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YouTube Marketing Ideas: Get the Best Results

YouTube Marketing Ideas: Get the Best Results

YouTube is one of the biggest search engines on the internet. It is the dominating platform for viewing videos and it was a cradle for many lifestyle bloggers, who later spread their influence to other social media. Marketing for YouTube is a complicated task.

And the ones who don’t become flexible as new features and actions are introduced to the network, will slowly lose their popularity online. You must understand that just buying more cheap views on YouTube is not enough. 


Now we want to share with our readers some ideas that can help to grow a successful marketing strategy for your channel on this grand social platform.


YouTube Marketing Ideas: Get the Best Results

Visual perception is primary to humans. It means that the way your channel looks is very important to the potential followers. Your goal is to make it appealing and pleasant to the eye, and at the same time, the visuals must display what your channel is about. Also, profile pic, cover images, thumbnails, and other image contents have to reveal your personality a little. Here are the most important tips to remember when you are working on the looks of your profile:

  • For profile picture, prefer an up-to-shoulder portrait, which shows you at your best. Or choose a significant look, that makes you recognizable and standing out
  • Choose a color scheme that will be associated with your channel. Stick to it when editing videos, and use a specific font, that will also add some uniqueness to your content
  • Put a lot of effort into the creation of thumbnails for your videos. This little picture is the first thing that a viewer sees, so it has to capture the attention and give a clue about what this particular video is about. 
  • Create a logo or mascot that will be identifying your content on YouTube. That feature will also help you to stand out from your competitors. It can be anything that marks your channel – your favorite hat, your pet, accessory, or a cup.
  • Add a trailer – short video-presentation of you that will also encourage occasional visitors to stay longer and look through your content. 


Along with images, comes the description. Without engaging titles and proper descriptions, your videos will lose a huge part of the audience. A compelling title increases the chance to engage the viewer. And this is your primary goal – to lure as many people as possible to your channel. And the rules to get engaging titles are:

  • Use hyperbolizing to highlight the topic, e.g. “Insane hacks for your kitchen”
  • Lists are also a good choice, e.g. “Ten insane hacks for your kitchen”
  • One of the most popular types of video on YouTube is How-to’s, e.g. “How to make your kitchen better with ten insane hacks”

The description is an important tool in your marketing strategy too. There you can not only write about your video, but add links to your other profiles on social media, related videos. The description field also serves to promote collaborations, ask questions, and leave your thoughts expressed to viewers. 

And finally, captions are love. Do not rely on automatic subs that YouTube offers to you. Putting some time and effort into writing and uploading your own subtitles is a huge step towards the expansion of your audience. For example, many foreigners do know English, but perceiving a live speech, which has the accent, slang words, can be hard for them. But with captions to help them, people will be understanding you better, thus becoming your loyal fans. 


Even though many people consider YouTube just as a video search engine, it is a social media platform, also like Linkedin. The community on this network is one of the biggest in the world. And it is not passive at all. The best result can be achieved if you are constantly interacting with your audience. People love communicating here. They can show their appreciation and attitude by like or dislike, express their opinion in comments, and share what they think is interesting to their friends. 

So if you want to promote your channel and become a YouTube celebrity, start talking to your viewers! We share these tips to help you:

  • Get closer to your most loyal followers, be friendly and sincere
  • Always be polite. No need to get formal, but creating a positive vibe is a must
  • Encourage your viewers to tell what they think of your content. You can do that with CTA – just ask them to at the end of your video, write that in the description. 
  • Learn to differ critique that can be used for good, from stupid spam and hate comments. But if haters gonna hate, use it for your promotion strategy instead of getting upset. 
  • At the same time, prevent bullying and violence in your community, insulting and bickering are not playing well for your audience
  • Time to time organize contests or giveaways, make exclusive merch for that to drive the interest of your viewers higher
  • Talk to your followers. Respond to comments and leave your own to keep up the tempo


There are many methods that can be added to your promotion strategy on YouTube. But the main points of any strategy are concentration and planning. In this article, we gave you some tips that are easy to accomplish, and they get you a good result shortly.

But without high-quality content, neither of them will not work for your growth. You can hire a dozen specialists and spend a ton of money on promotion, but if you are not doing something truly interesting and engaging, all that would be just wasted. We wish you good luck and much inspiration!