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Currently Looking For In A Maintainance Technician

A laudable maintenance technician must be versatile, multi-talented, and must possess technical skills and capabilities in several areas of expertise.

Rather than excelling in a particular field of maintenance, they need to hone their abilities in every domain, from HVAC repair to ventilation system setup, building inspections to plumbing, or even electrical installation.

Must-Have Qualities in a Technician

Whether they are unfamiliar with the trade or a seasoned veteran, a smart facilities maintenance technician must always seek to widen their repertoire of capabilities through continuous training and education.

Here are some essential skills that companies often look for when hiring technicians –

Problem Solving and Technical Abilities

A maintenance engineer often spends their workdays facing several problems in a row. They are liable not just for spotting the issue, but for diagnosing its source, establishing a solution, and implementing it within a short timeframe.

The sign of a decent facility maintenance technician is their capability to maintain a cool head under pressure.

Currently Looking For In A Maintainance Technician

When a maintenance technician faces a vicious litany of electrical, mechanical, or any structural issue, they must never panic but advance with confidence.

Skilled maintenance technicians will always prioritize the most critical tasks but would not let smaller or seemingly less significant issues to crumble by the wayside.

Here is an instance of a competent problem-solving strategy which an exceptional maintenance technician will apply while deducing solutions –

  1. When expected to troubleshoot a malfunctioned electrical system, their point of inception will be to look for the usual trouble sites that might include breakers or surge protectors.
  2. Once the technician has successfully identified the cause and has addressed the core issue, they will then check the entire system quickly again to ensure that their solution has not added any recent problems to its healthy operation.

Numerous technical schools, trade schools as-well-as community colleges offer certificate and degree programs for candidates who wish to pursue a career in mechanics.

These programs typically offer classroom and hands-on mechanical training to the selected candidates. Programs might range from six months to two years to complete as per the certificate or degree that you are pursuing.

Physical Capabilities

Facilities maintenance is physically laborious work. Technicians have to execute their tasks from the high rooftops and ladders to the smallest crawl spaces below the ground.

Lifting and carrying heavy instruments and appliances is a mundane job for technicians. Work hours are lengthy and often erratic, and jobs often compel maintenance engineers to work in the open in brutally hot or bitterly cold conditions.

With technological outreach and strengthened connections across diverse geographies, there would not be a single job posting for a maintenance technician that will not demand a list of physical requirements.

Ranging from an electrician to a library inspector, employers who seek maintenance technicians are searching for candidates that excel not only in the technical capabilities but is also physically powerful.

Therefore, the finest technicians are the ones who hold energy and strength in their bodies, are well-trained, and live in a top physical condition with an emphasis on balance, stamina, and endurance.

Attention to Intricacies

A facilities maintenance engineer will have to spend most of their time closely surveying complicated systems.

They must be capable enough to figure out the inner workings of an electrical circuit and diagnose each minute component that contributes towards the healthy functioning of an HVAC system.

It requires a keen eye from technicians to identify minor issues within a much significant whole.

Maintenance technicians who lack a meticulous approach will overlook issues in the systems when inspecting a machine, leading to the implementation of ineffective solutions that might further damage the system.

Minor problems, when neglected, can manifest into many significant issues that make the job of a maintenance engineer stressful and complicated.

On some of the most popular job-hunting sites, the category of Detail Oriented Jobs and maintenance-related positions regularly appear on top of the list.

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Working Efficiently under Pressure

When a critical piece of production equipment malfunctions, the management wants to get it fixed and restored to operate as soon as viable.

The management requires maintenance workers to work expeditiously under pressure to sustain production levels. If a maintenance worker breaks down under pressure or performs tasks at a lethargic pace, they will not succeed in most work climates.

Organizational Skills

Some maintenance workers, such as those with administrative responsibilities, develop and implement a custom maintenance program to keep the equipment of a facility running seamlessly.

Currently Looking For In A Maintainance Technician

Developing this program demands both technical knowledge as-well-as the capability to organize for greater efficiency.

It will help if you go through the maintenance director job description to learn more about the specifics about the requirements of various top-tier companies.


After going through the above points, you must have figured out that the job of a maintenance technician demands versatility.

Tasks range from electrical wiring, HVAC systems, ventilation, plumbing, heating as-well-as cooling the external support structure of a building.

The job of a maintenance worker can differ completely across various domains. Various job openings might require you to come in late at night to repair an integral component of machinery.

The job might also ask them to be familiar with a new piece of equipment brought in by the company. They might even have to attend meetings to explain complicated technical issues to people in elemental terms.

The technician must be able to swiftly and efficiently shift from one job to the next and never let themselves get too caught up or hyper-fixated on a specific issue.

The phrase “jack of all trades” is followed by “master of none;” however, for a maintenance technician, the phrase transforms to “master of all” in the end.

The diverse nature of this job demands a person who is proficient in an extensive range of positions.

Final Words

If you wish to become a maintenance technician, you must possess knowledge of an extensive range of expertise.

If you enter this profession, you must regularly learn new skills and upgrade your existing ones as technology keeps evolving with time.

Companies also seek technicians who have hands-on experience in the past. By following the tips mentioned above, you can secure a high-paying job in a reputable company with minimum problems.