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Your Location Is Currently In Use: What It Means, What To Do

Many Windows 10 users have reported seeing an icon on your taskbar that displays the “your location is currently in use” message when you hover your mouse pointer on it.

This has led to a lot of folks getting worried that invasive apps are tracking their location or something nefarious is going on.

In this article, I will be explaining what the message means, how to find out the apps that are using your location settings, and some tips on how to disable the message or remove it.

What Does “your location is currently in use” Message Mean?

Many normal apps like Calendar, Mail, and especially Maps always use your location feature to enhance their processes. 

These apps request for your location data and Windows 10 has made provisions for the apps to be able to detect where you are and get the necessary information they need.

Some other users have even reported seeing another pop-up message saying their location was just recently accessed.

The issue of whether the message is good or bad all depends on which app is using the location feature. 

If the apps are all official apps, then chances are your privacy will be maintained and your location will only be used by the apps to enhance their process. 

You’ll be able to get content that’s tailored to your zone and by extension your needs. Allowing some apps to access your location feature might even help you access content that’s accessible by only folks in a particular region.

But if you’re still worried about privacy issues and you want to be “better safe than sorry, then you should go through the fixes below that will help you get rid of the message and also of apps accessing your location.

What To Do When Confronted With The “your location is currently in use” Message

There are a few options users could take when confronted with the “your location is currently in use” message. 

You might choose to totally disable your location feature or other drastic measures but the truth is, some apps need your location to work better. Without location in apps like Maps, you won’t even be able to use it effectively. 

So, this means there must be other things you can do to alleviate your fears about the message signaling an intrusion. 

I have compiled a few options that range from total disabling to controlling the apps amongst other options. Choose the option that meets your preference. 

1. Totally Disabling The Location Feature

I am starting from here because it is a really direct option. Like I have pointed out below, you will lose the effectiveness of some apps if you totally disable the location feature.

If however you still feel like you just need to, to make you feel more safe and secure, then by all means follow the process below in disabling the location feature.

How To Disable

Navigate to the Settings menu by using the shortcut keys Windows + I.

In the Settings menu, search for and click on the Privacy section.

Your Location Is Currently In Use

On the left-hand side of your screen, click on the Location tab. Then move to the right-hand side of your screen to click on Change.

Your Location Is Currently In Use

A pop-up menu will appear, this menu is where you will be able to toggle the location feature off. 

Do that and apps won’t be able to use your location feature anymore until you follow the same process above and toggle it back on.

2. Restricting Location Feature Usage To A Few Apps

Now, this is not as gung-ho as the first tip. In fact, it is quite precise because it deals with the problem. 

The problem most people feel is not the “your location is currently in use” message itself, it is the idea that somebody is probably spying on them that leads folks to want to get rid of the message at all cost.

Now, this fix promises to help ensure that the only apps allowed to use the location feature are apps that actually need the data to function well. 

Apps like Maps need to be able to pinpoint your exact location to provide quality information about distances and routes. 

How To Restrict Apps 

Navigate to the Settings menu (you can use the same way I already described above to get there)

Then in the menu, click on Location. 

When the Location menu opens up, you will have to scroll down to find the option you need. 

Scroll down and click on Choose Apps That Can Use Your Precise Location.

Your Location Is Currently In Use: What It Means, What To Do

This is where you’ll find the apps that are already accessing your location. You can now toggle off their access if you feel the app does not need the Location feature to work properly.

I have to point out a drawback though. Third-party apps will have to be individually checked if their allowed permissions include using the Location feature.

This is because sometimes the apps that are in the list above may not totally contain all of the apps using the Location feature.

3. Changing Your Timezone Setting From Automatic To Manual

This is not following the trend of the two fixes above. This fix is mainly based on removing the annoying “your location is currently in use” message from your taskbar.

For users who aren’t concerned about apps using the Location feature and who just want to get rid of the pesky message, then this fix is probably what will help you.

How To? 

Navigate to the Settings app (Windows + I).

Then find and click on the Time & Language option.

Your Location Is Currently In Use: What It Means, What To Do

You’ll find the option that reads Set Time Zone Automatically. Toggle it off.

Your Location Is Currently In Use

You will now have to go to the Time Zone menu and manually select your country’s time zone from the list of options provided.

Your Location Is Currently In Use: What It Means, What To Do

The good part about this fix is that most desktops don’t need automatic time zones because the system won’t be moving through different time zones.

The only drawback is for users who travel between different time zones a lot and they want an updated time when using their laptops. 

You will have to forgo that privilege (of your system automatically detecting changes in time zones and changing your time to suit the changes) to ensure the message is gotten rid of.

4. Trying To Get Rid Of The “your location is currently in use” Message By Modifying Your Registry

This fix seems like overkill because modifying the registry is not a process that is to be taken lightly. 

If you don’t do it correctly, you risk damaging more serious system processes.

For users who aren’t familiar with modifying registry, you should probably try out all of the tips in this article first before using this fix as a last resort if nothing works out.

But for users who are familiar, I’ll just plead caution and explain the steps in a simpler way below. 

I’ll also remind you to backup all your registry keys first before continuing with the process below.

Modifying Registry

The first step is to open a Run dialog box (Windows + R).

Then input Regedit inside the box and click on Enter.

Now follow the navigation below exactly as it is outlined. Any mistakes here can lead to worse issues than a message popping up.


After ensuring you followed the navigation correctly, find the option that reads Status and double-click on it. 

You’ll be allowed to change the Value Data. Set that Value Data to 0.

Then select the OK button to confirm the changes you have made. This should ensure that the message does not pop up.

5. Checking For Windows Updates

It might seem like a far-fetched fix but it is not. This fix is usually reliable especially when you’ve tried a lot of fixes but still failed to get rid of the message.

Bugs in Windows apps processes have been known to cause glitches in the system and this sometimes spills over to the Location feature process.

That might just be the trigger that’s been making the message pop up on your taskbar. 

Even though there are always automatic updates going on without you knowing it, it is quite possible to still miss out on updates.

This is why it might be worth the try to just check for updates, update if available, and then see if it helps get rid of the “your location is currently in use” message.

Updating Windows

Follow this navigation Settings > Updates & Security > Check For Updates.

Then your system should check for updates if available and install them.

Your Location Is Currently In Use: What It Means, What To Do

If the problem came from bugs in the Windows OS version process, then the persistent message will stop.


The “your location is currently in use” message is not necessarily a bad thing. It may just mean that an app is using your Location feature to provide more accurate data to you (like in the case of Maps).

However, in this modern world where attacks come from nowhere, it is important we are sure of what can access important features like the location.  

If you’re the type that needs some apps to use the location feature, totally disabling it won’t work. So, you just have to figure out which fix will work for you.

Thanks for reading and share in the comments section below if you have any fix not mentioned here.