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How to Easily Do a Background Check On Someone?

It’s a huge world out there with all types of people, and you never know the kind you are meeting. People don’t come with labels of their nature and background. They may appear like punk and be a gentleman in real life. At the same time, they may appear decent but have a really shady background.

Now, no one is saying you should confront everyone, but doing a background check never hurts. If they are what they appear, there’s no harm in this check. And if they have a shady background, the check will spare a lot of trouble for you.

And now, with the online tool like CocoFinder in the market, you can do it without manual paperwork. You can simply fill in the details and get the background search reports.

Wondering how?

The following article will help you learn more about background checks using people names and some common details. Have a look!

What do You Need for a Background Check?

The internet is a vast network, and there’s no possible way to check every nook of it. It means you cannot depend on manual browsing and research to find someone’s background. It will take years and still won’t guarantee any results. 

Thus, the first thing you need is a tool for the job. You can use many tools, but not each of these tools is accurate or easy to use. CocoFinder is a great option for this part. It’s simple and doesn’t need much time. 

The app comes with an excellent user interface that makes it easy to browse and use. It also consists of a large database which means you will have every minor detail of the person you need. 

And the detail isn’t limited to just their personal information. The app can also help you to find their residence, contact number, and email. Just fill in the details, follow the procedure, and you will have the data. 

Let’s learn a little more about the tool and why it’s the best possible choice for running a background check.

What is CocoFinder?

Most of you have seen telephone directories at least once in life. They are large books that contain records of people along with their contacts and addresses. The CocoFinder is something like this but better.

It’s an online search engine that maintains a record of public records for people. You can use it to find the identity of a person using their name or other details. It also comes in handy to find their background records, including criminal records. 

The tool is available to anyone for free with a running internet, a smartphone or computer, and a bit of knowledge. There’s no registration, no verification, or any other annoying signup process. You can head to its site and start using CocoFinder at any time. 

CocoFinder Background Search And How to Do It?

Background search, as the name suggests, is a process of obtaining a record of a person. It includes their past addresses, employers, licenses, and their criminal records. 

How to Easily Do a Background Check On Someone?

CocoFinder has a separate section for this search. You can access the section by clicking the “Background Search” option on their homepage. It’s on the upper side of the search button.

Once you are on the background search section, fill in the person’s full name and city. You can also select their state from the dropdown if you want. In case you don’t know the state, leave the dropdown to all states.

Then hit the search button. The tool will start searching social media records, outsourced databases, public records and present you the results.

What Can You Expect From a Background Search Report?

The online background search tools don’t rely on one specific source for data. Their database is a combination of multiple sources, which includes both public data and outsourced files. 

It can provide you more than just their social media or email links. Here’s what you can obtain from a background search report.


The family and friend circle of a person has an exponential effect on their mentality. If one of their siblings or parents has a criminal record, you need to know that. The person doesn’t have to share the same mentality, but knowing where they come from is always safe. It ensures that you are prepared if something happens. 

Thus, the background check report provides a thorough record of acquaintances and siblings. 

Tenancy Records and Scam Score

Some latency on rent is not uncommon, but lousy behavior or tenancy scams are not. They tell you about the non-reliable nature of the person and their tendency to harm you. 

The background check can provide you with the places they have lived and if they have caused any trouble.

Employment And Education

If you are hiring someone, knowing their education is a must. And you cannot always rely on their provided records for this part. Fake certifications are not that uncommon. 

The background check report can help verify their educational status by presenting the name of institutes they attended. Then, the employment record tells if the person has been fired from a company in the past. 

Identification Data

An essential part of every background check is to establish the identity of the person. The online tools can present you with the detail you need for it. It will provide you with the person’s name, aliases, birth date, age, picture (if available), and even family details. 

Final Words

Trusting someone’s words is fine, but trusting them blindly is not. It can end you up with a lot of trouble financially and legally. 

Doing a background check using CocoFinder can save you from it all. It can provide you with a past record of the person and establish their credibility. The tool is free, quick, and totally legitimate. 

And unlike the traditional methods, the tools don’t need a paper trail. You don’t even need an expert for it. Simply open the website, fill in the details, and you will have the required data. 

The tool can come in handy for tenancy, business hiring, and even on a personal level. It gives you peace of mind and the surety that you are in the right circle.