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Essential Apps to Support Both Physical and Online Classes

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a reminder that education can face uncertainties just like any other sector. A shift to a modern classroom has become very necessary. The modern, or in other words, the hybrid classroom that blends a physical and digital learning space has proved to have the potential to create better opportunities for learning and collaboration. 

Digital learning has presented a wide range of benefits like the opportunity for personalized learning, gamification, better engagement, learning flexibility, increased accountability, connected learning, etc. And for even more favorable outcomes, educators and learners should know and utilize tools that can support them. 

Essential Apps to Support Both Physical and Online Classes

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Technology is playing a critical role in education, and both teachers and students will rely on it for learning moving forward. 

Here are some tools that support and improve digital and hybrid learning.


Doodle is an online calendar tool for time management, and it is a gem in the digital learning space. The app is available for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. It is also compatible with Outlook and video conferencing tools like Zoom and others, making it an instrumental tool for group work in the digital classroom.

It allows students to organize tasks among themselves to ensure that everyone plays their part in group assignments. The tool also enables the creation of personalized work programs for learners. It is also designed to highlight students’ knowledge gaps even without teachers’ intervention.

Whether you are looking to build learners’ knowledge, improve the engagement of guardians, or increase teaching efficiency, Doodle is the tool for you.

Thanks to Doodle’s intuitive online hub, you can easily set up teachers’ training, set live strategy meetings with the staff, or have meetings with students. You can even upload student data on the platform.


Mentimeter is a presentation software with a real-time feedback feature, making It is one of the most reliable digital learning tools that teachers can use to support learners while at the same time reducing their workloads.

Mentimeter features a wide range of templates that support educators. It also has a wide range of interactive features like quiz questions and word clouds that help learners comfortably participate in class discussions. The tool is ideal for supporting a hybrid learning model in the modern classroom.

What can you do with Mentimeter? You can create multiple-choice questions and polls to engage with students. You can also track your students’ understanding of concepts by asking questions and analyzing their responses to gauge the effectiveness of information delivery.

Mentimeter also supports instructors’ and learners’ communication and helps teachers effectively manage their syllabus.


Probably the best note-taking app out there, Evernote is a must-have digital learning tool for both teachers and students. The app eliminates the need to use boards or hardcopy files to share notes with the class. Educators can easily upload notes and share them with their students. It creates centralization that increases accountability in the digital learning environment.

Students can also share notes and assignments with their peers and instructors. With Evernote, they can also connect with subject experts to get essay help online and support for various types of assignments.

The tool also gives learners the freedom to attach a wide range of media to the notes. Educators, too, can attach audio and voice memos to communicate with the students or even deliver information.

Through Optical Character Recognition Technology, learners can scan photos or text if there is a need to share personal details or documents. It supports both learners and educators in managing their projects as they can set up goals and reminders.

To ensure organization, the users can create virtual to-do lists, which they can use as references. The tool can also be synced automatically across devices, ensuring that learners and teachers can access their notes regardless of their location.

Explain Everything

One of the biggest concerns that educators and students had with the adoption of the digital classroom is how effective collaboration would be. Again, digital learning tools like Explain Everything did not disappoint.

Explain Everything is an interactive whiteboard for hybrid learning, in-class teaching, recording video presentations and explainer videos, sketching, etc. The tool provides instructors and students with multiple integrated features and options that support collaborative learning. Explain Everything is connected and compatible with many platforms useful in the learning environment, such as Dropbox and Google Drive. It also offers many publishing options for various operating systems.

Explain Everything supports the creation of different formats of learning materials thanks to the various design options and features. Whether an instructor wants to share links, audio, text, files, photos, and videos to explain a concept, Explain Everything has the capabilities. Some of the features include inspector tools for designing the content in the most desirable format, delete tool, opacity, undo and zoom, etc.

Explain Everything is an excellent presenter tool with amazing features for creating high-quality presentations for both educators and learners. You can, for instance, set a slide to open automatically during a presentation or use the timeline scrubber to skip to specific parts of a presentation or recording. It also has a laser pointer tool that can help you bring the audience’s attention to a specific area of a slide. Students can also use Explain Everything for note-taking to extend their learning and develop other thinking skills.

To Sum Up

When it comes to hybrid, and digital, in particular, learning, the possibilities are endless. You can leverage a wide range of applications and online platforms in the hybrid classroom to enhance student-to-teacher and student-to-student engagement, organization, and collaboration. Using such tools can also significantly increase students’ motivation as learning stops being tedious and becomes engaging and a lot more fun instead.

The list of tools is ever-growing, and you should be on the lookout for more tools that will enhance teaching effectiveness and the learning experience of your audience.