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Harnessing Your Domestic TMS as Reshoring Trends Continue

Transportation management systems continue to be a trending topic for those seeking to optimize their supply chain performance as A TMS helps you in automating the processes of unloading, and also saves a lot of resources in the process of taking care of your orders.

The convenient user interface and ability to arrange data by categories — such as order type, delivery date, and so on — allows dispatchers to use and manipulate the system with ease. Also, route optimization may help you cut extra traveling, which is an important detail. Such features can make the work easier in many ways.

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So how do you harness your domestic transport management system as reshoring tendencies continue? First of all, let’s take a closer look at TMS itself and try to understand how it operates. 

Understanding TMS

A transportation management system is not only a repository of the information about carriers, it is also a system that allows users to plan and execute shipments. Powerful integration with carrier systems, as well as data sources, is necessary in order to perform all of these processes in a proper way. 

Some of the main features every TMS has include:-

  • Contract Management;
  • Freight Audit;
  • Reporting and Analytics;
  • Efficiency Monitoring;

and so on.

How a TMS Works

TMS is one of the main technologies that are used in supply chain management. It means it is connected with the processes of supply chain execution, as well as with supply chain planning. The transportation management solution itself may be available as independent software or within enterprise resource planning. Most transportation management systems offer multimodal, as well as intermodal transportation. The latter allows shippers better control over carriers, prices, and transportation modes.

TMS in The Reality of Reshoring Trends

Reshoring is regarded as the tendency that has its boom era if the trend holds. Reports say that reshoring is now on track to make up a large percentage of manufacturing jobs in a short period of time. In this reality, the industry of transportation equipment is said to rehome more jobs than other sectors, and automated transportation management systems will be helping shippers in this field. Challenging customer requirements may force them to make changes in their supply chain performance, and a transportation management solution is here to help. 


As transportation management systems play a crucial role in supply chains, it is necessary to pay enough attention to this type of software. The process of supply chain management includes planning and executing the flow of the product. The correct choice of software may benefit you in many ways, while the wrong one may lead you to a painful outcome for your business. 

As transportation is required in all of the major steps of supply chain management, a TMS will be a helpful tool in automating the processes. As the industry changes, the proper choice of software will be beneficial for the future of your business. Increasing globalization is said to be one of the major trends of the near future, so transportation management systems are expected to play an even bigger role in the industry.