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6 Ways to Work Remotely and Stay Well

Remote work for many is the ideal type of employment. However, this is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. This requires strong skills of self-organization and discipline. A Lot of people can’t figure out how to set up a routine at home.

Otherwise, the dream job can turn into a real test. And it doesn’t matter if we are talking about manual testing skills or vacancies in any other area. Today we will talk about how to work remotely and not go crazy while you’re at it.

6 Ways to Work Remotely and Stay Well

There are a couple of things you can make a part of your routine if you haven’t already. Some things will work for you while others quite won’t. Read on below to find out a few ways you can work at home and stay healthy.

Keep normal hours

The problem with most remote workers is that they don’t know how to organize work properly. They’re so used to working at an office that the thought of working at home doesn’t sit quite well with them. They don’t know how to manage their routine around their work hours and how to be productive at home with so many distractions. As a result, there is a feeling that the work is absorbing all of their time. 

To avoid this situation, you need to follow a certain schedule. If the company you work for starts its day at 9:00 and ends at 18:00, then you’d be better off adapting to that mode. Don’t forget to take breaks for lunch and take your days off. Only this way can you maintain a balance between personal life and work.

Set up a routine

You can’t be productive without allowing yourself some time to take a break and relax. So routine is very important. Even if you don’t follow a set schedule, you should make sure that your workday starts nicely. You should have a good morning routine that energizes you for the day. If you’re fresh from the start you’ll be more productive for the day.  For example, you can listen to music, drink coffee or chat with your colleagues. 

Among other things, it will be useful for maintaining communication with your team, so you can stay up to date with what is happening and always maintain a conversation with the right people. Starting the day early will be very beneficial for you. You’ll have an idea of all the tasks you’re supposed to do during the day and effectively schedule your day according to that.

Organize your workspace

If the house is your main place of work, you need to take care of its organization. If you do not have a separate room to allocate for work, it’s okay, just set up a desk where you come to work only. The bottom line is that the brain needs to understand where work ends and rest begins. You have to take note here that your bed is for sleep and your desk is for work. Don’t mix them up.

If possible, choose a comfortable table, chair, and a quiet place where you can concentrate.  If you have children at home, then consider purchasing headphones. Keep your desk organized to avoid additional distractions. Make sure you have all your work essentials near you before you start working to avoid getting up frequently.

Minimize distractions

The most important factor to take care of while you work from home is to minimize all the distractions that would make you lose your focus. During work, turn off notifications on your gadgets, leaving only the important ones. Put your phone in a locker if possible. If you need to check email or social media, do it on a schedule, so you can avoid wasting your time and losing focus.

Also, if you live with someone, then you will need to establish rules. For example, during working hours you cannot be distracted or you can do this only during certain hours. This is important when you live in a shared apartment or if you’re married. You need to have a separate room in case you need to attend a call or join a meeting in silence.

Mind your nutrition

When choosing a remote job, you have to be careful about your diet. Anyone who has ever tried working from home knows that the refrigerator is the enemy of productivity. Therefore, it is best to plan meals for the whole day in advance or use a timer for meals. For many, preparing meals for the week ahead becomes a solution. 

You also have to be mindful of what you eat. It’s so easy to just grab a bag of chips and a tub of ice cream while you work. Make sure you prepare half your meals a week before and take 40 to 60-minute breaks to have a good nutritious meal.

Avoid isolation

Most people are hesitant to start freelance manual testing jobs or other remote jobs due to a lack of communication. Few people are comfortable without a social environment. However, even if you are one of those who prefer to work all alone, we recommend that you remember to communicate with people. At the same time, communication should be lively. Also, do not forget to regularly walk outside. To diversify on weekdays, try working in a cafe or a coworking space.

Every once in a while do get out of your room and have a quick chat with your family and friends. Being isolated for so long can only affect your mental health.


Working remotely has been a lifesaver for many. It does have a lot of benefits and people are actively choosing to work from home. It’s convenient and has tremendous potential. However, to maintain balance and live a normal life, it is necessary to carefully approach the issue of organization. Use our recommendations and make working from home comfortable and productive.