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13 Of The Best Game of Thrones Fonts To Use

The drama series ‘Game of Thrones’ has gained a lot of popularity among the masses. People go crazy for this series all around the globe. Each episode of this series is considered to be a massive success.

Acting and entertainment aren’t the only things that made this series famous, but people also got inspired by many other aspects of this series, such as the costumes, locations, VFX, and fonts used. 

Many designers all around the globe started crafting things that were based on the themes or designs of Game of Thrones. New fonts and costumes were created with inspiration from the series ‘Game of Thrones’.

These things become the center of attraction for the fans; they loved the idea of recreating some of the aspects of Game of Thrones in the real world.

In this article, we have listed some of the best font options that are inspired by the series ‘Game of Thrones’. These fonts are well designed; thus, it can make a writing piece engaging and attractive. The popularity of these fonts is massive because of the unparalleled popularity of the series.

So let’s look at some of the best Game of thrones fonts:-

Best Game of Thrones Fonts: Our Top Pick 👌

1. Game of Thrones

The Game of Thrones letters in capital form can be considered one of the best options to be used in a project or article.

This fonts gives a clean and prominent feel to the article and make it perfectly readable. For providing a bold statement from your article, you can make use of these fonts. The fonts make an article crisp and engaging.

Best Game of Thrones Fonts


  • The font design is completely inspired by the fonts used in the most famous medieval series.
  • The fonts are in capital letters only.
  • The fonts contain a total of 54 defined characters and 28 unique glyphs.
  • Characters in the font are taken from the following Unicode character ranges: Basic Latin (56), Latin (1), and Supplement (1).
  • This font is considered to be a gothic and modern font that is designed by Charlie Samways.
  • These fonts are available for free if you are using them for a personal article or project.
  • For commercial use of these fonts, you have to refer to the license that got filed in the package or contact the designer from csamways.com.
  • The fonts are considered to be engaging as they attract a whole lot of Game of Thrones fans.

You can get this font from here.  

2. Game of Thrones Font Generator

This is a very promising and efficient tool for generating Thrones fonts. Being an effective font generator, this tool can easily help you to generate, style, and design a font according to your needs and likeness.

Best Game of Thrones Fonts 1

In this font generator, there’s a collection of different versions of the font so that you can use the font that matches your requirements. For selecting, you have to click on the option of the font and later choose the color as per your choice.


  • The font size can get adjusted on this website. Thus, you can create a font as per the required size.
  • The font color is also adjustable, thus helping the designers to make the article or project more attractive. There are a total of 59 colors that are preloaded on the website. You also get a color dashboard for choosing a color, which is pre-loaded.
  • The background color of the font can also get adjusted on this website.
  • The image of the font can get downloaded in JPG, PNG, GIF, and PDF format.

You can get this font from here.

3. Hodor

Hodor font got developed with inspiration from the most popular drama series Game of Thrones. The designs of the font are inspired by the fonts used in the series. These fonts are attractive and can catch the eye of any Game of Thrones fan.

These fonts can get used in articles that have the objective of creating a retro feel for the readers. These fonts are suitable for competition because the designs are considered to be attractive and engaging, but the article must be unique for all this to work.


  • Hodor is considered as a typeface that is inspired by the character Hodor from Game of Thrones.  
  • The font is crafted to represent vintage, old school, retro and classic designs. Classical movies and music are highly recommended to use this font in their posters.
  • The fonts can get written in uppercase as well as in lowercase.
  • From the website, you can get numerals and punctuations in this font style, which can turn out to be a great help for the writers.
  • Ligatures and Stylistic Alternates are also available, thus giving the writers more options.

You can get this font from here.

4. Game of Thrones Fonts

This is a different font generator that can also be used for generating fonts whose designs match the font designs of the popular series ‘Game of Thrones.’

Best Game of Thrones Fonts 2

You can just write the text that you want to be in the Game of Thrones fonts, and then after it gets generated, you can use it in any project or article as per your wish.

These fonts that are inspired by Game of thrones are a great way to attract more and more people’s attention because a considerable percentage of the world’s population are fans of the popular series.


  • The tool is capable of turning your text into an image using the design of the fonts that are inspired by Game of Thrones.
  • The image generated can get saved on your mobile or laptop for any future use.
  • To embed the image generated on the web, you can click on the embed button to get the links for this operation.
  • The fonts can get created in any size and color. Size and color options are available in plenty on this site.
  • They also have a gradient effect option for making the texts more attractive and engaging.

You can get this font from here.

5. Trajan Pro

The curves and angles of the font that you find on the Trajan Pro website are similar to the designs of the Game of Thrones fonts to some extent. These fonts can get used in places where there is a requirement for font designs from Game of Thrones.

On this website, you can find two style options to write in, which are bold and regular. You have to buy these styles if you want to use them. As these fonts are attractive, thus they can get used for attracting the attention of many people.


  • Trajan pro was designed by Carol Twombly and got published by Adobe.
  • The Trajan Pro website consists of two style options, which are bold and regular. The website also provides family package options.
  • You can use one style option at the cost of $35, but if you are interested in using both the style options, you can avail yourself of them by paying a total of $55 only.
  • There are a total of 18 character sets and 502 glyphs on this website.
  • The website supports different languages such as Western Europe, Central/Eastern Europe, Baltic, Romanian, and Turkis.

You can get this font from here.

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How To Know if a Font Is Good or if It Sucks?

6. Kingdom Typeface – game of thrones font on dafont

Kingdom Typeface is a font design that is considered to be inspired from ancient times. The font design, to some extent, is similar to the Thrones fonts.

The fonts from the Kingdom Typeface are known for giving a kingdom-related feeling when they are looked at. The fonts on this website are available in two different weights.

The style and curves used in the font make them the best option for articles or posters that represent or are related to old-time kingdoms. 


  • Kingdom Typeface is considered a modern and bold typeface designed to represent the ancient past and can get used in articles or posters related to medieval times.
  • There are four license types that are available for the customers to buy. The four license types are Desktop, E-pub, App, and Webfont.
  • The prices for the licenses ranges between $10 and $100.
  • These fonts are available in OTF format.
  • This site consists of two weights, which are Kingdom light OTF and kingdom regular OTF.
  • The font designs are similar to the designs used in the most popular series, Game of Thrones.

You can get this font from here.

7. Warnock

The co-founder of Adobe Systems created this Warnock font. This is a well-designed font that followed a style that can make your project look attractive and engaging.

The font gives the users to choose from different font variations and weights according to their requirements. Among all the font designs available in Warnock, there are some designs that are quite similar to the Game of Thrones fonts.

People can use these fonts in their articles or posters to generate a medieval and ancient time feeling and to attract the fans of Game of Thrones.


  • Warnock was designed by Robert Slimbach and got published by Adobe.
  • Warnock contains a total of 32 styles to choose from, and it also has some family package options. People can choose anything as per their requirements.
  • Individual packages of each style will cost you $35, whereas the family package of all the 32 styles will cost you $299 only.
  • The format of the font is considered to be OpenType OTF.
  • This font has only one licensing type, which is Desktop.
  • Some other features of these fonts are Kerning, Alternates, Ligatures, Small Caps, and Additional Numbers.

You can get this font from here.

8. TrajanusBricks – game of thrones letters font

This is another option available for font designs that are inspired by the popular series Game of Thrones. The character mapping of these fonts is commendable with the perfect design. They are just beautiful and can make an article or poster look attractive.

13 Of The Best Game of Thrones Fonts To Use

The fonts are available for free if they are wanted for personal use. If you are planning to use it for any commercial purpose, it is better and safe to check the font’s license system.

This can prevent you and your commercial property from getting into any unwanted trouble.


  • TrajanusBricks are designed by FontsBay.
  • There are a total of 80 characters on this website, including the letters inspired by Game of Thrones, numerical, and special characters.
  • To use this font, you first have to download its setup file from the website and then install it on your computer.
  • This font is free for those who are downloading it for personal use. 
  • You must check this font’s licensing scheme if you are planning to use this font for commercial purposes.
  • These fonts are attractive and catch the eye of people who are big fans of the series ‘Game of Thrones’.

You can get this font from here.

9. Royal Photoshop Text

Royal Photoshop Text is considered to be a pack of fonts that are beautifully crafted in order to achieve the highest levels of attractiveness. The fonts are designed and created with royal and powerful designs that can catch the eye of many.

These fonts also contain a Game of Thrones typestyle font, which can get used in projects or articles that are related to the Kingdom and medieval times. These fonts can also be used for designs in documentaries and creative designs in different projects.


  • You can buy the license of this font at a minimum price of $6.
  • You will get one Adobe Photoshop text FX that will be available to you in different sizes. These texts are easily resizable. They are very nicely organized into six different. PSD and.ASL files.
  • You will also get 10 Adobe Photoshop styles, which efficiently match with small texts and can get used for the main text FX. 
  • The font delivered through the text is the best in class and can make your project attractive and engaging to the highest level possible. 

You can get this font from here.

10. Mason – game of thrones font free commercial use

Mason is a font whose design is considered to be elegant and beautiful. They somewhat look similar to the fonts used in the series ‘Game of Thrones’.

Using this font in projects is always recommended because they make the project attractive and engaging than others who are in competition.


  • Mason is a font that is designed by Jonathan Barnbrook and got published by Emigre.
  • There is a total of 4 style options on Mason, including one family package option.
  • Individual style options will cost you a total of $59, whereas a family package option will cost you around $236 only.
  • There are a total of 568 glyphs that are listed in this particular font.
  • It has only one license type, which is Desktop, similar to most of the fonts licensing.
  • Some other features of Mason font are Kerning, Alternates, Ligatures, etc.

You can get this font from here.

11. House Gothic 23

House Gothic 23 is another font design available online that can get used in any of your projects. These fonts can get used for creating or developing a logo, web design project, greeting card, business card, etc.


  • House Gothic 23 was designed by the house industries and got a collection of 23 font styles in total.
  • The bold and lightweights of house gothic 23 fonts have four different lowercase character sets that are complementary to each other.

You can get this font from here.

12. Jolly Lodger

Jolly Lodger is a free font from Google which looks similar to the font design used in the series ‘Game of Thrones’. These fonts can get used for personal as well as commercial projects. People who are planning to work on fun projects must consider using this font.


  • Jolly Lodger was designed by Font Diner.
  • The fonts are free to use in any personal or commercial project.
  • These fonts were licensed under the Open Font License; thus, they are free for use by anybody.

You can get this font from here.


What is the most catchy font?

The most catchy font is Helvetica. It remains as the world's most popular font. That is because it is known for its design and style. You can use it for signing on business documents and the forms. It appears easy to read because of the x-height.

What font is used for winter is coming?

The Extras Doodle was used in winter is coming. The font is pretty interesting and elegant in design, and probably that is why the makers decided to go with it. Some fonts have a beautiful design to them.

Which is the best font for typography?

Some of the best fonts that are ideal for typography include Didot, Bodoni, Garamond, and Futura. When you are into typography, then you might consider wanting to use them for your work and get noticed.

What type of font is Game of Thrones?

The type of font on Game of Thrones is the Trajan Pro, and it has been used on the famous TV series, Game of Thrones. It is a font that comes in a classic design and elegant form to it. The fonts are of classic Roman letterforms.

What font is similar to Trajan Pro?

The font that is similar to the Trajan Pro font is Merova. Merova is a font that is similar in styling and is easily able to blend in with the Roman styling. You can see the height and the styling of the font blends with the Trajan Pro.


If you are a huge fan of Game of Thrones and want to tweak your project with some of its font designs, then this article must have helped you a lot with some of the best font options available online.

In order to make your font attractive and engaging among the masses, Game of Thrones fonts is the best option because Game of Thrones has a huge fan base, which will be the key reason for attracting a lot of people.

The 12 font options that are listed above are some of the best options which can help you in making your project elegant. Most of these fonts have a design that is inspired by medieval and ancient times.

Looking at these fonts can give you a feeling which has some relation to the kingdoms of ancient times. This font provides your project with a retro style that can give a feeling and view of ancient and medieval times.