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XP Pen vs Wacom – Which is the Better One?


Everything is getting digitized every passing day; with more digitalization comes more challenges for the artists to provide the best designs. Drawing or graphic designing with a mouse is quite a challenging task. For ease of this, there are drawing or artistic pens and tablets available in the market. 

You might have heard about some of the best brands like Wacom, XP-Pen, Sony, Huion, Samsung, and much more, but the two topmost brands are Wacom and XP-Pen.

This article will compare two of the most leading Japanese companies manufacturing graphic tablets, Wacom and XP-Pen, based on various parameters: cheaper, availability, customer service, etc.  

Let’s get started.

What is Wacom?

Wacom is a Japan-based digital company that is known for manufacturing superfine graphic or art pens and tablets. The company was founded in 1983 and had its headquarters based in Kazo, Japan.

The company launched its first cordless pen tablet in 1983 itself and has been bringing innovations every next day.

XP Pen vs Wacom

Wacom deals in providing the best quality and high-tech pen computers, pen displays, pen tablets, smart pads, Stylus, and three different apps and services that every designer or artist, or professional might need while working with its products.

What is XP-PEN?

XP-Pen is a well-known company in the field of digital graphic tablets. It was founded in 2005 in Japan and started developing digital graphic tablets as a research and development project.

XP Pen vs Wacom 1

By 2018, the company successfully made its presence in various countries and had an impressive impact, especially on Asian, European, and North American digital markets. 

It sold its most popular deco series in more than 100 countries and has gained a lot of popularity amongst artists and creators in the digital market.

We will compare both Wacom and XP-Pen based on the various parameters. Let us have a look.

XP Pen vs Wacom – Web Interface

Both have a user-friendly interface with different shortcuts to help customers or users looking for graphic or artistic tablets. Users can easily find different pictures or designs, or illustrations uploaded by those using graphics tablets on both the company’s website.

On the Wacom website, this feature is available under the “Discover” option whereas, on the XP-Pen website you can find amazing designs or artwork by the users of XP-Pen graphics tablets and pens under the “Explore” option.

Wacom Discover vs XP-Pen Explore: Wacom’s Discover has a wide number of options where you can discover various designs along with an informative blog about how to make a particular 3d design or how to draw hands or how to do photo editing along with recommendations of the best-related graphics or drawing tablet.

On the other hand, XP- Pen’s Explore option just recommends the most suitable graphic tablet and pen you need to have for a particular work.  

XP Pen vs Wacom – Design

Although every model has a different design, the basic design remains the same, be it Wacom or XP-Pen.

The basic design of almost every model of a drawing or graphic tablet is the same but you will find some of the differences in both of the company’s products. Let us compare 2 different models Cintiq 16 by Wacom and Artist 15.6 Pro by XP-Pen.

XP Pen vs Wacom 2
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Cintiq 16 by Wacom is a very simply designed Graphics and drawing tablet with just a clear simple screen on the front whereas on the other hand Artistic 15.6 Pro by XP-Pen has front shortcut buttons and a simple clear screen on the front.

XP Pen vs Wacom - Which is the Better One?
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Artistic 15.6 Pro has a fully laminated display with a tablet stand whereas on the other side Cintiq 16 comes with a pen but does not have a laminated display. Cintiq 16 has a 1.9 kg weight whereas Artistic 15.6 Pro is lighter in weight as it has a 1.5 kg weight.

XP Pen vs Wacom – Pressure Sensitivity

Pressure sensitivity is the feature that helps digital tablets sense thick or thin lines that are drawn by you.

You might be thinking that if you buy a graphic tablet with more pressure sensitivity you will get much better results. But this isn’t true in all cases, you might not notice much difference between the pressure levels unless you are doing highly professional work.

Both Wacom and XP-Pen manufacture graphic tablets with different pressure sensitivity. If we compare Wacom Intuos(4096 Pressure levels) with XP Pen Deco 01 V2 (8192 pressure levels), then you will find that Wacom manufactures much more products with fewer pressure levels as compared to XP-Pen but still, Wacom graphic tablets are more smooth and effective.

XP Pen vs Wacom – Resistance to Scratches

You can work comfortably only if the tablet and stylus you are using are smooth. But a smooth tablet means more scratches after using it for a very long time.

Most of the graphic tablets are made up of plastic and so is the stylus nib, while working for hours daily sometimes the nib of the stylus might slip due to friction and moisture.

To avoid this, Wacom uses a superfine technique by keeping small waves or jumps on the tablet surface to avoid the stylus from slipping and hence avoid scratches in long-term use.

On the other hand, XP-Pen does not have any such waves or bump-like texture on its tablet surface. So here Wacom graphic tablets are more resistant to scratches as compared to XP-Pen drawing or graphics tablets.

XP Pen vs Wacom – Display

The display is the most crucial aspect while buying a drawing or graphic tablet. Very large or very small displays both can be uncomfortable while working. Both Wacom and XP-Pen have a wide range of options available in terms of display and offer 4k HD displays as well.

Let us compare Wacom Cintiq 16($650) and XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro($400). Now here if we look at the prices, Cintiq 16 is quite expensive as compared to Artist 15.6 Pro so everyone might be thinking that Cintiq would be more superfine.

Wacom Cintiq 16 Review + SKETCH!

But, here is the reality, Artist 15.6 Pro has a laminated 15.6 inches display with 84% Adobe RGB whereas on the other hand Cintiq 16 also has a 15.6 inches display but it is a non-laminated display with 75% Adobe RGB coverage where XP-Pen has more color gamete and takes over Wacom.

XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro review

XP Pen vs Wacom – Working Area

Apart from the display, the working area also plays an equally important role while buying a drawing or graphics tablet. A very large or very small working area can create problems if you are not much experienced, Both Wacom and XP-Pen have different models with different working areas also referred to as the active areas.

Wacom mostly has 3 sizes of tablets, small, medium, and large. Sizes range between 7.9”x6.3” to 32” but not all the models have size options available.

Whereas on the other hand, XP-Pen has a variety of graphics and drawing tablets ranging between 4.8”x3” to 23.8 inches working area. XP-Pen has more options than Wacom, and you can also find more features with a bigger working area tablet.

If you’re a newbie and unfamiliar with withdrawing or graphic tablets, our recommendation is to avoid going with huge or tiny. A moderate drawing or graphic tablet is ideal for most people’s needs.

XP Pen vs Wacom – Performance

Apart from all other aspects, performance stays on the topmost priority of every customer. Performance is accurately measured by analyzing how the device works in the long term and how much defect resistance it is even after using it for a long time.

Drawing or working on a Wacom tablet gives a super fine and smooth experience. Wacom is an older company and has a limited variety, but it focuses on providing the best quality and performance.

Most of the models in Wacom come with a smooth anti-glare glass that gives extra protection as well as smooth working. Whereas, on the other hand, XP-Pen has a lot of variety in a reasonable price range but somewhere lags in performance.

Drawing using an XP-Pen is typically fine, but it lacks Wacom’s easy premium precision. XP-Pen software is notorious for being unreliable, subject to crashes, and requiring a long time to install. There’s no getting past the reality that it’s a considerably less pleasant experience overall.

XP Pen vs Wacom – Features

Both XP-Pen and Wacom tablets come with a different bunch of features. Both companies make graphics and drawing tablets, and each has its own set of strengths and weaknesses.

While XP-Pen tablets are typically less expensive and have more functionality than Wacom tablets, Wacom tablets have a more luxurious and robust design and greater brand awareness.

Usually, the XP-Pen stylus is known to have more pressure levels as compared to the Wacom stylus and is much lighter in terms of weight. XP-Pen stylus is known to have more functions and dual buttons as compared to Wacom.

XP Pen vs Wacom – Shortcut Buttons

Shortcut buttons are the most crucial for any drawing or graphics tablet. More shortcut buttons mean more fast and handy work. Buttons are something that can be quite attractive for anyone looking to buy a drawing or graphics tablet.

When compared to all Wacom tablets, the XP-Pen’s tablet has more shortcut buttons. More shortcut buttons imply less effort. One advantage for the XP-Pen tablet users is that they get dial buttons and wheel rollers in almost all the completely absent models in Wacom tablets.

In the end what matters is, the number, kind, and location of shortcut buttons on a tablet defines how useful it is. The Wacom tablet usually has four shortcut buttons whereas, on the other hand, the XP-Pen tablet usually has six to eight shortcut buttons as well as a roller.

Shortcut buttons allow you to depend much less on the keypad and improve your productivity by allowing you to work more quickly. So clearly, in terms of shortcut buttons, XP-Pen wins the race against Wacom.

XP Pen vs Wacom – Pen Holder

A pen holder is not something that every company provides, but it is equally necessary for the long life of the stylus or pen of drawing or graphics tablet. Wacom vs XP-Pen in terms of pen holder is a win-win situation for XP-Pen because Wacom doesn’t have a pen holder in any of its models at all.

XP-Pen Deco series has an extra advantage of a pen holder that helps to get the stylus in a place and saves it from rolling or sliding when placed on any surface to avoid damage.

Not only does this XP-Pen pen holder come with inbuilt nibs in it that makes it very easy to change or replace a nib whenever you want.  So clearly here, XP-Pen takes over Wacom in respect to Pen Holder.

XP Pen vs Wacom – Driver Software

While using the tablet for the first time driver software is the utmost priority as you can only use it only after the drivers are installed properly. Driver software is one of the most crucial things when working on a drawing tablet.

Wacom is known to provide easy-to-install and update driver software.  XP-Pen on the other hand sometimes gets glitches when someone tries to install a driver for the first time or update.

Wacom tablets have a clear win over XP-Pen in terms of driver software and are known to be handy and easy to update and install driver software.

XP Pen vs Wacom – Warranty

Both Wacom and XP-Pen provide a minimum 1-year product warranty to their customers. Wacom offers different warranties on different products and it also depends on the region to region and markets as well.

Wacom offers more warranty on some products than XP-Pen and is also compatible with more systems and software than XP-Pen. Although both Wacom and XP-Pen are on some pages regarding warranty somewhat Wacom takes over XP-Pen.

XP Pen vs Wacom – Build Quality

The overall quality of the product is something that matters the most. Wacom is known to provide superior superfine quality for years and is a much experienced and older brand than XP-Pen.

XP-Pen also makes good quality products that last longer but Wacom is known to provide a superior and premium build quality and has much heavier products in terms of quality. So build quality is much heavier on Wacom’s side as compared to XP-Pen.

XP Pen vs Wacom – Cost

Everyone has their budget and wants pocket-friendly devices. Wacom has superior and heavy range drawing tablets that can cost you much and might look expensive while on the other hand XP-Pen manufactures more pocket-friendly or cost-effective products with more features as compared to Wacom.

You can get a much more effective stylus sensitivity along with a good quality display at a reasonable price in XP-Pen but to get the same you might have to spend around $500-$600 in Wacom. So clearly, here XP-Pen is more cost-effective as compared to Wacom.

Wacom vs XP-Pen: The Verdict

Both Wacom and XP-Pen are the most known companies when talking about drawing or graphics tablets. From the above comparison, it’s clear that in some aspects Wacom takes over XP-Pen and in some aspects, it proves to be superior to Wacom.

In our view, if you are looking for a good quality product with high performance and are ready to sacrifice some features then you must choose Wacom and if you are looking to buy a drawing tablet with more features and budget-friendly then XP-Pen is the right choice for you.