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Best Practices for Engaging with your followers on Social Media

Social media is the most significant beginning that leads you to the rightful throne of the marketing world. It works as the catalyst for the growth of brands. Therefore, for modern brands, social media engagement is necessary to make a significant online presence. Strong social media engagement ensures to make a powerful impact in the market. 

Best Practices for Engaging with your followers on Social Media

It is not only about popularity, but also it helps to make meaningful connections with the present and future customers. This strong customer base helps to boost your brand both online and offline. Social media platforms like TikTok even can be a key to making your brand popular.

You can follow the TikTok Guides and Tutorials to know about the strategies. Besides, in this post, we will discuss some best practices that will help you to engage with your followers on social media.

What is social media engagement?

Social media engagement is the measurement of likes, shares, and comments on your social media accounts. It lets you understand your social media efforts. Social media engagement is the vital key to becoming a successful social media user. 

Social media engagement and activity is essential for every social media platform as it lets you build a positive brand image. If done correctly, the effects of social media engagement ensure positivity for several businesses. It not only boosts brand awareness but also increases conversions to improve the company’s profits. 

How to measure social media engagement

Three prime social media platforms are Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Each of these platforms has a different mechanism for users to express appreciation for each post. Therefore the factors are also various to measure the social media engagement on these sites. 

Twitter– Re-tweets and followers

Facebook– Likes, shares, and followers

Instagram– Likes and followers

Likes and shares let you understand the popularity of a particular post. Whether the number of follows indicates the level of investment. It enables you to understand that users want to see more of your content regularly.

The other factors are click-throughs, branded hashtags, and the mentions that let you measure social media engagement. Now let’s have a look at the tips that will allow you to engage with your followers on social media platforms. 

Analyze your engagement

You need to analyze your social media engagement regularly. You can’t measure your growth if you don’t know where you should start from. Therefore, you must analyze your social media engagement first.

Analyze the current number of followers and the number of comments and shares you get on average per post. It lets you understand what posts are working for you and what is not. Also, you can use tools for social media analytics that will save your time as well. 

Make your strategy

There is no single solution that works in the same positive way for every social media user. Therefore, you need to make your strategy according to your specific business goal. According to your social media engagement goals, the basic things that you need to include in your strategy are;

  • Change the public perception of your brand
  • Collect feedback on the new products
  • Develop new customer leads
  • Aware of your audience with resources and advice

Be familiar to your audience

It will be hard to get people engaged if you don’t know your audience well. Therefore, you must be familiar with your audience. You must be aware of the demands and expectations of your audience.

By knowing your audience well, you also can determine which social media platforms are working for you, when you should publish, which type of content your audience likes, and which brand voice you should apply. 

Make sure to create and share engaging content

When you know who is following you and what your audience expects from you, make sure to create and share engaging content. If you only talk about how great your brand is or what you sell, it will be hard to engage people. Therefore, you have to create content that will be helpful for your audience.

The content must address peoples’ needs and pain points. Besides creating engaging content, you should ask questions, create polls, try ask me anything session, and spotlight customers. Only by observing customers’ engagement, you can understand which content will work for you. 

Be relevant

If you can’t understand someday what you should talk about on your social media platforms, then join a conversation that is already ongoing. Just make sure to be relevant about whatever you are conveying. Commenting on a continuing topic lets you instantly connect with people in a timely way. Viral memes or sporting events can be an excellent way to state your opinion and positively engage people. 

Make reactive and proactive engagement

Conversation is only an art but also a sport indeed. It can’t ever be one-sided. It’s about giving and taking both. For brands, it is essential to practice both reactive and proactive engagement. By being reactive, you will answer direct messages, comments, and incoming mentions. By being proactive, you will be the one to initiate a conversation with people. 

Show your real existence

It attracts people more when they realize that there is a real human being behind the brand. So don’t hide and let people realize your efforts and struggle. Many brands encourage their social team to sign off on their posts. It ensures the authenticity of your character too. Besides names, you can link and comment on the audience to start a conversation right there. Acknowledge and answer questions that your audience asks you. Make sure to respond to comments with positivity and warmth. 


Hopefully, you have clearly understood the importance of social media engagement now. If you are a newcomer to the industry, then from the very beginning, focus on improving social media engagement. The tips mentioned above will be helpful for you. Besides, you can check out the TikTok Guides and Tutorials to increase followers on TikTok.

The ultimate way is to think beyond the limit, create some awesome content, and get engaged with your audience in the best possible way. However, over the internet, you will find photo editing, video editing, and interesting GIFs that will make your content more attractive. Social media engagement not only gives you a huge fan base but also reaches your brand to the peak of success.