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How to Do Cryptocurrency Mobile Mining In 5 Easy Steps

Cryptocurrency mining is becoming more and difficult day by day. Because the number of miners is increasing, so the complexity of the numerical problems is also increasing. Even though it rewards the miners with digital tokens, there is no certainty that everyone who solves numeric problems will get the rewards.

How to Do Cryptocurrency Mobile Mining In 5 Easy Steps

Anyway, to make the mining process, people are looking for different ways to mine cryptocurrencies. Well, there are some mobile applications that allow you to mine from your smartphone. However, it is important to understand whether it is possible to do mobile mining.

Is mobile crypto mining possible?

No doubt, it is possible to mine cryptocurrencies from your smartphone. But it is not a good idea to mine through a mobile. There are several reasons for this: you can learn about the reasons below.

  • First of all, mobile mining is not as effective as traditional crypto mining. It is far superior to use separate software like GPU or ASIC to mine cryptocurrencies.
  • Mobile mining is not as profitable as the time and effort put into it.
  • You can never compete with powerful software that is used for the conventional mining process.
  • Crypto mining from a mobile may damage the device or battery of your phone due to high power consumption.
  • The mobile may get corrupted due to malware downloaded from the mining app.

All of these reasons show that mobile mining is possible, but not recommended. However, if you still want to mine cryptocurrency from your mobile, then read on.

Crypto Mobile Mining in 5 Easy Steps

To mine cryptocurrencies through your mobile, you need to have a smartphone with a high-power battery and a mining app. Follow these below five steps to start with mobile crypto mining.

  1. Understand Crypto Mining

First of all, you need to understand what is cryptocurrency mining. It is a process by which the transactions are verified by a user to prevent the double-spending problem.

A double-spending problem means the user may use a single bitcoin or cryptocurrency for two transactions illegally. To understand this, let us take a simple example. Assume you have 20 dollars in physical cash, you are paying someone for buying a product. Now you can’t use the same cash for buying another product because you have already paid it earlier.

However, in digital currency, there is a problem that somebody can use the same serial number twice illegally. So, to prevent this, every transaction has to be verified. So the verifications are done by miners. For verifying these transactions, you get paid with digital token rewards.

  1. Download a Mobile Mining App

Now you have understood how mining works. The next step is to download a mobile mining app. But the main problem is, Google and Apple have banned mining apps from the play store and app store. So you can’t download your mining app from the play store or app store. You have to download it from other websites and install them.

There are two popular mining apps available using which you can mine cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Miner: This app will allow you to mine bitcoin along with other major cryptocurrencies.

Miner Gate Mobile Miner: This app allows you to mine popular cryptocurrencies like Digital Note, Dash, QuazarCoin, Monero. But you can’t mine bitcoin with this app.

  1. Choose your Cryptocurrency

Once you download the app, choose which cryptocurrency you want to mine. Remember, every mining app provides its application for some specific currencies. So choose your app accordingly.

  1. Solve the Computational Problem

Once you choose your cryptocurrency, the next step is to solve the numerical problem. Here you have to verify transactions of blocks of different sizes. For Bitcoin, the size of the transactions file is 1MB. It may differ from one coin to another.

  1. Earn Rewards

For earning rewards, you have to solve the problem and find the answer first before anyone has found the answer.

Final Words

using the above steps, you can earn rewards in digital coins. However, apart from mining, you can also earn cryptocurrencies by trading and investing. You can use the bitcoin fortress Login to practice trading cryptocurrencies.

Hopefully, the above information has helped you to understand what mining is and how to do it with a mobile app. Lastly, share your thoughts on this, and you can ask your queries below.