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Your Tender Submission or Quotation – Get It Right


Winning a construction project isn’t as easy as it seems. It’s not about bidding the lowest price and getting away with it. One must not take a tender submission lightly. Be as professional as you can be. If one leaves out anything from the tender presentation, it may culminate into price disqualification or that the tender is evaluated sans access to the required relevant information. A client can have a number of submissions to evaluate and won’t think of reading all the tender submissions to look for the required information which wasn’t readily available.

Technology has made things easier. The best construction estimating software is one of the answers. Nevertheless, other prerequisites must be fulfilled to win a tender.

What Should a Submission Contain?

Either some of them or all should be included in the tender:

  1. An index
  2. Covering letter
  3. Final price or form of tender
  4. Technical and clarifications and qualifications
  5. The tender schedule
  6. Breakdown of the cost
  7. Proposed project management organization chart of the contractor and the curriculum vitae of the senior staff
  8. A list of subcontractors and equipment
  9. Deliverables requested by the client (including proof of insurance, cash flow, and histograms)
  10. Company profile with a list of similar projects completed by the contractor
  11. Documentation and safety information
  12. Quality documentation
  13. Documentation and environmental management information
  14. Traffic management plans
  15. Work methodologies, the project approach, and considerations for the tender
  16. Company brochures (including financial statements and safety statistics)
  17. Use the best bidding software for construction to get things right.

Have more and more information to showcase that the company has a complete understanding of the project and has the resources and personnel to make the project successful. Sections such as quality and safety should be included in separate divisions and not distributed across other facets of the submission. It may result in the reviewer just reviewing a part of the relevant information.

It is important to know that different people or departments review the tenders in the client’s organization. The bid is then divided into relevant sections further distributed to different people not necessarily linked to the project but may be requested to review all the safety documentation of the tenderers’. When they do not get a full submission from a bidder, they will presume it was not made part of and provide the tender with a poor rating. It affects the chances of the contractor winning the project. On the contrary, had the tenderer used the best construction bidding software, things would have been different.

Note the tips below on how to write a tender submission:

  • Structure it well: clear, logical and well organized
  • Provide all the details (as discussed above)
  • Follow the selection criteria
  • Pick the correct referees
  • Don’t forget to proofread the tender
  • Submit the tender within the schedule

The best construction estimating software can help the user in doing so quickly.

Tender Judgement

Tenders are scored on price as well as other items in the submission such as safety plans, quality documentation, schedule, and methodology.

The client has a definite method to score and judge the tenders and generally takes a lot of factors into account including the price. The process follows a set formula given in the tender document. The contractor needs to understand how to work the method to ensure maximizing the scores. The items to be seen by the client should be highlighted clearly and should be in line with the requirements of the client.

For instance, a few clients would score the contractor’s price as 90% of the total score. The remaining 10% comprises factors such as the number of indigenous employees, local ownership of the company, the total amount of money to be spent in the local community, the experience of the construction team, resources available for the project and the contractor’s safety record.

Use the best construction estimating software.

How to Check the Submission

  1.       The documentation pleaded by the client is complete and is encompassed
  2. Al the pages are printed and included (pages are left out often in the binding pages or while printing, errors leading to blank pages)
  3. Documentation is presented in an easy to read format and logical.

Some of the best construction estimating and bidding software have in-built ability to help you achieve this without the need to cross check.

To Sum Up

So, now you know if you weren’t awarded the construction project irrespective of all the hard work you did, the reasons lie right here in this article. You could not convince, but now you know what to do. The best, of course, is using best construction estimating software available in the market.


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