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7 Easy Methods To Download Subtitles From Youtube

On our devices, we have a variety of methods of downloading YouTube videos, but sadly, not all of them also download subtitles from youtube. If you wish to download the YouTube video’s subtitles as well, here are some of the easiest methods to do it across all devices.

How to Use the Default Option to Download YouTube Subtitles

Method 1:-

Using YouTube’s default option is a natural starting point.

Subtitles will be included in every video downloaded if the Youtube user has a premium subscription. All they need to do now is activate captions.

Google has announced the online download option as part of their test features, and it will be rolled up to a stable version. For users who do not have it in the current versions, they would need to activate the beta functionality.

For users who do not have a premium subscription, they may view the subtitles by choosing Open transcription. This option is gotten after clicking the three dots below the video.  Note that users only have access to this feature if they use the online app.

The drawback of the built-in option is that it requires users to be premium or paid users. If they aren’t, they won’t be able to get subtitles for their downloaded videos.

Method 2:-

Go to the selected YouTube video and use the “CC” option to see whether it contains subtitles or captions.

To check what caption languages are accessible, go to “Settings” and choose “Subtitles/CC.”

7 Easy Methods To Download Subtitles From Youtube

For further choices, select the 3 dots next to “Save” on the menu just below the Youtube video, then the pick “Open Transcript” option.

7 Easy Methods To Download Subtitles From Youtube

On the right side of the window, an interactive caption will display next to the video. To change the language of your captions, use the dropdown option at the end of the transcript.
NOTE: These subtitles must previously be posted to the video for them to display on this menu.

Toggle the timestamps in the transcript on or off by clicking the 3 dots at the top of the transcript.

Select the captions, copy them, and paste them into any word editor or notepad program of your choosing after you’ve chosen your preferred language and timestamps.

7 Easy Methods To Download Subtitles From Youtube

Also, note that third-party tools can help with this. Let me discuss a few of them with you.

How to Download Subtitles From YouTube Using Third-Party Solutions

1. CCTube on Android

This is an Android app that uses Google Translate to translate the subtitles. Even if captions aren’t accessible in your local language, you may translate YouTube captions prior to downloading them.

First, go to the Google Play Store and download the CCTube app. Next, open a YouTube video for which you want the subtitles to be downloaded. At the bottom of the video, click the Share button.

7 Easy Methods To Download Subtitles From Youtube

From the drop-down menu, choose CCTube from the sharing options.

7 Easy Methods To Download Subtitles From Youtube

The video will open in the CCTube app. To pick the subtitle language, hit the drop-down option on the lower right side of the video.

Then, underneath the video, click the Download button to get the subtitle file. The downloaded caption file may be found in the CCTube program.

7 Easy Methods To Download Subtitles From Youtube

On iOS, there is no app that allows you to download YouTube subtitles. However, users may complete the task using the DVD Video Soft online tool. The online app is also suited for mobile use.

2. DVD Video Soft

The name may seem strange, but it is a feature-rich YouTube subtitle downloader. This one includes three extra features, unlike some of its counterparts:

  • Before each statement, users may erase the timestamps.
  • They may choose a time limit for the download of the subtitle file.
  • Users may examine the file before it is downloaded. For users who need to copy a few subtitle lines, this is a convenient way since the files do not have to be downloaded and opened as text files.

To use DVD Video Soft to download:

Copy the URL of the YouTube video from which you wish to copy the captions.

Next, go to DVD Video Soft’s Subtitle Downloader tool. (Get Here)

Paste the copied YouTube video URL. Then, beside it, click the Download button.

download subtitles from youtube

The tool will at this point, require the user to save the file right away. If users wish to save it as a text file, they could click Save. However, if they wish to use it as a YouTube video subtitle, they will need to terminate the download.

Users may customize the file as needed, such as setting the time period, selecting the subtitle language, and so on.

7 Easy Methods To Download Subtitles From Youtube

Remove Timestamps is the default setting for the Timestamps option. Users can choose the Original timestamps if they wish to download it as an srt (subtitle file).

To download it as an SRT file, click Download.srt below the preview. You also have the option of copying the subtitles or downloading it as a text file.

7 Easy Methods To Download Subtitles From Youtube

3. Using 4k Download – macOS, Windows, Android, Linux

Rather than download a YouTube video and its subtitle file individually, 4K Download allows users to download YouTube videos alongside the subtitle files needed.

The first step is to install the app on a smartphone first. It runs on Linux, Mac, Android, and Windows devices.

Next, visit YouTube and copy the video URL you would love to download.

Open your newly installed 4K Download app and choose Paste Link from the menu.

7 Easy Methods To Download Subtitles From YoutubeUsers may choose the video format and quality in the pop-up box that appears. Also, they should select the language they wish to download from the drop-down menu next to Download Subtitles.

7 Easy Methods To Download Subtitles From Youtube

When you are finished, select the Download option to begin downloading the video and subtitle file.

4. Download Subtitles from Youtube Using DownSub

DownSub is a free online program that allows you to download subtitles from YouTube, VIU, Viki, Vlive, and other sites. It can download all subtitles/captions formats, including SRT, TXT, and VTT.

DownSub does not need its users to download or install any third-party software or addons. They provide an online service that allows you to get subtitles by simply entering the video’s URL and clicking Download.

The steps are straightforward:

1. Paste the video’s URL where you wish the subtitles to be downloaded.
2. To begin extracting subtitles, click the Download button.
3. Choose the type and language of the captions you wish to be downloaded, then select the Download button.

7 Easy Methods To Download Subtitles From Youtube


5. Download Subtitles from Youtube Using SaveSubs

SaveSubs is the next program that may be used to obtain YouTube captions. This one is similar to DownSub, however, it includes a few additional sites, such as TED, VLive, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and OnDemand Korea.

The technique of getting a solo caption from every video on the internet is similar as it was on DownSub; all users must do is copy the URL to the video they love to receive the subtitle for and paste it into a blank textbox.

With SaveSUbs, after copying the URL, choose the “Download” option to get a summary of the video as well as the option to download it in several qualities. If you’re searching for captions in any language, there’s a good chance you’ll find them among the more than 100 available.

Once you’ve found the subtitle you need, just select it to download it in the SRT format.

Final Thoughts

Use 4K Download to instantly download YouTube videos with subtitles. The DVD Video Soft online software works on all platforms, including smartphone browsers, to download just subtitles. On Android, you can also utilize the CCTube app to complete a download procedure easier.

There may be scores of tools online you may use, but I have only restricted this article to the tools that have worked best for me. I would be interested in knowing what tools you may have tried. Please drop these from me in the comment section.

It is important to note that while tools would work, it is wise to explore Youtube’s built-in models for downloading subtitles before exploring the third-party application routes. In the end, you should stick to whatever methods suit you the best.