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Welcome to Technical Ustad, 

On technical ustad, our main motto is to provide the detailed Tech How-to, App and Tech Product reviews.

We want to show you some statics about our website which you are not going to get with any SEO tools. 😊

Technicalustad is hosted on Kinsta Premium WordPress Hosting which is Powered by Google Cloud Platform and its 20 global data centers.

We are using their Business 1 Plan ( 100 USD per month ) to deliver the best optimized and secure webpages to our readers. 🙂

As you saw in the below screenshot we reached 100,000 visitors per month but if you checked any SEO tool result you are not going to find this.

Now it’s time to revel other traffic info that any SEO tool is not going to Show.

Technicalustad domain and DNS are both hosted on Cloudflare and below is the statics of our traffic.

Now it’s time to view the Google Search console


Now it’s time to show you How much quality content we are publishing which you can find Google Analytics Avg. page time-on-page which is average 04.35 minutes.

By seeing our referring domains you are going to amazed. 🤷‍♂️

and finally, here is Similarweb data.

E-mail ID:- [email protected]

Guest Post on Technicalustad

How to Find Authority Blogs For Guest Post in Your Niche

Yes we are accepting Paid Guest Post’s on Technicalustad.com, Email your request at [email protected]

Guest posts that are geared towards only sharing your link or that of your client will no longer be accepted. Your article must be of value to our audience with actionable tips that will make them come back for more.

Articles with generic content that are of no value to our readers will no longer be published. Your guest post must offer specific information and must go straight to the point. If you must build up to your main point, the build-up must be organized in headers for clarity.

The sort of content we prefer for guest posts is How to GuidesTipsChecklistsCase studiesInfographics, etc. Gambling-themed content will not be accepted. Articles about cryptocurrencies MUST stick to the technology bit and avoid the get-rich-quick bit.

Here is the Post Requirement:-

  • Article Must be Tech ( Essay writing, Casino, Gambling Kind of the niche are not accepted )
  • We are not providing a link on any Amazon affiliate keywords.
  • Recommend Word count is 1000 with two images.
  • Only one Do-Follow Links are allowed Per post.
  • We will add One High-Authority and One Internal Links.

Note:- If your budget is Low, kindly find out another tech website.

Resellers, please stay away.

If you are looking for Free Guest post opportunities then follow this How to Find Authority Blogs For Guest Post in Your Niche. 🙂