interest. These items can lead you to massive clues. Yes, you can play the game in less than 2 hours. But, the moment you are done and look at the ending of the game, you restart it automatically. 

It is that good a game to play repeatedly. The manner in which the game proceeded does not leave you with any time to absorb.

Only when you take your time and combine the happenings of the game, do you realize that you learn the final moments. It is when you are left behind with a lovely, heart-wrenching, sad ending that exudes life when mired in death.

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6. Outer Wilds

Outer Wilds (Download Here) is one of the most different Xbox one mystery games on our list. That is because this game pushes you off-limits.

Best Xbox One Mystery Games

What that means is, you have to solve the crime in most games, but in this game, you have to do more than that. You need to explore the solar system and the universe. As weird as it may sound, that is the concept of this game. 

Features of the game include:-

  • It provides you with a unique but content experience. Something that you might not think of when playing games to uncover mysteries. 
  • The game comes with three endings, and that is a lot. Mystery games generally come with a single conclusion, once you find the culprit, the game is finished. 
  • Anyways coming back to the game, this space exploration game comes filled with puzzles. You have to control an anthropologist, who specializes in the alien study and uncover the mysteries of Nomai. 
  • There is an ancient race whose ruins are present in most of the planets. Five planets consist of moons and other areas of access. 

We cannot reveal everything here. You need to set out using your spaceship. Hopefully, when you travel around, things might fall in place. You do have an option to practice with the home planet. 

That is because it takes time to learn the rules of the game. Flying the spaceship itself is quite a hassle. The momentum of your spacecraft needs to be carefully handled. Otherwise, you can crash on the planets that you want to land. 

At times, it can get painfully annoying as well as exciting. It depends on how you look at it. You need to be able to land accurately in the 22-minute game. When you play the game for the first time, you are provided with ample entertainment. 

The game revolves around exploration. If you are somebody who expects something new each time you play the game, then this game is for you. We also liked the fact that you can access some planets only during certain time zones. 

Not to mention, you must reach the right place at the right time as it provides you with immense leads. Though you feel that you have found out everything, you are astonished at certain things. 

Your spaceship saves the bullet points that you require when you need the information to make the next move. However, we did feel lost at times. In this game, you have to figure out everything yourself, even when you are not sure about how to take things. 

In the planet Brittle Hollow, you cannot access it directly, but use crystals to walk on it. You can complete the game in 20 minutes if you are lucky to unlock everything. Usually, the normal time taken is 2-3 hours. 

When you like playing technically good games, then Outer Wilds is worth your time. Outer Wilds is an Xbox one mystery game that comes with the tricky exploration of being able to solve puzzles. 

The manner in which the plot unfolds differs from other non-linear gameplay. Most of the time, throughout the game, the events do not unfold as expected. That is where the mystery lies. You keep finding out something new every step as you follow the story closely and reach to totally unexpected conclusions. 

7. Return of the Obra Dinn

Return of the Obra Dinn (Download Here) is next on our list of mystery games that you can play on your priced Xbox one. This is one of the most mysterious games one could ever play. 

11 Of The Best Xbox One Mystery Games You Need To Play 

You play an insurance evaluator who is stunned and equally surprised by the sudden appearance of a merchant ship after 5 years. 

The style and narration of the main character are just fantastic. It is your job to find out what actually happened to the merchant ship after so many years. How many passengers died, what happened on board the ship, and so on. 

You need to be able to fill in the gaps of what happened to the 60 passengers on Obra Dinn. The book is the sole thing that can help you trace your whereabouts on the ship. 

You need to write down the names, and then begin with small clues as and when you find them.  Return of the Obra Dinn is simply one of the best Xbox one mystery games you can play. The open-end path and the puzzles that come with are stunning. 

There are some small issues with the game, but you will enjoy playing this detective game. 

8. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

The game comes with a lethal combination of mystery and some horror infused in it. The story is about a 12-year-old boy, Ethan Carter (Download Here), who is missing in the Red Creek Valley.

As you play the game, it unfolds slowly. The narration, visuals, and plot are some of the ideal Xbox one mystery games to play.

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9. Life is Strange

Life is Strange (Download Here) is a very popular game that is played on all devices. This Xbox one mystery games comes with 5 episodes. It is a unique game because you are connected with your past. 

You need to join the links and find out what happened. Though there are few characters in the game, you are so closely bonded with the main person. 

This makes you feel connected such that you want to come out of various problems in life, including bullying, depression, and other forms of issues. 

10. Batman: Arkham Asylum

Batman: Arkham Asylum (Download Here) is based on the Batman novel. We know that you would have watched movies based on Batman at least once in your life. 

11 Of The Best Xbox One Mystery Games You Need To Play 

The movies come with a massive fan, and there are tons of community forums based on the character. Unlike in the movies, the Xbox one mystery games come with a slightly different concept. 

Yes, you are dealing with a crime that is happening in your city. It is up to you to ensure that law and order are restored quickly.

In conclusion

The games mentioned above were some of the best Xbox one mystery games. It isn’t easy to choose the best of them. These Xbox one mystery games are all good and come with their own mystic sense of crimes and mysteries for you to solve. 

So, what are you waiting for?