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10 Best Free Games for Windows

There are millions of games of different genres. But the wider the selection the harder the choice. That is why we decided to present TOP 10 entertaining games which you can find on toomkygames.com. 

Best 2D Games Of All Time 1

1. Farm Frenzy 3 

Farm Frenzy 3 is a strategy and a simulator. You are a professional farmer which tries to breed different kinds of living creatures. You have a dream to try and raise as many kinds of animals as it is possible. The main task is to manage five farms located around the world. 


  • Endure 95 levels in total – you will travel around the world. 
  • Choose between 30 kinds of animals but beware – they have natural enemies! 
  • Gather 33 organic products and build 17 structures. 

Become the best farmer in the world! 

2. Solitaire Classic 

Solitaire Classic is a card game. 

The main goal is to put cards in the correct order. There are many kinds of this game but this one a is a classic variant of patience. Start with 2 with a red or black suit and then try to find 3 with an opposite suit color. Gather all 4 stacks from to 2 to Ace and win! 


  • This is a classic version for true patience lovers. 
  • Simple but very engaging gameplay. 
  • Apply logic and a bit of luck to win! 

Time to bring order to your deck! 

3. The Treasures of Montezuma  

The Treasures of Montezuma is a match-three game. 

You are an adventurer who follows the trail leading to the lost treasures of Aztec emperor Montezuma. It is presumably hidden in Mexican mountains. Match three or more gems in a row to make progress through the levels. 


  • Engaging story – the treasures of Montezuma await! 
  • Decent graphics and great animations of gems exploding. 
  • Additional content – unlock 8 secret levels and 4 game modes. 

 Can you find the treasures of the Aztec emperor? 

4. Vampire Saga: Welcome to Hell Lock 

Vampire Saga: Welcome to Hell Lock game is attributed to the hidden object genre. 

Your hero finds himself in an abandoned city Hill Lock after a motorcycle crash. But something is not right – this place is full of monsters! Solve puzzles to find a way out. 


  • Creepy surroundings create an atmosphere of horror. 
  • Unpredictable plot twists and disturbing events. 
  • 35 locations and complex mini-games. 

Can you escape this creepy town? Find out now! 

5. New Yankee 7: Deer Hunters  

New Yankee 7: Deer Hunters is a real-time strategy. 

During a hunt, King Arthur meets a magic deer. He ordered our main heroes John and Mary to find this fascinating creature because he produces gold with his hooves. But this deer also brings too many problems… 


  • Unique obstacles, new structures and monsters. 
  • Interesting mini-games with rewards, 
  • Three stages of difficulty – easy, normal and expert. 

Discover the mystery of a magic deer! 

6. Castle Secrets: Between Day and Night  

The genre of this game is RPG and hidden objects search. 

The ancient Hildegard Order will soon perish before the overwhelming evil force. The Dark Prophecy is about to be fulfilled. But there is a hero who can defeat the Darkness. 


  • This game is ideal for Castlevania fans. 
  • Many game modes add more fun. 
  • Interesting and dark plot with lots of twists. 

Find an Ancient Weapon and defeat The Evil! 

7. Moai 6: Unexpected Guests 

This is a real-time strategy. 

Emerge into the adventures of Hika-ri and Hao-Ri twins – they have to defend their home against foreigners. Gather recourses, trade and feed hungry giants! 


  • Every level can be completed using a different path. 
  • Teach your heroes how to use runic magic and use potions. 
  • Beat more than 60 unique levels! 

Beat all unexpected guests to save your island! 

8. Hermes: Rescue Mission 

This is another interesting real-time strategy. 

The Ancient Greek Gods have been forgotten. Beasts walk on the streets and rivers are poisoned. Hades is about to attack the people on the surface. Only Hermes can save all using his strength and cleverness. 


  • Use the powers of Greek Gods and progress through levels. 
  • Defeat Hades, Moira, Cerberus and other enemies. 
  • Beat all 50 levels to achieve victory. 

Hurry up or Hades will rule the world! 

9. Ashley Clark: Secret of The Ruby 

Another mysterious quest where you have to find hidden objects. 

You play as Ashley Clark – a professional detective. Discover the secrets of mysterious kidnappings. The only clue is a ruby pendant which sends a strange message. 


  • Discover the mystery of an underground cult. 
  • Progress through 34 levels and play 34 mini-games. 
  • Adjust the difficulty level to make the game more challenging. 

Look closely at the pendant’s ornament and discover the terrible truth. 

10. Alex Gordon 

This is an ideal game for platformer fans. 

Alex Gordon is a cat and a treasure hunter. He has found a mysterious amulet that magically traps Gordon’s sister Alice. Now he must travel through the island to save her. 

  • 5 biomes with fancy graphics. 
  • Many bonus levels to diversify the fun. 
  • Funny character’s animation and increasing level difficulty. 

Reach Gordon’s sister before it is too late! 

We hope that you will enjoy every game mentioned in the list. Thanks to toomkygames site you can play it right now. Choose the best project and have fun.