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How to conduct an SEO audit of a website?

What is website promotion? Why are many businessmen who use online projects so interested in this? In fact, there is nothing surprising about this. Today, seo search engine optimization is exactly the way that can give new growth to your website, and accordingly, to your business.

How to conduct an SEO audit of a website?

But it is the correct use of such services that allows you not only to effectively talk about your project on the Internet, but also to competently sell a product or service, increase brand awareness and build loyalty to it.

The essence and features of the procedure

But before you begin to fully promote your site online, it is important to first conduct a competent SEO audit of the site. What is it? In fact, this procedure should be understood as a high-quality, comprehensive and correct assessment of a web resource using technical SEO tools. You can get it by measuring several important indicators of the site in the search. If you conduct a high-quality SEO audit, you can:

  • determine the current quality of web resource optimization;
  • identify all weaknesses and errors;
  • find the main growth points.

Today, the use of site auditing software is very common and, importantly, necessary. But this procedure allows you to use the information received very competently. With its help, the entrepreneur will be able to gain some confidence to further improve the web resource. Accordingly, you can effectively increase search traffic and increase your final income.

Main function of audit

The main task of a website SEO audit is to identify the weakest points in the optimization of an online project. If all minor oversights and serious failures are identified in a timely manner, then they can be corrected very quickly. Accordingly, search traffic will quickly increase. It is for this reason that regular audits are recommended not only for sites that have been sanctioned by search engines.

It is important to regularly adequately assess the status of all projects that are functioning normally in order to prevent errors from appearing on their pages.

But SEO audits are often carried out with other queries. This important event also aims to:

  • backlink parsing;
  • defining a portrait of the target audience;
  • conducting an assessment of currently available SEO indicators;
  • collection of primary information about a web resource.

The procedure also allows for on-page optimization. With its help, it will not be difficult to correctly configure various parameters, including meta tags, for high-quality project promotion.

Basic steps when conducting a site audit

How is a website SEO audit carried out? In fact, the procedure is carried out in several stages. The first and most important step of the event is collecting information about the project itself. To do this, you need to obtain as much information as possible from the client. For this purpose, not only a primary audit is carried out, but also a brief. 

Access will also be required. The brief makes it possible to evaluate the features and specifics of the site’s operation and obtain approximate indicators of its activity.

Primary audit allows you to use information about keywords. This is what the site has been ranked on until now. Links and visibility over the past year are also assessed. This is the minimum from which the use of seo website software and SEO audit of any web resource begins. Using such data, you can work on further steps and evaluate other important indicators, which are also fundamentally important for working on website promotion on the Internet.

It would seem that there is nothing complicated about this. But it is usually problematic to carry out such work on your own. That is why it is recommended to entrust it to real professionals with extensive experience in this field.

Using Netpeak Software’s SEO tools, website owners can gain valuable insight into their competitors’ strategies and identify opportunities for improvement.

How expensive could this be?

When it comes to the fact that a business needs new strength, it is necessary to invest in development. The right software for SEO optimization may be free, but a comprehensive analysis will be carried out by a software SEO company. Moreover, Netpeak Software provides a number of pricing plans for its SEO tools, making them accessible to companies of different sizes and budgets.