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Decibel Pro App Review | Is It the Best Decibel Meter App?

Description: People need to determine what noise levels can be harmful to health. dB Meter solves this problem. When to use it and how to get started – you will know all this info after reading the Decibel Pro App review.

Decibel Pro App Reviewed and Rated

Controlling surrounding sound levels is important for people of many professions. To do it in a quality way, the dB sound meter should be uploaded. It is a top-rated app for measuring ambient noise in decibels and preventing hearing problems in the future.   

What Is a Decibel Meter App?

A decibel meter app is a special piece of software used for calculating surrounding noise levels. It is based on an audio spectrum analyzer to compute ambient sounds correctly. This indispensable mobile app for daily use helps keep your hearing healthy.

Decibel Pro App Overview

dB Meter Pro s the best decibel meter app for detecting sound levels. The software is free and allows controlling background noise and preventing problems with hearing. The app has a pleasant design and can be effortlessly downloaded from virtual stores. 

Decibel Pro App Review | Is It the Best Decibel Meter App?

Apple users are welcome to get the software from the App Store. Users of Android smartphones are invited to upload dB Meter from Google Play. The software can be used for controlling sound levels at home and work. Consequently, you will always know whether there is any danger for your hearing so that you avoid it timely. 

App Design and Interface

Directly after launching the app, you will see that dB Meter has a pleasant and stylish design. Overall, the app design is modern and user-friendly. The interface has all the necessary options for calculating sound levels around you. 

A user can save specific noise measurements and store them on a mobile device. You will be able to recheck the measurement results whenever it may be necessary. Easy navigation and a comfortable menu allow for doing it quickly. A current noise level is directly displayed at the center of the app in a big circle. 

Main Features of the Sound Meter App

dB Meter has a wide assortment of options for measuring sound levels in daily life. The key ones are as follows:

  • Precise calculation of sound loudness is ensured.
  • A user can save, store, download, and send results of noise level calculations quickly.
  • dB Meter supports dBC, dBA, dBZ, and dBB frequency weighting types.
  • It detects min and max sound levels in dB for any chosen frequency.
  • Quick spectrum analysis is available.
  • The app contains in-built logarithm and linear scales.
  • It allows making a hearing test.

The Sound Level Meter App Use Cases

dB Meter can be widely used in numerous spheres of human activity. People of many professions are supplied with such apps in their daily work. Let’s look at some examples of using this application:

  • People often call the police when their neighbors are too noisy. Policemen can use dB Meter to detect sound levels and issue a heavy fine.
  • ENT doctors use this noise meter app to check your hearing. Consequently, if problems are detected, you will immediately receive appropriate treatment.
  • School teachers and university lecturers utilize dB Meter to set the right loudness of the voice during classes. The voice level in educational institutions must not exceed 75 dB. 
  • Musicians and sound engineers use dB Meter while recording videos and albums. 
  • dB Meter is widely used for calculating acceptable noise levels at factories and plants. 
  • Over 40% of the app users upload and use it just for curiosity and fun. 

How to Start Using Decibel Pro App

A new user needs to upload this decibel app. It is available for Android devices with versions starting from 4.4. iOS users can get access to the app using smartphones with versions 6.0 and higher. To be able to detect dangerous noise levels, a new user ought to do the following:

  • Upload dB Meter from a corresponding online store. Its size is only 9.5 Mb, so it takes only 20 seconds to be installed.
  • After the auto-installation is finished, click the “Open” button.
  • You are immediately asked to answer some questions concerning why you need dB Meter. Your answer will help configure dB Meter to suit your requirements in the best way.
  • Then, you are asked to make a paid subscription or use the app for free for three days.
  • Now the app menu is displayed. You can start measuring sound levels around you.

Additionally, you can enter the “Settings” category and do the following:

  • rate the app
  • provide feedback if there are problems with dB Meter
  • set a calibration
  • switch on/off the Auto-start option and Auto-rotation
  • set response time

A current noise level is described at the top of the app menu. For example, if you are at home at the moment, dB Meter will display your current sound level as “Quiet library” with a noise level of 40 – 45 dB. If you click it, all possible noise levels will be shown, including:

  • Hand watches – up to 10 dB
  • Usual conversation – 40 dB
  • Mobile dial tone – up to 80 dB
  • Subway train – 95 – 96 dB
  • Rock concert – up to 115 dB, etc. 

It must be noted that continued exposure to noise levels above 95 dB may cause hearing loss. A person will feel unbearable earache at a noise level above 125 dB. That is why noise levels must be constantly monitored. 

What Makes This Application Stand Out

dB Meter has a wide range of benefits that make this affordable noise dosimeter stand out. Alongside this, it also has some drawbacks. Let us list them. 


  • Due to the minimum system requirements, the app doesn’t freeze your device.
  • dB Meter helps to avoid problems with hearing
  • It conveniently stores all noise measurements so that it is easy to find them quickly.
  • It boasts trouble-free navigation and a stylish menu.
  • This popular app detects various noise levels ranging from 10 to 194 decibels.
  • dB Meter always warns a user about hazardous noise levels.


  • Old versions of iOS and Android devices are not supported.
  • Paid version is required to use the Pro features.