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5 Best Ways to Get 100 HQ Backlinks

Do you know that the vast majority of the Internet traffic is of organic nature in the sense that it is obtained from anywhere else but Google searching? As it is clearly demonstrated in the study of 2017, about 95% of roughly two million pages were discovered by visitors on websites other than Google itself. The fact clearly proves the utmost importance of effective backlinking.

How to View Backlinks in Google Analytics

A backlink is what directs visitors on other websites to yours, and the same is true for links leading to your partners, which you may put on your page.

What matters is the quality of referring websites, though. The more trusted the resource is, the higher is the ranking obtained after Google, Yandex, or other search engines do the “crawling” part of the job and discover your backlink there.

Trusted referring websites mean that your website may as well be seen as credible. This illustrates the importance of building a profile of 100 (and maybe even a thousand!) high-quality backlinks wisely. Let’s see how SEO specialists commonly approach the task today.


You may handle the task on your own, or you may let external suppliers of that kind of service take care of that aspect of search engine optimization. The second path is safer for starters who don’t have an experienced team of technical specialists yet.

Even for a small growing company, there are affordable link building packages for traffic and sales boost. With them, you may get a set of dofollow (in other words – having a special attribute and thus seen by search engines as working) backlinks on trusted resources for a reasonable price.

Teaming with others

This may take a variety of forms. One way is to build relations with other industry participants and settle for a backlink exchange agreement with some of them. For that, you need some degree of reputation in the sense that your website should be seen as credible.

However, it is possible to have your backlink placed even without doing anything as a return favor – except maybe for a demonstration of a friendly attitude. The credibility of your website is still an indispensable requirement.

Why is Broken Link Building Method So Effective?

The method works as follows:

  1. First, you search for websites with broken links (hence the name) that direct visitors to a non-existent “404” resource of a subject similar to yours.
  2. Then you contact webmasters of all those websites and inform them that you have just discovered a link that is not working. Having a broken link is bad for rankings, so they would be happy to deactivate them.
  3. What a coincidence! Your website is of a subject similar to the page which is now 404. Instead of erasing the broken link, why not replace it with a new one leading to your website? All chances are that at least some would agree.

It is not that easy, of course, because in order to increase the chances of successful link replacement, you will need to do a very thorough research job in the first place. What was the 404 page like when it worked, what keywords led to it in web search, how similar were those to your website’s – things like that. This video for SEO specialists examines all tiny aspects of the broken link building method, explaining how to perform it properly to bring you the plausible additional conversion of at least 10%.

Guest posting and infographics

Probably the most natural way to use the content for visitor attraction. The most desirable outcome is having your articles posted on popular and highly ranked websites where you will have many readers clicking on the links which lead to your resource.

On the other hand, social media platforms are a natural and free alternative to being published on resources that are not so easy to get to in the first place. If buying sponsored blog posts is not an option, you may put all the stakes on social media promotion through likes and reposts.

Why Infographics?

When planting backlinks in social media articles and blogs, pay attention to illustrations. In their recommendations on how to increase brand recognition, Buffer experts named visual marketing one of the most powerful tools to increase brand recognition. It is all pure science: that’s how our brain works, constantly reinforcing brands’ perception with visuals!

Writing skills matter

Writing guest posts professionally requires skill and experience. Using an arbitrary anchor in the text for a link just won’t do. You will have to keep an eye on many nuances, such as where to place it organically, and what will be the phrases around it.

Learning from your rivals

Competitors will always be there, so it is a good idea to learn more about their strong sides and weaknesses. This approach consumes time and attention, though.

Like you, other participants on the same market segment are bothered with building their own high-quality backlinks profiles. Everyone has their own strategy, whether effective or not. You will have to spy on them and discover approaches they follow, and which ones bring more customers: when do they usually post their updates, what websites and social media platforms they chose for that, and why.

To make it easier, use automated Google alerts to be always informed 24/7. You really need answers to all those questions above – just like your competitors need answers in your respect and are probably working to find them

Internal Link building

Backlinks are obviously external, but internal links still can help. Placing internal links is also a way to increase your website’s recognition. There are two main sides to this:

  • It keeps visitors’ attention longer. When reading an article on a certain subject, they may pay attention to a related subject and go for another page. The clear and easy website navigation makes them return later for more updates;
  • Active internal links always attract attention from search engine crawlers and eventually lead to higher rankings. The higher it is – the more trusted resource you have. A growing reputation like that makes it easier to partner with external websites to exchange backlinks with them.

What is Quality of Backlinks About?

It is clear by now that not any backlink counts. To get maximum return from SEO investments, it is vital to approach backlink building strategy smartly and go for the methods that really work.

First, make it clear whether you are doing that alone or not. If not, then choose the most desired package to build backlinks for the price that suits you. If you do have enough internal resources, you’ll still have to decide on the approach.

Probably one of the most effective ones is the broken link building method because it allows getting new business partners instead of competitors wishing to sink you, the sooner the better. It is also an effective way to get a backlink for a small favor in return and increase the visitors’ conversion rate a bit.