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5 Things You Can Do On TikTok That You Might Not Know About

Videos with various messages, of different formats and types, take up the whole world. It is by far the most viewed type of content in the world. The number of creators who start making videos and sharing them on social networks is increasing exponentially every day.

Authors use various platforms to share their creations. At the moment, the two main platforms for publishing and distributing this type of content are YouTube and TikTok. If the first one is more used to publish long videos of various kinds, such as reviews, interviews, mini-movies, then the second one is used to create and post short videos, many of which become viral in a matter of seconds.

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Each of these platforms has a host of tools that can be used by both authors and ordinary viewers. In this regard, we decided to prepare useful information about actions on TikTok, which can be useful for both viewers and authors.

Privacy settings

Not every user wants to become an author who will make their videos and upload them so that other users can view them. If you want to use this social network just to be a viewer, then you have the option to make your page public so that other users can view what you like, or you can keep your privacy.

To maintain your privacy and not allow other users to view videos you like, you just need to go to the settings, select the section about privacy and security, and then make your page private. Moreover, in this section, you can configure other settings related to subscribers, messages, and comments.

The ability to make a personal account private is a lifeboat for parents whose children are active users of the app. This is due to the fact that if the account is open, then the child can receive messages from all users. However, like any other social network, this application can be used by intruders who can take advantage of your child. In this regard, if it is in your interest to protect your child, then be sure to take this opportunity.

Upload a video already taken

On this platform, you can not only create your videos and edit them, but you can also upload what is already in the gallery of your smartphone. This is convenient because you can use other editors and then download them for publishing.

To do this, you will need to go to the video creation section, and then at the bottom right, you will see the function of downloading an existing video stored in the memory of your smartphone. After that, the editing functions will also be available, so you can make additional manipulations to make the video flawless.

Download video

The authors publish many useful videos that can be handy for you in life. You can like them so as not to lose. However, if you are an active user, then you probably like a lot of videos a day and the one you want to save can easily get lost among all the others. You can scroll through the saved ones for hours and still not find what you need.

In this regard, if you need to save something, then you can use the go to the qload.info website, where you can download the video to your smartphone or computer in a matter of seconds so as not to lose it.

You can also try to download what you need right in the app. However, this can be somewhat difficult, as some publishers can set their account settings so that their content is not available for download by other users.

You can try to download videos of different bloggers, but if you constantly stumble upon the impossibility of downloading, then in this case, in order to avoid such situations, it is better to immediately use the aforementioned service where you can download any video.

Create animated image

In addition to text messages, communication in messengers now mostly consists of memes, GIFs, emoticons, and stickers. They can easily express your emotions instead of words. This social platform allows each user to turn a video into an animated image that can be saved or shared with their friends.

If you find a video that describes your emotions, then you don’t need to use a third-party service to turn it into a GIF, as it can be done in the app. You just need to find the video you want, click on “Share”, and then select the “Share as GIF” option. After that, you will be offered to select the moment of the video and its duration that you want to turn into this image format.

Shooting a video 

Authors who have been creating various content on this platform for a long time are probably aware of the many features of this application. However, some beginners who are just starting out as a blogger may not be aware that they do not need to use third-party services to create content.

5 Things You Can Do On TikTok That You Might Not Know About

If you want to record a video in the application, then you need to hold the button the whole time. However, this is quite inconvenient, especially when you do a lot of takes, then after the second video, your hand will get tired.

In this case, you can not do without a tripod for the phone. If you already have this equipment, then you can use the timer function, where you can adjust the start time for video recording. For convenience, you can set a timer for 10 seconds to get yourself ready before shooting begins.


If you study in detail the opportunities offered by social platforms, you can find a lot of useful features. In addition to the built-in features and capabilities of TikTok, you can also use third-party services that can achieve the result that you want to get.