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How Good is Your Internet Security against Ransomware


Ransomware is increasingly targeting business — and the cost of an attack goes well beyond the ransom.

Ransomware is a type of malware (malicious software) that encrypts your files or locks your computer and requires payment in order for you to regain access. Once you’ve become infected, there is little you can do except pay the ransom.


If you use a PC or mobile device to access the Internet, you are at risk. While ransomware initially targeted individuals, it has grown in sophistication and has begun going after large organizations with growing ransom demands.


Because it’s so profitable, there are new strains arriving all the time, and off-the-shelf ransomware kits are readily available for would-be cyber criminals — no hacking skills required.


Ransom demands are carefully priced to make it easier to pay than fight — or risk permanent data loss. Recently, a California hospital was compelled to pay $17,000 in order to regain access to its electronic medical records. But the actual cost was far greater due to the time expended on the problem as well as losses in revenue (the hospital had to turn away patients) and productivity during the five days the records were locked. The ransom demands for businesses are dramatically higher than those of individuals. And so are the risks.


Unfortunately, traditional antivirus (AV) is not sufficient. Malware is constantly “morphing” to evade AV protections — and it often does. You need a combination of security measures that block malicious files and “sandbox” suspicious traffic.

Attackers know that many organizations have critical gaps in their protection of remote offices, road warriors, mobile devices, and Internet-connected things.

How good is your internet security against Ransomware
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Here is the Easiest way to check How good is your internet security against Ransomware:-

Navigate to https://www.zscaler.com/ and Click on the “Solutions” and then Click on the “Ransomware” option.

Update:- Use https://securitypreview.zscaler.com/ to access this portal directly

How good is your internet security against Ransomware

and here click on the “Check your Security” option.

How good is your internet security against Ransomware

it will look out for Threat Prevention, Access Control and Data Protection report.

How good is your internet security against Ransomware

Based on multiple Security checks like ” Block and executable (.exe) download“, “Detect a Phishing attack“, “Stop a Botnet callback” “Block Social Security number exfiltration” “Block credit card exfiltration” “Block access to adult websites” “Block access to anonymizing websites” etc.

How good is your internet security against Ransomware

To protect against ransomware, a single solution isn’t enough. You need multilayered security, with various tools working together to block malicious traffic.

Try out Some Best Anti Ransomware Tool for Windows PC:-

Bitdefender Anti Ransomware Tool

ZoneAlarm Anti-Ransomware

My this youtube video will help you to make your Windows 10 more secure

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We are recommending Norton Security and McAfee Total Protection protection for Desktop PC.

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