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7 Top EV Driving And Charging Tips In Hot Weather

Owning an EV is one thing but driving it in summer comes with its own challenges and hurdles. Like gasoline vehicles have an engine that is susceptible to overheating, EVs have batteries that may overheat owing to a failed thermal management system. Thus, to maintain the EV’s battery range and overall performance in the summer season, it is crucial to follow a few tips that will save your EV from hot weather effectively. These best practices will help you make the most efficient use of battery range, charging speeds, and time besides saving a lot of money. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

7 Top EV Driving And Charging Tips In Hot Weather

7 Best Practices For Efficient Driving And Charging An EV In Summers

Check out the following tips for hassle-free EV charging and driving in the hot weather.  

Conduct Proper Route Planning And Plotting

Planning and plotting your route in advance is one of the best tips for all EV owners. It will allow you to extend your EV range and give you proper information about all the charging stops in the route. The battery power of your EV will reduce quickly in hot weather. So, it is beneficial to plan your errands and stops during the peak temperature of the day. Moreover, it will take more for your EV to get back to its full capacity in the hot weather. 

With proper planning and plotting you can schedule everything and even locate the nearby charging stations to charge your vehicle. For example, if you live in Phoenix, you can search for nearby stations by typing the term “nearby charging stations Phoenix” and locate all the EV charging stations. This will remove the hassle of making special tips for charging stations in the hot weather as you can pick the ones that come your way while performing your daily operations.

Charge During Mild Temperatures

When you are using your EV in the hot weather, it is advised to charge your vehicle in the early morning or evening when the temperature is moderate. The extreme heat in hot weather can affect the charging speed of your vehicle so it is beneficial to pick the off-peak times to charge your vehicle. Moreover, it will protect your vehicle components from overheating which will elongate the life of your vehicle.

Besides this, several providers raise the service charge in the peak hours. Charging in off-peak hours will further reduce the overall cost of the charging session.

In addition to this, try to opt for slow chargers rather than fast ones during hot temperatures as the slow ones generate less heat while charging.

Cool Down Your EV Before Any Trip If Possible

Some EV cars come with smart features to regulate the interior temperature of the car with your smart app. This is highly beneficial in the hot weather. You can cool down your car interiors before you want to take it out on the road in hot weather. This will reduce the strain on the battery for immediate cooling in high temperatures as the cabin will be at moderate temperature before you start driving. This will further elongate the life of the battery pack of your EV. Moreover, you will enjoy a cool and comfortable cabin whenever you will sit in your vehicle.

Try To Park In The Shade When Outside

It is better to park your EV in the shade whenever you park your EV outside to reduce the heat buildup in the vehicle. In case you cannot find any shade, you can invest in mirror shades or reflective window covers to reduce the sun rays from entering your vehicle which will further reduce the overall interior temperature of the vehicle. These little steps will reduce the consumption of AC in your car on a regular basis which will further give you some extra miles on your vehicle.

Besides this, with prolonged exposure of the car to the heat, the performance of the battery pack of the car will reduce. So, by parking the car in the shade or using the above-mentioned protective measures, you can prevent overheating and let the vehicle cool down naturally.

Keep An Eye On Battery Temperature In Hot Weather

You should always keep an eye on the battery temperature and SOC (State of Charge) of your EV, especially during the hot weather. Most electric vehicles come with a BMS (Battery Management System) which gives real-time information on the SOC and temperature of the vehicle. You can access the information through the dedicated EV app or vehicle smart screen.

If the temperature of the battery rises in any unfortunate event, then you must take a break from driving the EV immediately. Park your vehicle at a ventilated place and let your car cool down before you continue with the journey.

Drive Smartly And Safely

Smart and safe driving will further elongate the life of your battery and reduce the overall maintenance cost of the vehicle. Avoid sudden acceleration and deceleration events and try to drive your EV at a steady pace to get the maximum miles from your battery. Avoid going over the specified speed limit and follow all the other safety protocols.

If your car features an Eco mode, then make sure you use it when you drive your car on the road in hot weather. The mode will adjust the settings of your car’s low energy consumption and optimize the efficiency level of your battery.

With safe and smart driving, you will enjoy rides, keep your vehicle safe, and elongate the life of the battery pack of your EV.

Maximize The Usage Of Home Charger If Possible

If you have a home charger installed at your property, try to use it to charge your vehicle, especially in hot weather. With the home charger, you can charge the vehicle overnight when the temperature is lower which will allow you to charge your vehicle properly.

You will enjoy the freedom to access the charger anytime without waiting in a queue. Moreover, you don’t have to visit a charging station every time you need to charge your vehicle. 

Besides all this, the home charger works at Level 1 or Level 2 charging which produces less heat while charging than the DC fast chargers. This is highly beneficial in hot weather as you can protect the components of the vehicle from overheating.

Some Last Words

Hot weather directly impacts the performance of EVs and thus, it is essential to optimize the battery’s efficiency for minimal energy consumption. By following the above-mentioned tips, you can easily take care of your EV’s charging and driving in the best way. We are sure it will help you maintain the perfect EV performance conveniently.