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Get Cover Letter Website: Reviews, Advantages, Features

A professional resume demonstrates your career path and affords a basis for an employer’s hiring decision. At the same time, a compelling cover letter can consolidate success and enhance a favorable first impression on the hiring managers, thus increasing your chances of getting interviewed.

There is no need to think about what you should write in these documents and how to present yourself to potential employers favorably. GetCoverLetter.com did it for you. Just take advantage of this easy, cheap, and fast solution. 

Get Cover Letter service review

Considering the www.getcoverletter.com resume and cover letter online builder as your primary tool for a job search, you can find many reviews online. An overview of these GetCoverLetter.com reviews reveals that the service has automated cover letter and resume builders with manual text editing.

Get Cover Letter Website: Reviews, Advantages, Features

So basically, you can generate your documents following internal instructions and edit them manually if necessary. Besides, this website offers smart and proven designs for each user. You just need to pick the one you like or use the recommended one by the career experts. 

Creating professional and effective application documents from scratch is a time-consuming process, given that the applicant should customize them to each position. Therefore, Get Cover Letter is an excellent opportunity to save time without sacrificing quality. It’s hard to imagine a more time saving and comprehensive tool. The service is easy to use and cheap. Even more, a free trial is available on the website.

Get Cover Letter website advantages

Cover letter builder reviews showed that GetCoverLetter.com users appreciate the ease-of-use of the platform. It simplifies the job application process and saves the applicant’s time. It also provides a wide range of other advantages that users value.

Top 6 GetCoverLetter advantages:

1. Unique content for your cover letter

Get Cover Letter builder renders a set of core skills for each of 900+ professions from 24 industries. After you click on appropriate ones, it combines them in an informative and unique self-presentation. You can also fill in the blank fields with the recipient information like name, position, and contact details to personalize your cover letter.

2. Easy instructions

The builder coaches you on how to complete all steps to get your job-winning cover letter in a few clicks and provides useful tips with examples of how to write an eye-catching resume.

3. Fast job application and time-saving

Spend only about 8 minutes to get a cover letter and about 15 minutes to generate a resume. Download, print, or email documents directly to the hiring manager using the Get Cover Letter site.

4. Way-up templates collection 

Using the GetCoverLetter.com platform, you have more than 50 cover letter templates and 10 best matching resume templates at your disposal. You can pick out any you like and easily customize the color scheme, styles, and fonts.

5. The process transparency

You have control over the cover letter and resume building process. You always get a preview of the document after working in the builder and can easily make any changes if needed.

6. Relevant keywords

Thanks to the constant analysis of the modern hiring market, trending jobs, and job descriptions, the cover letter for any job position has relevant keywords. It helps to pass the applicant tracking system (ATS) keyword filter and increase interview invitation chances.

Get Cover Letter Builders Overview

Using the Get Cover Letter website, you’re capable of getting both a resume and a cover letter. To highlight the main features of the platform, let’s review the cover Letter generator and resume builder separately. 

Cover Letter editor

Easy to use and fast. The cover letter builder allows you to make a document in no more than 8 minutes. It just takes a few clicks to get a customized and nice-looking cover letter for your future employer. 

  • Job position engine

Up to date database of the most desired work industries and job positions. Just select an industry and/or job position for which you’re applying.

  • Design templates

Eye-catching designs. The library has more than 50 templates in 10 color schemes. Review the gallery and simply select the design you like. 

  • Manual personal and recipient information editing

Following the simple tips at each step, just fill all the fields with the relevant information. 

  • Automated date

The editor will set the date automatically according to document composing time. If you’re going to reuse a specific cover letter, be sure to change the date. 

  • Professional skills library

Regardless of your position choice, you’ll get a complete list of professional skills for your cover letter. You just need to click on the ones you think are strongest for you.

  • Work styles library

The editor proposes 10 of the most popular work styles. Select up to 3, which describes you best of all.

  • Personal strengths library

Select well-beseeming characteristics to present you as the right candidate for the desired position.

  • Preview and editing

Once you complete the easy steps, you can preview the result of your work. After that, you can change the formatting settings or add the necessary information manually or go back to the questionnaire and re-select your self-presentation components.

  • Downloading

Once your document is ready, you can download it in PDF, print it, or email it to a recruiter.

Resume builder

When creating your resume at the Get Cover Letter site, you get a perfectly formatted document with all the critical parts and information for the recruiter’s screening. Due to its functionality, resume preparation takes only about 15 minutes instead of a few hours done by scratch working in Word documents.  Let’s get a view of the core resume creator features:

  • Broad variety of templates

Using the GetCoverLetter resume builder, you get access to the best matching designs. The design library contains various layouts from official to creative schemes. So you can change designs according to the job application requirements or company documentation standards. 

  • Easy formatting and editing

There is no need to think about formating at all. Just pick the design you like, and the Get Cover Letter resume maker will do the formatting automatically. You can also make some edits to your document if you’d like: add more information or delete something you do not want to highlight in your self-presentation. 

  • Useful and clear tips

This service helps to write a document for a self-presentation. The Get Cover Letter team provides the most useful tips, tricks, and statistics at each step of your journey through the editor. Everything is geared towards making the resume writing process fast and easy. 

  • Downloading, Printing, and Emailing

Once you’re happy with the results of your 15 minutes of work, you can download the resume in PDF, print it, or email it directly to a hiring manager. 


The Get Cover Letter platform has all the necessary functions to simplify the job application process and get candidates closer to their desired positions. To verify this, you can check the cover letter writing service reviews on the Get Cover Letter website, Reviews.io, Sitejabber, Proven Expert, and Webwiki or try the free trial to see the quality of the proposed application documents for yourself.